Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Suited & Stripped

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Blazer & Suit- United Colours of Benetton, Necklace- Accessorize, Shoes- Zara, Sunglasses- Missamore

If you guys follow me on Snapchat or Instagram you probably know that I'm currently in Greece & couldn't be happier to be here! With a super hectic schedule for the past 6 months, this break couldn't 
come at a better time. But right before I left, I visited the United Colors Of Benetton store to get a glimpse of their new Autumn/Winter '16 collection. I'm always biased towards the collection that launch during this time of the year because of the deeper, jewel tone hues, the layered look & the abundance of knits! When I was picking out a look that I wanted to style for the blog, I picked out some of my favourites like a leather skater skirt, a blue & white turtle neck knit, a gorgeous bomber jacket, a classic black fitted dress, a printed midi skirt before settling for this stripped two piece set. Now you could obviously wear them both as separates with various different outfits but I decided to pair them together for fun yet sharp look.

The navy blue with the cream & burgundy stripes definitely elevated this two piece from being such any other suit. The pants have relaxed fit with not made it super comfortable to wear but also added a causal vibe to the look. I loved the fit of the blazer and how it fell off my shoulders. I wanted to let the two piece have it's moment of glory so I went with super basic accessories. Where would one wear this look you ask? Well, you could definitely wear this to a work party or even to a fashion event for that striking look. I would even wear it on a holiday for a fancy dinner just to skip that expected dress. I hope you guys are having a wonderful week & don't forget to follow me on Instagram for more updates more Greece!

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Thursday, October 20, 2016


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After a two month long countrywide hunt, Max Elite Model Look India 2016 held it's Grand Finale at Sofitel Mumbai. Several young, aspiring models participated in the various regional rounds and after lots of training and selection rounds, 18 of them went on to compete in the finale. This competition has not only opened the doors to bigger and brighter opportunities for these models but has also given them a first hand experience of the industry and also immensely boosted their confidence. Elite is home to many leading faces in the industry like Adriana Lima, Liu Wen, Sigrid Agren to name a few. It's not just a network of model agencies; it's a true brand synonymous with model management and Max Elite Model Look India is a brilliant opportunity for these young models to showcase their talent, get mentored from the best and also get direct entry into the international supermodel category.

The third edition of the contest started in August this year, travelled to 8 different cities in search of new talent. The cities included Delhi, Chandigarh, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Guwahati, and Mizoram. The selected finalists were trained and groomed by experts such as Marc Robinson, Deepti Gujral, Dr. Micket Mehta, etc. The finale was divided into multiple rounds and after shortlisting further, two winners, Miss. Priyanka B.V & Mr. Ajay Singh were awarded the title. The show was punctuated by stunning performances by the lovely Mansi Scott as well as a fun fashion show, showcasing Max's new autumn-winter '16 collection. All in all it was such a wonderful experience to be a part of! I can't wait to see the results of the World Finale which is happening in Portugal later this year.

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Monday, October 17, 2016


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My very first rendezvous with make up probably unwrapped at the age of 10. One of my aunts was visiting us for a week and her make up entourage accompanied her. While she got dressed every morning, I would sit there patiently going through all the products in her kit & observe her closely to see where each product was supposed to be placed on the face. She used closed to 10 products but out of everything, her bright pink lipstick is what interested me the most. As soon as she bid us goodbye, I dragged my mom to a store so that I could acquire some of the products to begin and most importantly grab a pink lipstick ! She was obviously reluctant but agreed to buy me a lip balm with a slight pink tint and some toy make up and that was it. After that day, every woman who entered our house, had to go through the process of me pretending to apply make up on them and when it was just me, I'd experiment on myself or so I thought. 
As I grew, so did my interest in make up and it was actually around the age of 16 that I got rid of the tit bits I may have accumulated and got myself a real make up kit. Like many teenagers, I too went through a phase of not knowing what looks good on me or how to get the right shade of foundation and so I did go through, what I like to call, some rough make up patches. Like literally. So today I thought I'd list down the 5 common mistakes that most of the beginners tend to make and help you skip the rough patches.

1) Foundation Shade
I would be lying if I said that I never bought a foundation by trying it on my wrist. Wrong. Your face skin may not be the same tone as your wrist, as it is exposed to more direct sunlight. When buying a foundation shade, always swatch it on your jawline. If you like me have uneven skin tone, try to pick a neutral shade by trying a swatch around your cheeks. You should also check with the lady/gentleman selling you the product, whether or not the product oxidizes. What that means is, some foundations tend to become darker as they come in contact with the atmosphere so it's essential you cross that off before you spend your moolah on it.

2) Sunscreen
Not using a sunscreen or any type of SPF regularly was probably one the biggest mistakes I made as a beginner. Being the most active years of my life, I would be out in the sun for hours, not realizing the damage I was causing my skin. Another myth that stopped me from using a sunscreen was that my combination to oily skin would get oilier if I slathered on some of that white cream on my face. I really wished I read a blog at that point that told me how wrong I was! I can't stress enough on how essential it is to use a sunscreen and although you may not notice the signs now, you will be doomed as soon as you hit 25. Uneven skin tone, pigmentation, dull skin, can all be the result of not slathering on that white cream at least twice a day!

3) Eyebrows
For the first 5 years(16-20) of dabbling into make up, I ignored my eyebrows completely. Yes I got them threaded and shaped every now and then but I never thought that filling them in would be a good option. Most Indians are blessed with naturally fuller brows and under that pretext I assumed I was born with it. Little did I know the world of a difference a few strokes of an eyebrow pencil could make. The first time I realized this was when an make up artist retouched my brows for a shoot and since then I've never gone back! Although, when using an eye brow pencil/powder you should keep a few things in mind. Always buy a shade lighter than your natural brow colour so that when you fill them in, they don't look harsh and unnatural. Attempting to get them to look even is another faux pas. By now we've all heard the sisters not twins line so I won't scribble more about it. 

4) Expiry dates
You know that small icon on the label that looks like a small open tin and has 6M or 12M written on it? Well that's how long you can use a product once it's open. We all tend to ignore that and often even forget when we bought the product hence losing track of time. After not caring for years, I have now become as particular about trashing products as I am about buying ones. I tend to stick a small sticker on the products and write the date of when I started using it! I trash Mascara's every 3-4 months, Foundations 9-12 months, Eye shadows 12-16 months, Skincare 24 months and so on. It's important to keep cleaning out your stash to make sure you're always using products that will not lead to any side effects due to it's expiry.

5) Less is More
Commercials in magazine and on TV did intrigue my mind and had me itching to buy every new product that was launched. I was joyously enjoying that phase before my skin started to make me realize that my face isn't a canvas that one should  experiment on that rigorously and so started my phase of nasty acne. I won't lie, I was blessed with such good skin that I thought no matter what I did to it, it would bounce back and that came to bite me later. Since then, I've adopted the less is more policy. I invest in better brands and use lesser products. Given the profession I am in, I do experiment with products still but on a much controlled basis and thankfully, after years, my skin has begun it's journey to betterment. Touchwood.

After all these years, I have been able to create my signature look that I go back to every single time. A flawless base, subtle contour, brown liner and not to forget that bold or subtle pink pout, that has forever lived in my fondest make up memories. Estee Lauder is running this amazing campaign where you can share your oldest #BornfromColor make up memories and get a chance to get featured their pinboard and also win some exciting goodies. All you need to do is,go to and upload a look you created! 

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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Urban Vibes

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Clothes- Max Fashion

My job entails a lot of exciting & fun projects and this one has got to be one of them. The Max Elite Model Look hunt has been going on for over a month now and after auditions being held in every major city in the country, they finally made it to the fashion capital, Mumbai. For an aspiring model, this is a dream come true! The several finalists from the various cities that are selected by the jury will compete to win in Mumbai on 14th October. The two winners will then start a once in a lifetime journey to Paris where they will represent India and compete with models like themselves from all over the world. One of the most prestigious model management company, these young girls and boys were in their best spirits with only one goal in mind. The energy was addictive.

As a part of the project, I got to select two models and style them in the new Autumn/ Winter collection from Max Fashion. The idea was to keep the styling simple yet impactful and to let their personalities do the talking. The new collection at Max surprised in many ways. Not only was is bang on trend, the clothing was youthful and worked perfectly with my style sensibilities. From denims to quoted sweatshirts to velvet jackets to plaid shirts, I had a tough time picking just one look each for Shariq & Geetanjali. I infact ended up picking some key fall pieces for my own wardrobe!

For Shariq, I went for something very basic. A pair of denims would be an essential but I decided to trade the basic fit for a more trendy, jogger style pick. In between a faded grey & blue hue, these would be the ideal to have in one's wardrobe. To compliment the joggers, I gave him a bomber meets varsity style jacket, to keep the look youthful. For Geetanjali, the burgundy cropped jacket was the starting point. As soon I spotted it in the store, there was noway I could not feature it! I layered it with a grey sweatshirt with the word Inspire scribbled across it. A pair of ankle length skinny jeans completed this urban chic look! 

Both these looks are so apt for the up coming months and could make the perfect college looks. Not only that, I stocked up on some really cool sweatshirts which would ideal for weekend dressing and travelling. I hope you guys enjoyed these looks! I am super excited to be at the Finale on 14th October and see who will the final two faces be to represent us in Paris. Here's wishing everyone the best of luck!

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Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Green Effect

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 photo styldrv_7957_zpsi130jgbf.jpg
 photo styldrv_7935_zpsh61xgfba.jpg
 photo styldrv_7859_zpsllwxro6i.jpg

 photo styldrv_7936_zpsqbwpicyq.jpg
 photo styldrv_7921_zpsuptjg3ib.jpg
T-shirt, Pinafore dress, Printed cape- Only, Shoes- Zara, Choker- Accessorize| Location- Mojos

I am pretty convinced that every girl goes through a phase where every time she looks in the mirror, she is staring at a part of her body & it's staring right back at her! Now if it's something you could genuinely work on then starting now would be the right step but for me it was just a mental block. For the longest time I used to curse my genes for passing on the big hips & an ample bottom to me. As a teenager I did everything to get to rid of it or so I thought. From running miles to never ending dances classes to playing tennis for hours to swimming endless laps, you name it, I did it but not much changed. I was not only annoyed because I had tried everything to fix it but also because I had started hating my body in a very unhealthy way. Was I big? My mother didn't think so but I refused to let go.

When it came to clothes, I was obviously avoiding anything that accentuated my hips so skinny jeans, pinafore dresses, anything fitted was out of the picture. And it's only after a couple of years of joining college and getting noticed for an ample bottom, not only by the opposite sex but also the females, that I began to embrace my natural shape. It may sound shallow to you but that's what did the trick for me! I'm just glad that I could get over it and now I'm beyond comfortable with what I was born with! Getting over it meant I could start wearing clothes that I had avoided for years & that almost made dressing up a little more exciting.

Feeling a little nostalgic, I created this look around this forest green pinafore dress, which is an eye catcher not only because of the colour but also because of it's 90's vibe. I paired it a white tee with an inverted sequinned patched on it & a this open shirt dress to add a dose of print. To keep the look from being too feminine, I layered some choker necklaces & clunky shoes. I actually really like look & I hope you guys enjoyed it too! For those of you who can relate to my teenage self, the sooner you get over the more you'll fall in love with yourself. Goodluck!

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Friday, October 7, 2016

The Modern Twist

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Tunic- Samant Chauhan, Skirt- (Similar, Palazzo), Jhumki-, Shoes- Gianvito Rossi| Location- Global Chaos, Mumbai

Trousseau shopping may have forced me to visit every store in the city with the chance of finding some exclusivity, even if it's hidden in one corner. I may have succeeded on a few occasions but most others have been an utter disappointment. But given that we are stepping into that quarter of the year which is full of festivities and weddings, I turned to the Amazon India Modern Festive Store to find some stylish pieces that would tick the conventional box without compromising on the contemporary one and help me put together my festive wardrobe while I lounge on my comfortable couch! It houses Indian ethic wear like sarees, anarkalis, lehengas, wedding dresses and more. Not only does this section have everything curated to utmost specification, it also strives to guide you to create some effortlessly, stunning looks! Although the typical Indian silhouettes are extremely flattering and have their own charm, a little twist would only take it a notch higher. And to accentuate your festive look further, the Amazon Fashion Jewellery store has jewellery from Bbling, Amrita Singh, Valliyan by Nitya, Zariin, Malaga and many more!

I created my look keeping traditional colours in mind but opted for modern silhouettes. Balance is everything and the India Modern Festive store aided just that! I started by opting for this gorgeous Ivory asymmetric tunic with 3D floral details, a gold zipper and a belt to create a strong silhouette. I love how it is flowy yet very streamlined at the same time. To go with it, I opted for a red skirt with a centre slit instead of the usual. To add some bling, these peacock jhumki's that I found on the Amazon Fashion jewellery store seemed like the perfect pick. For me, it's the little details that make your outfit different from the many others so never compromise on that! I am in complete awe of this look and can't wait to wear it to a Diwali party very soon. And if you guys are looking for some fun pieces, don't hesitate to check out for the latest dose of ethnic festive fashion.

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