Friday, June 23, 2017

One For All

 photo styldrv_8231_zpsaaqy2rd0.jpg
 photo styldrv_8217_zpsdinstkra.jpg photo styldrv_8250_zpshyntgrux.jpg
 photo styldrv_8200_zpshqqspqij.jpg photo styldrv_8177_zpsd3et61h6.jpg
 photo styldrv_8252_zpsuixtvq3s.jpg
 photo styldrv_8226_zpsgchayjgf.jpg photo styldrv_8270_zpsezk3nmfu.jpg
Jumpsuit- French Connection on Amazon Fashion, Earrings- Accessorise on Amazon Fashion, Shoes- Steve madden, Sunglasses- Rayban on Amazon Fashion| Location- D:OH all day

Whoever invented the jumpsuit was a sheer genius. Minus the time when you need to empty your bladder, this piece is everything you need when you can't decide what to wear or even when you're all set to make a statement. Easy to grab, easy to style, and if you have a monotone one, be assured that not only is it always going to be flattering but these things never go out of fashion! With a few minor upgrades in silhouettes and changes in prints or colours, every season you'll find the high street stores as well as the luxury boutiques well stocked with jumpsuits. This season, the culottes are having  their moment so why not rock a jumpsuit in a similar silhouette? 

This army green one was a great find on Amazon Fashion. It's from French Connection so the quality is beyond phenomenal. The cut, the colour, the fit, it just seemed like the right item to invest in! And you know what's better? It's currently selling at 60% off because of the Wardrobe Refresh Sale on amazon which is on from today, 23rd June to 25th June only! With over 3 lakh styles and every brand you could think of on board, it's the best opportunity to stock up some trendy pieces as well as some good old basics. Infact, I even shared my list of top 10 products in the last blog post, in case you'd like to take a short cut!

I love shopping in the sale but I find stepping into stores rather overwhelming during this time! And when you can avoid the crazy Mumbai traffic, constantly brushing shoulders with someone or even those never ending trial room and billing lines and yet grab the best bargains, then why not? For the next two days, you can grab clothes, accessories, fine jewellery and shoes for 50-80% off on Amazon Fashion! You can literally get this entire look I'm donning for less than Rs.10,000! So what are you waiting for? Grab it while it lasts!

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Monday, June 19, 2017

The Fresh New Wardrobe

 photo styldrv_6048_zpswbxerqxo.jpg    photo styldrv_6138_zpslhsyedj9.jpg
 photo styldrv_6080_zpstuvsnumf.jpg
 photo styldrv_6073_zpsfjpn1sfz.jpg
 photo styldrv_6050_zpsfa2hqc8v.jpg
 photo styldrv_6117_zps7ulgxcsv.jpg
 photo styldrv_6021_zps5kk2wvxu.jpg
Outfit- Amazon, Bag- Givenchy

In the last blog post, I spoke about the tricks the I've used over the years to stop myself from spending aimlessly. Well, here's another one that didn't make it to that list! I've always been a sucker for a good deal because not only do I get to acquire that coveted item but getting a discount on it somehow makes it even more worthy! Every now and then, we need that fresh new wardrobe upgrade and no that doesn't mean that you switch it inside out, it just means maybe replacing those much used and faded basics or adding a nice new dress to the mix or maybe adding in some new accessories like a new watch or a hand bag! And what's a better time to do this but during a good sale?!

Amazon's Biggest fashion sale which starts from 23rd June for two days, has it all and I've been adding items to my cart since I found out! With 50-80% on brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Veromoda, French Connection, New Balance, Fossil, RayBan and over 3 lakh styles, this sale is definitely worth it! And because I'm nice, I'm sharing my list of the top 10 Things that I would pick from this sale to save you the endless hours of browsing!

1) The New Dress- Black and white? Check. Flattering cut? Check. Add to cart? Check.

2) The Sunglass Upgrade- I've recently seen every one from Kourtney Kardashian to my favourite blogger rock this style & I can't wait to finally get my hands on this!

3) The Favourite New Accessory- Well, they're back & how! And a tip to rock these, the bigger, the better!

4) The Trendy Find- I'm not a very huge fan of Polka dots but this is definitely up my alley & being on trend would just be another plus!

5) The Watch Crush- Navy blue dial, gold & the adorable star details! What's not to love in this?

6) The Travel Accomplice- Buying luggage is never a waste & getting one's in a rare colour is new venture of my mine! So when it's on sale, why not save your self some money and those extra minutes finding your suitcase on that conveyer belt?

7) The Workout Motivation- My mid-monsoon workout motivation to get to that much needed Zumba session!

8) The Sneaker Love- The white sneaker trend is here to stay and I always need an upgrade!

9) The Gift- I love giving gifts to my loved ones but what I love more is getting an amazing deal while I'm at it! It's my brother's birthday soon & I'm definite he would appreciate these!

10) The Spendy Purchase- I love simple band rings and the rose gold version of this made me add this to the cart! And you can even customise this to fit your budget!

Not only these, you could get your hands on a ton of different products at great deals from 23rd June to 25th June. And if I was you, I'd sign up for Amazon Prime and not only get VIP access to the sale but also get an additional 20% off! I hope my list helped you get some ideas! Happy Good Deals to you! 

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Monday, June 12, 2017

5 Tips to Save your Moolah

 photo JML_9564_zpsvdfglpnn.jpg

Let's be honest, not all of us are born with a silver spoon in our mouths or down our throats! Some of us have to work hard to achieve every little thing that we want in life. I come from a very normal, urban middle class family, who has taught me the value of money since the day I could remember! Maybe thats why I wasn't the child crying at Hamley's for a new toy every week but instead I was the one who would be happy with a softie for a few weeks until it's time to actually get a new toy. And till date, that value is ingrained in me. I know for many in this city, money is something he/she is born with. And no, thats not wrong. It's the misuse of money that angers me. Do you need that top in 5 colours? Do you HAVE to shop every time you go to Dubai? Do you HAVE to go to Dubai every time you get a weekend off? I know as a blogger, I vouch for consumerism so here's my attempt at balancing it out! Here are 5 tips that I've used over the past 7 years of being financially independent to save up for the more important things in life like a home or big-small things like my Chanel Boy Bag.

1) Saving as a Habit
Many of us probably have a bank account by the age of 18. I know I insisted that I get my own account so that I could deposit my cheques and keep a track of what I was spending on. What I didn't do until 22 is, open a fixed deposit account. Having a fixed deposit or investing your money in mutual funds can help you save a decent amount of money over the years. It's a good way of putting away a certain amount of your moolah to restrict you in your spending. You could be saving for that much needed holiday, a gorgeous new handbag or even a car. No matter how big or small your goal is, this will certainly help you in moving towards it! And over the years, if you actually don't end up using that money, you will start to appreciate the interest it's bringing you. I once read  this and think it's so true, "You aren't utilising your money well until you're making money even while you sleep."

2) Rationalise for a minute
Now this is a thing that even I sometimes get swayed away from. Being a fashion blogger or just someone who has a keen interest in fashion and beauty, every month I end up accumulating things I probably don't even need. I remember, a couple of years ago, I used to buy something new every week. Zara had just opened it's doors to Mumbai and no one could stop me from visiting every Thursday (which a little birdie told me is when they update their weekly stock). But as my bank account was depleting and my wardrobe suffocating, I realised that maybe I don't need everything I think I do. It took me a while, but practice makes perfect. Every time I walked into a store and picked up something from the rack, I tried to run it through a mental check list. Do I already own something similar? Does this look good on me? Do I really need this? If the answer to any one of these questions was negative, I'd skip the item immediately. I know that online shopping has made curtailing even harder, but you have to try to rationalise if you want to fly to The Bahamas next year! Maybe you can shop there? Just kidding.

3) Emailers & Messages
I swear to god, the other day I just googled the word earrings and right after that, all the ads on my Facebook or any account would just show me websites to buy earrings! In this day and age of crazy advertising, it's sometimes hard to look away! And of course this kind of advertising is unavoidable, but those emailers and messages you get for new collection updates and sales, you can totally get rid of. Not only are they filling up your Junk mail folder but it's just unnecessary. I mean yes, I wanted those Nike shoes last week and I placed an order and got them! But why do I now need to know of the options that Puma has or even that the shoes I bought for Rs.5999 last week are now Rs.3999?! I have made a conscious effort to unsubscribe to these emailers & messages and trust me, it really helps you to buy when you need and not when they need you to!

4) Be a Goal Digger
I know that every day at least one blogger's caption in your feed talks about how 'travelling the world' was their childhood dream! Well, who wouldn't want that? I know I would! And even though I've been lucky enough to get chances to travel through my work, I always aim to save up for that one good holiday every year! It's something that I've never taken for granted and that I know will keep me motivated and my efforts unadulterated through the year. But honestly, your goal could be as small as a holiday with your husband or friends, a gift you may want to buy yourself or for a loved one, or it could be as big as saving up to start a small business or pay your rent or home EMI's! It's always good to have that one point in focus and you'll realise, the more you do that, every thing else will automatically become out of focus. 

5) Eating Out
Okay now this I know will be quite a debated topic. I'm not saying don't eat out or order the cheapest pizza to save some bucks! I'm saying, do you really need wine with that? Or do you really even need fries with that? Not only does making a conscious decision like this help you keep your health in check but it also saves you a lot of money! My dad is a Chartered Accountant by profession and he always insists I save all my bills for taxes and just general records. One year, I was going through my food bill folder and I swear, I could have flown around the world with the amount of money I had wasted on eating crappy shit. Half of it was just Starbucks! So, I know it seems trivial, but you have to start somewhere because every drop, makes an ocean. 

I know that many of you guys are between the age of 18-25 years and so I thought this would be something that may help you a bit! I know I used to love reading blogs like this to motivate me! And if you guys are more experienced and have any better tips of saving up, don't hesitate to leave a comment.

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Saturday, June 10, 2017

A Spanish Rendezvous

We recently took a 2 week trip to one of the largest countries in Europe and after weeks of planning, it turned out to be an incredible experience worth sharing! We toyed with the idea of either whizzing through different countries by visiting just one city or two in each or instead staying for 15 days in one country, embracing it's culture, mindsets and gorging on the delicious food! I am so glad that we chose the latter because honestly Spain is definitely a country that deserves it's own month or more! Being one of the largest European countries, it was a struggle to decide which coasts we wanted to explore and after much deliberation, we settled for 6 main cities/towns starting with Bilbao, San Sebastian, Barcelona, Ibiza, Valencia and finally Madrid. I was very keen on adding in Seville and Mallorca to the list but it just seemed unfair to attempt to cover so much in what started to seem like so little time. So we decided to leave the South coast for a later escapade!

For all our hotels and apartments, we used After looking up various options, we tried to pick properties with 3 main criterias to be met - close to the city centre, local transport friendly & rated highly by reviewers. We noticed that a lot of these cities had several privately owned properties besides the usual 5 star hotels. Quirky, cosy and eclectic was the vibe we were going for. We landed in Bilbao after a 15 hour journey and headed straight to our hotel Cosmov Bilbao. Situated close to the city centre and next to one the most well known architectures of Bilbao, The Guggenheim Museum, it was the most ideal location with pretty much everything we could cover in 2 days at a walking distance. We also opted not to take included hotel breakfasts anywhere because that would push us to get out earlier and try out the local restaurants and cafes which was probably one of the best decisions! If you're in Bilbao, you have to try the unlimited Pintxos bars and the delicious Spanish wines. Bilbao is located in the northern part of Spain also know as Basque Country and is fairly surrounded by mountains and gorgeous landscapes. But this also makes the weather rather unpredictable! But if you're doing a trip around Spain, I recommend you don't skip this one. Also, you must visit El Tilo for a scrumptious breakfast and mouth watering croissants, El Fuego Negra for some new age pintxos, Coppola for an authentic Italian meal and if you're a wine lover, do try out Rioja! That's all we drank all through our trip!

Our next stop was the stunning San Sebastian. I'll be honest, before I started doing my research, I had actually never heard anyone talk about this resort town located in the Bay of Biscay. A dream destination for anyone who loves laying on the beach, taking walks down the promenades or eating the most spectacular food. We were both pretty excited for this one and being just an hour's drive from Bilbao made this super accessible too! You can take a ALSA bus or rent a car, both are pretty easy to figure out. San Sebastian is a small town but most of it's touristy stuff is located in an even more constricted area by the coast. Our hotel was rather close to Playa de La Concha which is a gorgeous beach with a serene view and a promenade that comes alive as soon as the sun rises. Our first day was spent just walking around this small town which is easily accessible on foot! Grabbing the most delicious croissants, coffee and gelatos while we strolled around. If you thought you had the best Pintxos in Bilbao, think again! San Sebastian had even more pintxo bars than Bilbao and they were just phenomenal! We recommend Gandarias, Atari & Sirimiri for pintxos and wine, Borda berri for mind boggling cocktails and Quebec Krep'Herria if you're craving crepes! And if you're a fan of croissants, make sure your find El Cafetal before you leave! A tip, try and visit the city on a Saturday because the energy & vibe of the city is unmatchable! I also recommend taking a trip to the top of Mount Urgull for an unforgettable sight of the town.

Next we headed to one of the most talked about cities in the world, Barcelona! Taking a flight was the most convenient thing for us to do but if you have some extra time to spare, I've heard the drive down from San Sebastian to Barcelona is a rather picturesque one! At Barcelona we stayed at C211 Apartments which are luxury apartments located in the heart of the city. Compared to Bilbao and San Sebastian, this was of course a much bigger area to cover and we slotted 3 days for it! Needless to say the shopping and food are two major attraction for tourists minus the epic historic sights of course. We booked our tickets in advance for Sagrada Familia & Park Guell to avoid the endless lines. Our first thought was to skip going inside Sagrada Familia but honestly, it was such a captivating experience! So if you're in Barcelona, do spare an hour for this! We also used the TMB App to get around the town by bus. Of course you can hail cabs if you're in a hurry! A sunset walk by the Barceloneta beach & Port Olimpic is a must. There are endless number of restaurants and bars to visit but some that we recommend are Flax & Kale, Brunch & Cake, Caravelle for breakfast or brunches , Espit Chupitos (for shots),  Balthazar, La Rosa Negra (mexican food), Surf House or any of the local joints for some paella for lunch or dinner!

Spain is a beautiful country with so much history, culture and the most warm people. Learning a little Spanish or just the basic words is recommended specially for smaller cities and towns! I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Will do another one with our recommendations for Ibiza, Valencia and Madrid soon!

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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Maharani Streaks

 photo styldrv_4514_zpshrwrx4nd.jpg photo styldrv_4571_zpsawkn9ri7.jpg
 photo styldrv_ 4506_zps3qa8fmvc.jpg
 photo styldrv_4546_zpscpqrs34o.jpg
 photo styldrv_204491_zpsftuyy8no.jpg photo styldrv_4519_zpsrremg6fw.jpg photo styldrv_4606_zpsuiladpeu.jpg photo styldrv_-4617_zps4u2zqpqe.jpg
 photo styldrv_ 4508_zpsawvmtdhg.jpg
Hair colour- Matrix, Outfit- Anita Dongre, Hair do- Disha Karia, Earrings- Just Jewellery, Juttis- Fizzy Goblet| Location- The Boston Butt

Being a destination bride may bring out a bridezilla in you that you never could have imagined! And while there maybe so many different elements that help you put together that perfect bridal look, hair is something that plays a rather vital role. And choosing the right hair colour is an absolutely essential decision! The colour and technique used can make a world of a difference. Just like makeup, even hair colouring can be played with using colour contouring, highlights, low-lights, strobing! All this can make a huge difference to your overall look and of course, put the spotlight on your best facial features too!

Hair is one thing that I have never shied away from experimenting with and despite the million things I may have already tried, there's always something new in the market with variations that look different every time. Recently I visited the L'oreal Academy to glance through the new Matrix's new Destination Bride looks. They introduced me to the 3 distinct looks catering to three main bride hair trends- The Maharani bride with a royal touch, The Boho Beach bride with a carefree vibe & The Ethereal Garden bride with of course that whimsical allure. Each look uses a family of amazing hues that bring out the best each of these brides. It was hard to choose one look but I was drawn towards the Maharani bride look because that was close to my own wedding look.

Be it your day to day life or that special occasion, I don't think any look can be complete without the mane being in place. Be it the styling, the cut or the colour. Hair is an accessory that can make or break any look. For me personally, I was rather particular about my hair during the wedding and went through every detail with my hairstylist much in advance. So many of you asked me about my hair colour back then and unfortunately I didn't know the exact shades! But this time around when the Matrix experts swirled their magic wand , I managed to get notes on all the shades for you!

I stepped into the Matrix salon at the academy and was quickly taken through the new shades. Once we decided to go with the Modern Maharani look, they choose three shades for me- 12.35, 7.3 & 5.3! A mix of highlights and low lights, they played around with me hair for close to 3 hours to finally come out with a stunning summer bride look. And because it turned our so stunning, I decided to create and up do and pair with an outfit so that you no longer had to imagine the look but could see the final cocktail yourself!

If you're a bride to be, I know exactly how chaotic life may seem right now. There are too many things to focus on and of course too little time. Hair with our a doubt is the new makeup and if you want to be camera-ready even with a bed head on those special days, these Destination bride looks are just for you! The colours may even help set a tone for your looks in case you're struggling to settle with one. You can check our more inspiration images on Matrix India's page!

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

25 Things You Don't Know About Me

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 photo styldrv_4344_zpst1qlybz6.jpg
 photo styldrv_4351_zpsogwqovo1.jpg

Hey guys! I want to start writing more causal articles about my life and more personal experiences to add some variety to the blog! So I thought why not start off with something I've never done before? A Things You Don't Know About Me post! I'm sure most of you know a ton already so I've thought really hard to come up with these 25. 

1. I would love to have a dog as a pet.
2. I hate cats. (Just thought I'd get that out of the way)
3. I love cooking. It's almost like therapy to me. 
4. I miss life before the overwhelming social media takeover.
5. I've always wanted to learn to play the Guitar & got my parents to gift me one when I was 15 but unfortunately never got on to it. 
6. I am very unorganised. 
7. I love coffee and have been drinking it since I was 13.
8. Mexican & Asian food is life.
9. I've been with my then boyfriend now husband since 2008.
10. I hate Blue cheese. The smell makes me sick.
11. I used to loathe by first ever best friend before we got stuck with glue.
12. To visit Bora Bora is a mission I want to accomplish before I turn 30.
13. I broke my brother's tooth and arm when we were younger. (What? we've all been there. No?)
14. Ryan Gosling is my forever crush. 
15. I believe that nothing comes without hard work and any one looking for a short cut is a fool.
16. As much as a I love traveling, I hate the suitcase life.
17. Before I started blogging, I was never a girly girl. I used to love my track pants/jeans and t-shirts.
18. I currently own 250 lip products. (Y tho)
19. If I could revisit any one destination, it would be Santorini, Greece.
20. I want two kids.
21. My biggest advice to younger girls is, please read. Never stop learning. Being smart is actually a good thing. I swear.
22. My very first job was a social media content creator at 19.
23. I love anyone with a great sense of humour. Having said that, very few people actually get my sense of humour.
24. I love writing down my daily To-do lists with pens in every colour possible.
25. I hope to one day run a business either in the fashion industry or in food.

I hope this gave you a different insight into me! Tell me which one was your favourite from the 25 and also share something that people don't know about you in the comments below. 

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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Cuban Bardot

 photo styldrv_4174_zpsfmm9kmcx.jpg
 photo styldrv_4170_zpsc8gksigr.jpg photo styldrv_4236_zps0cm1gjpn.jpg
 photo styldrv_-4256-3_zps5hdjmfzj.jpg
 photo styldrv_4169_zpszkuyboma.jpg photo styldrv_-4261-3_zps4vv2uqde.jpg
 photo styldrv_4205_zpsoum6pkle.jpg
 photo styldrv_4241_zpsk4csavcu.jpg
 photo styldrv_4234_zpsopgxpaep.jpg
Bardot top- Only, Shoes- Koovs, Jeans- Only, Hat- Only, Sunglasses- Zara

It's been a rather fascinating 2017 so far with new experiences that are enriching and sometimes unnerving. With a new destination calling, I can't wait to step out of humid Mumbai and a slightly suffocated mind into fresh air and an endless blue sea. In the many years of incessant travels, I have come to realise that beach holidays are my favourite. The feeling of sand under your feet, the cool breeze soothing that sun tanned skin, aimlessly running into the sea water or even just waking up and saying 'Let's go the the beach?", it all excites me to a point unknown. So every chance I get to escape, I make sure we hit up a tropical locale even if it's just for a few days! Which is why, Ibiza for me is the most exciting part of our holiday to Spain!

Besides all the things I whizzed through above, being able to embrace the flowy maxi, butt cheek exposing denim cut offs and bikinis are a few other pros of a beach holiday. One of the new trends I spotted at the Only store was this cuban inspired collection with vibrant colours and exotic prints, matching my current state of mind rather aptly. Flirty ruffles, flowy gowns or even sequinned pineapple t-shirts, this collection had me captivated with it all. I couldn't help but dive towards this stripped bardot top. The off shoulder trend is going strong even this season and the print paired with these rainbow hues, made this an ideal pick for an tropical vacation. Hell, if you're not traveling anytime soon, just wearing this top may make you feel like you're on a holiday even if its just for that brief moment!

Another trend to look out for are embroiled or hand painted denims! Floral patches with quirky quotes and unusual hems, denims have an all new look this summer. And if that wasn't summery enough for you, grab a floppy hat to create that Instagram worthy image. I paired with some fun tassled red heels and statement earrings! Can't wait to don all these fun summer trends while on vacation! Do keep an eye out for more updates on my instagram feed.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Summer Stripes

 photo styldrv_1215_zpsj00qdahi.jpg
 photo styldrv_1159_zpsugrtmy7a.jpg
 photo styldrv_1135_zpslpmsqchg.jpg photo styldrv_1172_zpsov1749hc.jpg photo styldrv_1191_zpsmehmua2v.jpg
 photo styldrv_-1152_zpsvc0jdh3h.jpg
 photo styldrv_1145_zpsyti3zpl3.jpg
 photo styldrv_1156_zpsufuwsjjr.jpg
 photo styldrv_1212_zpsrg1hedsd.jpg
Top- Veromoda, Shoes- Charles & Keith, Culottes- Veromoda, Sunglasses- RayBan| Location- Verbena

Summer calls for light layers and even lighter hues to deal with the sweltering heat. I shot this look right before I left for Denmark and this for me is what one may call, a perfect summer outfit. Stripes are all over this season and specifically the blue and white versions of it and why not? Not only does it have that fresh, clean approach and are extremely easy to style but the colours also have been psychologically proven to instil a feeling of calm, peace and purity! Over the past few months, I may have accumulated a dress version, a embroidered shirt version and also a frayed hem skirt version on this trendy pattern but for this look, I wore this off shoulder version with a pair of white denim culottes. This trend to me is the perfect mix of romantic & tough with the former being covered by the feminine silhouettes and the latter, the pattern itself. So be it billowy dresses, off shoulder voluminous tops or an a-line skirt, don't hesitate to drown in this trend this summer!

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Blue & Blooms

  photo styldrv_8388_zpslr1xrtzt.jpg    photo styldrv_8369_zpsx6zl4ffb.jpg
 photo styldrv_-8371-3_zps7v32pbql.jpg photo styldrv_-8439-3_zpskjx1zxhj.jpg
 photo styldrv_8347_zpsq8toivet.jpg photo styldrv_8394_zpso1hjguxt.jpg
 photo styldrv_8358_zpsuqmjscfm.jpg
Bag- TATA CLiQ Luxury, Trench- Stalkbuylove, Dress- Asos, Shoes- Charles & Keith, Sunglasses- RayBan, Choker- Bershka

Every season, it's not just we who get a chance to reinvent their style but it's also essentially the master mind behind our want for change, the brands. Be it a gigantic luxury fashion house or a much loved high street brand, new hues and designs brace all corners. Joyous, captivating & colourful are terms that describes Furla's Spring/Summer '17 collection aptly. A journey of boundless discovery is expressed through the harmonious lineup of varied shapes, materials and decorative details. From classic shapes to trendy bejewelled cross body bags, this collection is aimed to please one and all. Tata CLiQ's luxury section makes this collection exclusively available online for you to shop, paired with quick deliveries and returns. 

My love for handbags is not a secret and every season I tend upgrade my collection with a bag or two. This season, the new Furla collection has definitely caught my fancy. I struggled to reach a decision while browsing through the entire collection on Tata CLiQ. I was affirmative about steering clear of the seductive black handbags and instead go for a fun hue to match my spring & summer wardrobe. I was first eyeing this gorgeous blush pink number. The grained leather, a thin strap and the colour made this an ideal choice for a day time bag! But while I was almost done, I came across a smaller bag in a ruby hue! Shades of red & pink are probably the trendiest colours this season leading me into yet another predicament. I even toyed with the idea of finalising on a more classic colour & style to finally, settle on this pastel blue satchel style bag!

Tata CLiQ Luxury stocks certified products that are sold directly by the brands which is the reason why I didn't hesitate once before placing my order. Authenticity is something that they abide by and all their products are 100% genuine which to me is so essential as there are various websites that are not completely transparent about the authenticity of luxury bags. It also let's you purchase exclusive brands that are not available all over the country, in just a few clicks! My order reached me within 5 working days and it was packed luxuriously packed in a black box, making sure that your buying experience is nothing short of perfect. It's always a joy to share my experience with any up and coming services or brands with all of you and this is definitely one that you should bookmark!

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