Friday, August 12, 2016

The Indian Twist

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 photo 53280665-bc8b-406b-9b66-c8198b8a4b25_zpsaodg7fhf.jpg
 photo 90f7e42d-39af-4e8c-93b1-0b152eba6733_zpsg5e9vf28.jpg
Outfits- MissaMore, Location- The D'Decor Store, Mumbai

Most of my Rakhi outfits so far have always been a result of rummaging in my closet for 15 minutes and putting together an outfit by mixing a traditional piece with a more modern silhouette. But this year MissaMore has me sorted. They recently came out with capsule collection for the festivities and these are some of my favourite looks. If you're the kinds who loves to dress up on Rakhi, go for this parrot green, cold shoulder top and pair with your cream palazzo pants and some opulent jewellery. If you're the more relaxed kinds, go for the printed slit top with pastel green pants or this gold maxi top paired with your favourite denims! I also love this cropped top paired the two toned palazzo look. There's definitely something for everyone. So if you're looking for a last minute outfit, order now and don't forget to show me how you style it for Rakhi or otherwise on Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter!

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