Monday, March 20, 2017

Only X Garfield

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 photo styldrv_5557_zpshhtnvk7u.jpg
 photo styldrv_5600_zpsw6avw7e8.jpg
Oversized shirt- Limited Edition Garfield Collection by Only, Jeans & Tank- Only, Shoes- Koi Footwear, Glasses- H&M| Location- Mumbai Vibe

Everyone once in a while, Only comes out with their limited edition collections & since last year's Mickey collection, I've been waiting to see their new edition! This time it's the Garfield collection which includes oversized shirts, a cute bralet, quirky sweatshirts and lots more with the iconic Garfield print. I'm not a huge Disney fan, specially when it comes to clothes but I couldn't pass up on this oversized black shirt! Not only can it be styled in so many different ways, it actually lets a 26 years old get away with donning it. The collection is now in stores for you to grab but because it's limited edition, the number of pieces are scarce so if I were you, i'd be on my way!

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