Tuesday, June 6, 2017

25 Things You Don't Know About Me

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Hey guys! I want to start writing more causal articles about my life and more personal experiences to add some variety to the blog! So I thought why not start off with something I've never done before? A Things You Don't Know About Me post! I'm sure most of you know a ton already so I've thought really hard to come up with these 25. 

1. I would love to have a dog as a pet.
2. I hate cats. (Just thought I'd get that out of the way)
3. I love cooking. It's almost like therapy to me. 
4. I miss life before the overwhelming social media takeover.
5. I've always wanted to learn to play the Guitar & got my parents to gift me one when I was 15 but unfortunately never got on to it. 
6. I am very unorganised. 
7. I love coffee and have been drinking it since I was 13.
8. Mexican & Asian food is life.
9. I've been with my then boyfriend now husband since 2008.
10. I hate Blue cheese. The smell makes me sick.
11. I used to loathe by first ever best friend before we got stuck with glue.
12. To visit Bora Bora is a mission I want to accomplish before I turn 30.
13. I broke my brother's tooth and arm when we were younger. (What? we've all been there. No?)
14. Ryan Gosling is my forever crush. 
15. I believe that nothing comes without hard work and any one looking for a short cut is a fool.
16. As much as a I love traveling, I hate the suitcase life.
17. Before I started blogging, I was never a girly girl. I used to love my track pants/jeans and t-shirts.
18. I currently own 250 lip products. (Y tho)
19. If I could revisit any one destination, it would be Santorini, Greece.
20. I want two kids.
21. My biggest advice to younger girls is, please read. Never stop learning. Being smart is actually a good thing. I swear.
22. My very first job was a social media content creator at 19.
23. I love anyone with a great sense of humour. Having said that, very few people actually get my sense of humour.
24. I love writing down my daily To-do lists with pens in every colour possible.
25. I hope to one day run a business either in the fashion industry or in food.

I hope this gave you a different insight into me! Tell me which one was your favourite from the 25 and also share something that people don't know about you in the comments below. 

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