Monday, August 22, 2016


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Dress-, Pumps- Saint Laurent | Location- The Sassy Spoon

I love shopping online not only because I get a chance to look at multiple collections, in the middle of the night while I lounge in my PJ's but because almost always, I end up getting better deals too! However, I often meet people who find this entire process rather overwhelming and 10 minutes into logging in, they are already ready to flee. I won't lie, at a point in my life, I've been there too. But I've added a few rules to my rule book when it comes to shopping online which in turn made my shopping experience rather gratifying and so, I'm gladly listing them down for you! 

i) Categorize
Most of us tend to resort to online shopping on an impulse. Personally, If I'm shopping out of need, I would log into, search the for category I'm looking, find the product and express checkout! However, sometimes I am just looking to satiate that shopping bug inside me and that's when the endless hours of browsing begin. If you want to avoid falling into the black hole of browsing, decide on a category and look with in. For example, when I ordered this yellow pleated maxi dress, I was specifically wanting to buy a maxi dress and that's the category I started looking into. Even though Amazon Fashion has over 6000 brands, its super easy to shop on as they've divided the products into various categories & curated stores!

ii) Brands
This is yet another route that would make your online shopping experience more fruitful. If you're looking for or are fond of a particular brand, log onto and search for the brand you're looking for. This would bring up all the items available in that brand category and you could even set the price setting as per your requirement! Some of my favourite brands to shop from are Nike, GAS, Tommy Hilfiger, United Colours of Benetton, Chemistry, Veromoda, Biba, etc. Not only do I find it easier to find my size here, I also end up getting a great deal due to on going discounts. And if you're not sure about your size, they have a size guide curated by their team that instantly comes to your aide.

iii) Trends & Seasons
If you're like me and love getting a regular dose of trendy products, shopping online gives you the opportunity to quickly get hold of these pieces with out much ponder. And although I find it vital to upgrade by wardrobe with some trendy pieces every now and then, I also make sure to stock up on the seasonal basics! So a maxi dress in a bright hue for summer, a fitted blazer for the cooler months and lots of skirts for the monsoon are a must buy and I can find them all on Amazon Fashion.

I think if you follow these three golden rules, you could easily over come the monster that you think online shopping is! It's much easier than you think and let me tell you now, it can be quite addictive too. I hope you guys enjoyed this look and will apply these rules while indulging in some e-retail therapy next time!

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