Thursday, September 14, 2017

My Take on the Selfie Expert

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Fashion is something that is spread over such a broad spectrum yet it comes down to you and your personal style and prefrences. There are close to a 100 trends that come out every year but what you choose to call your own are the ones that matter most! Be the metallic trend, the sneaker trend or anything, for me if I love a trend, I want to embrace it on an everyday basis, not just through my clothes but also through the gadgets I use! My job requires me to constantly be on my laptop or mobile so it's always a plus when leading tech companies stay upto date with the trends and try and match it up in their new launches. 

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Being a social media influencer also means taking pictures on a daily basis, be it of yourself or of what you eat or maybe even what you see! So when you're aiming to put up content so regularly with so little time to edit, having a good camera becomes a necessity. I am always on the look out for newer phone models that are now becoming more and more camera focused given the transition that we're going through! The latest one that I got my hands on was the OPPO F3 Selfie Expert. If you follow me on any of the social media platforms you've probably already seen so much of it but I wanted to give it a good use before I put down my final thoughts on it. I've had the phone for well over a month now and I have to say it's definitely a fun experience. With dual selfie camera- one 16MP camera for that flawless selfie and one wide angle group selfie camera, OPPO F3 is not only the Selfie Expert but also a fashion accessory that we as the new generation are looking for. So say goodbye to those selfie sticks because this lens has totally has you covered. The back camera is of course quite stellar too! Very few products are a combination of premium design and innovative technology, OPPO F3 is definitely one of them.

 photo styldrv_-2902_zpsrftghic0.jpgThey also got the phone out in a Rose Gold colour which seems to be the colour everyone's loving. From women to men, I've seen everyone embracing this new metallic hue! You guys know how much I love accessories and I feel like a phone is an accessory you carry with you every day so why not have it in a colour that would match up with the rest of your style? So whether it's your day to day life or that holiday, having a phone that resonates with your style and takes exceptional photos, is definitely  a win-win! Oppo also brought out Limited Edition versions that have the signature of their brand ambassador Deepika Padukone on the back. Simplistic design, easy to use, comes in three different colour variations (Gold, Rose Gold & Matte Black) and is priced  Rs.19,900, this phone is everything you could ask for! 

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Monday, September 11, 2017

The Cosmic Chaos

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Outfit- Only's Star Gazer Collection, Shoes- Charles & Keith, Bag- Saint Laurent, Glasses & earrings- H&M

"We are all stars wrapped in skin- The light you are seeking, has always been within." 

Seldom do quotes send me into a thinking spiral so deep, it makes more sense than anything else ever has! Being caught up in the glitz and glamour of the outside life, we often forget what truly matters, our soul within. Enriching it is far more long lasting than only working on the outer surface. So read, watch, explore, do whatever it takes to reach that point of no return. Where you are happy from within, for yourself and for others, devoid of constant comparisons. Jealousy, is like counting the blessings of others instead of your own. Focus on yourself, for you is all you'll ever have, to better, to love & to conquer.

I love watching documentaries in my free time. I've realised they touch me in a way that no fiction can. Yes, fiction tickles the imagination bone but real life struggles and conquers, open your eyes to the reality. I recently watched The story of Princess Diana on Netflix. It was mind boggling to see how a person so loving, so genuine, so confident, so hurt still had the will to do good for others. Behind this glamorous wardrobe & position, was just another woman, seeking love with open arms. And that made me realise, that sometimes, we tend to take the ones we love for granted. It's true that you only realise their worth when you lose them but the question is, do you wait for that moment or do you start living in the moment?

As I'm writing this blog, I realise it's all over the place but the only point I am trying to make is love does conquer it all. It may not seem enough at one point but in the end it's all that matters. Anyone can be next to you in your happy moments but it's the ones whose shoulders you rest on after a shitty day, that matters. So today, choose to spend more time with the ones you love, including yourself. Make time for that Zumba session, cook yourself a wholesome meal or just sit with a loved one and read to them from your favourite book!

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Friday, September 8, 2017

Caution : Smile Ahead

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Outfit- Veromoda, Sunglasses & Earrings- Veromoda, Shoes- Gucci, Bag- Chanel

Just like everything else, being self employed has it's own pros and cons. Being able to work while laying in bed in my PJ's or scheduling meetings as per my convenience or even taking up projects completely based on favouritism are definitely pros! However, doing that also means, meeting lesser people and minimal daily face to face interaction. Of course you're seeing those same, most loved 6-8 faces but as soon as you're put in the middle of a social setting different from your routine, the cautions start to pop up! You know that feeling when you walk into your pilates class and you know someone because you've seen them before in class, but maybe not as often so you don't know whether to wave, smile or do the "Hey! where have you been?" thing, that's what I'm talking about! Now I don't remember if I was always like this or has being an adult made this more complicated but I've noticed people, including myself, trying to walk away from face to face interactions as if they are taboo. 

Now I am not talking about the display of showing fake interest & and let's not act like we've never done that before! I am talking about just genuinely smiling at people while looking into their eyes instead of turning that gaze away. This may sound stupid but in those rare moments where I let my mind just sit still and think, I tend to analyse any significant changes that I may notice in my personality and this is definitely one! So a conscious effort to not fall into this loop hole is the prime focus for the next few social interactions. Care to join me? And if you need a little reminder every now and then, consider investing in little things like this tee from Veromoda. What? It's Insta-worthy and a conversation starter in real life too! Win-win I say! I've been loving the new collection at Veromoda recently. A maxi floral patch dress, this bottle green pencil skirt, trendy co-ords, preppy tee's and light trenches for that perfect transition into the Fall wardrobe, they've got it all covered! It's also so good to see some of the pieces that we saw at the head office in Denmark months ago, finally hitting the store! 

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