Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Pop Effect

 photo 20035597-b721-4766-a172-7034a8962623_zpsc8o8y3gh.jpg
 photo 4275b5cc-9d21-4017-bea3-61c63348d722_zps2w1jgbqh.jpg
 photo ef9eeb02-7d14-4fb3-87b5-857e889f446c_zpsxcepjkaw.jpg
 photo b8222fd0-09d7-40b3-9542-04086a98cec8_zpsz5japqzg.jpg
 photo 35edada4-a61e-4db7-8bd3-6dd8a703a59d_zps5mhkswbp.jpg
 photo 191e4649-5b1e-472c-9c20-1b2250791552_zpskk3glodn.jpg
 photo 6f6c158d-09cc-4c33-b620-5b8ce4b39f35_zpshpina7y2.jpg

Anything that can be worn or used in multiple ways, instantly has all my attention. Creativity has been at the heart of Swatch and this new Pop Swatch collection reinstates this ideology. Bringing back a trend that was loved by one and all in the 90's these watches have been upgraded with a modern twist! The watch is extremely versatile and can be worn in many different ways : as a wrist watch,  as a pocket watch, as a wall clock, as a pendant with a metal chain or even as a table clock. All you have to do is pop out the dial jacket, take out the dial and let your imagination run wild! You can even interchange the straps and dials, giving the watches a personal spin and letting you change your style, every time you decide to flaunt them. 

I personally loved the black and white collection but if you're a colour lover, this collection is something that will make your mind spin. From bright oranges, reds, blues to pinks, it's a playground for anyone who loves a dose of colour. Minimalistic yet striking, each watch has a round dial that works ideally for both men and women! I had an amazing time going through these and learning so much more about these at the launch which took place at St. Regis Hotel, Mumbai, last week. You can check out the new collection at various store across the city and I am in fact going to be giving one away on my Snap chat next week! So make sure you're following me there.

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Summer Love with Bobbi Brown

 photo 4L4A0836_zpsv3fadab8.jpg
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 photo 4L4A0677_zpsnuamo2nt.jpg
 photo 4L4A0952_zpscb6zm4ia.jpg
 photo 4L4A0711_zpskjhpgvgw.jpg
 photo 4L4A0959_zpsxtkn3bj2.jpg
 photo 115f740d-b211-4d00-a397-2fd1d6abefb5_zps89zzrzx2.jpg
 photo 4L4A0716_zpsljxlzzfa.jpg
 photo 4L4A0769_zpsloley7lh.jpg

 photo 4L4A1003_zpssjgoik7v.jpg
 photo 4L4A0818_zpsmikdzx65.jpg
 photo 4L4A0549_zpsv9d9qbqf.jpg
 photo 4L4A0967_zpswhgyujxb.jpg
Jumpsuit- Bershka, Cape- Missamore, Sunglasses- Claire's, Bracelets- Forever21 & Pipabella, Sandals- Zebba, Hat- Aldo, Makeup- Bobbi Brown| Masoom's outfit: Pants- Forever21, Top & vest-Zara, Jewellery & Sunglasses- Stylefiesta, Beach Bag- Bobbi Brown

When it comes to the scorching summer months, my water and fruit intake is at it's peak but my makeup tends to be reduced to the bare minimum and is comprised of anything and everything long lasting! As the temperatures soar, I gravitate towards a more natural look which is easy to maintain and works like a charm with every outfit too. I tend to stick to 4 or 5 basic steps which includes a light weight foundation, a sheer illuminating powder, the new long-wear brow gel from Bobbi Brown, a waterproof mascara and slight tinge of colour of my lips. I've been so surprised by the stay power of the new brow gel and being someone who is so obsessed with doing her brows, this product is a new favourite! On the days that I'm feeling a bit fancier and have a few extra minutes to spare, I'll use a matte bronzer like the Bobbi Brown bronzer in the shade Stonestreet, to add some definition to my face and then highlight using my brick highlighter before I'm ready to face the day!

But today's look was created using some of Masoom's favourite products from the new Bobbi Brown Beach Nudes range. We spent a fun day by the beach, catching up in between our manic schedules, talking about everything from work to fashion to sharing our favourite summer beauty hacks while sipping on some fresh lemonade. She started with the Nude Finish Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 15 for my base. She insisted, "It's almost criminal to walk out of our bedrooms in this sweltering heat with out a moisturizer laden with SPF. I swear by this product because its a mega multi-tasker that hydrates the skin, protects it from the harsh heat and silently covers any redness or discoloration one might have!" I couldn't agree more and was glad to be introduced to this sos product! She then moved on to talking about the Nude Finish Illuminating Powder which is currently riding high up on her favorite's list! "Summer is stuffed with days where you want to laze at the beach or unwind by the pool on your holiday and you just can't be arsed with any make up at all! Swipe on this powder and let everyone believe it's your natural glow from all the time riding the waves", she exclaimed!

To add some sheer tinge of colour to my lips she chose the new Sheer Lip Colour in natural shade. "The deal-maker with this product is that it is packed with natural butters and oils which makes this super moisturizing! I use these sheer lip colours as the last step to finish my 'no makeup' makeup look." I was nodding my head in unison because I've had mine in the shade Boho Bronze, settled in my handbag for over a month! It's the one lip colour that I can swipe on without looking in the mirror, in the middle of my day which would add an instant freshness to my look! I was ecstatic with her favourite natural make up look that she portrayed through me & am probably going to sticking to this for the rest for the summer! If you guys would like to see my favourite products for summer & why I swear by them, head over to Masoom's blog to take a peek!

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016


 photo STYLDRV_5632_zpsprvvsvi0.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_5687_zpsmwxnu8mf.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_5722_zpsabn35aif.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_5641_zpss2gjj0jq.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_5734_zpsllzfvsgc.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_5676_zpsrzsnscs9.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_5724_zpsetmuknze.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_5673_zpsmwzir158.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_5735_zpshpwwslup.jpg
Shirt dress, skirt- Only, Sandals- Hill Road, Sunglasses & Necklace- Only, Stripped Vest- Only| Location- PDT

Stripes for me, are reminiscent of summer. The nautical vibe reminds me of just sailing away in the ocean as the glorious summer sun shines above your head, turning your skin two shades darker and your hair one shade lighter. There is absolutely nothing about this feeling that I would like to change. Which is exactly why I love donning some stripical pieces to mentally take me to the place I'd like to be at while making me look stylish as well. Besides being an easy print to pair and carry off, it some how also makes your outfit look a bit more put together, which for me is a big load off my shoulders. For this month's Only look, I wanted to don stripes but the task at hand was to do it in a slightly unusual way. You can obviously go for a simple stripped tee or dress or skirt and call it a day but yours truly was determined to give this classic trend a spin.

I was pretty sure that I wanted to experiment with the stripes on stripes look but of course, without resembling a criminal. It can be a tricky situation in terms of whether you should match the colours, the size of the stripes or use contrast colours? This one image that has been doing the rounds for a few years now, definitely stayed in the back of mind and gave me that confidence to think this look through. To begin with, I chose my two key stripe pieces and then to break things up, I decided to throw on this shirt dress in a gorgeous khaki colour. You can use a shirt dress in so many different ways by either opening all the buttons up and using it like a light jacket or by open the buttons half way up and using it as one of the most trendy piece this season, the maxi top. I loved how the shirt dress, exposed the stripped skirt, helping me fluently achieve that stripes or stripes look. What do you guys think of this look?

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Rose Quartz

 photo STYLDRV_6141_zps1araygap.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_6078_zpspve1ifti.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_6158_zpsnqs4q5zy.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_6188_zps3u1fd0j7.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_6118_zpskr5r5rs1.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_6102_zpsxhs8zo7z.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_6162_zpsl6d6fqa4.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_6121_zps7fn6f3lf.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_6200_zpswqzvocne.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_6193_zpsad8j1ful.jpg
Dress- AllAboutYoubyDeepikaPadukone for Myntra, Shoes- Saint Laurent, Bag- Daine Von Furstenberg, Sunglasses- Miu Miu, Choker- Claire's

All thanks to the declaration by Pantone every season, every few months, we get some new colours to fall in love with. It could have been your favourite colour since you were 5 years old or a colour that you've detested for years but can't stop yourself from wearing now because you see your favourite style icons flaunting the current hues like their life depends on it! From International high end designer stores to our desi designers to every high street store in the world, they've all got collections embracing these shades. Either way, I enjoy experimenting with colours and this way, by the end of 2020, I'll probably have a dress, a shirt, a skirt in every colour on the Pantone chart! In case you've living under a rock and didn't know already, the colours for this season are Rose Quartz aka your classic baby pink & Serenity which is nothing but a powder blue. 

I obviously wanted to pick up a few items to upgrade my closet and while browsing through some of on my favourites apps, I came across this gorgeous pink dress from the newly launched All About You by Deepika Padukone's summer collection on Myntra. The collection was right up my ally with tons of whites, pinks, peaches, mints, in flowy fabrics, punctuated with fun summer details like fringe and bell sleeves. My mind was juggling about 5 items at one point but I decided to go with two picks that I absolutely loved and could see myself wearing for years! If you follow me on Instagram you probably have already seen the mint asymmetric dress from this collection that I wore a few days ago! In addition to that, I went ahead with this pink number in a classic yet modern silhouette and I loved how the flowy fabric added an ethereal feel to it. I wanted to keep the focus on the dress so I added some of my favorite neutral accessories before I stepped out the door! 

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Friday, May 13, 2016

Desert Dreams

 photo STYLDRV_5835_zpsqb7igxf9.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_5751_zps9wa4g8mz.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_5838_zpsnqja7ldq.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_5831_zpszyxoetxf.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_5869_zpsfvusj3m1.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_5811_zpsdmh8e1my.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_5763_zps92qtzdzp.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_5824_zpsm7cj30me.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_5864_zpsdlw8lroq.jpg
Top- Veromoda, Crochet vest- Veromoda, Shorts & Aviators- Veromoda, Belt- St.Frock, Shoes- Steve Madden| Location- Please Don't Tell

So I'm back with yet another summer look. I tend to fall into a pattern when it comes to certain colours or trends so I need to sometimes make a conscious effort to switch things up a little. Khaki is a colour that I love all round the year and recently I've spotted this hue in various different stores as shorts, blazers, duster coats or even palazzos or maxi skirts. Which is frankly what inspired me to put this look together. These basic linen shorts called for a subtle punch of colour and I think this tie dye tank worked perfectly. It almost reminded me of a look I'd see someone rocking on a fun ride in the middle of the desert! Wearing heels is obviously not the most practical thing in that case but in Mumbai, the nude tie up's is all I could think of to go with this look.

Although I am firm believer of buying pieces that suit your body type and make you feel comfortable in your skin, I also recommend to once in while, let go off your inhibitions and just be care free with your style. Maybe try out that off shoulder top this summer or pick up those mom jeans or even a fringe top! It may seem like a big step but if you're rocking an outfit with confidence tagging along, not only will it be the best experiment ever but you might even inspire the people around you to follow in those steps! On that note, hope you have an amazing weekend and if you have a few spare minutes, let me know what you guys think of this look.

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Prints & Pops

 photo IMG_2900_zpsryvntlb9.jpg
 photo IMG_2929_zpsvn8gla0g.jpg
 photo IMG_3037_zpsgv8wnq3q.jpg
 photo IMG_2935_zpsm9txqbq2.jpg
 photo IMG_2968_zpsrlrojk7z.jpg
 photo IMG_2954_zps5dkg6esr.jpg
 photo IMG_2915_zpszb1kooaa.jpg
 photo IMG_3010_zpsbz1kev7g.jpg
 photo IMG_2982_zpsoyjmnp3x.jpg

One of the perks of being a blogger is getting a first look at new collections from the various stores! I recently got invited to the Wills Lifestyle store at Phoenix, for the launch of their new spring/summer collections. Pops and prints being their main focus, the men's as well as the women's line showcased an intense variety of the two. I was specially impressed by the men's line which was within the realms of classic silhouettes but the colors and prints were as varied as one can image. Shirts with polka dots, flamingo prints, floral prints in bright summer hues were such a fun twist to the men's line. The polo t-shirts in pastel hues with cactus prints or even the glasses print, definitely caught my fancy.

The women's line ranged from floral dresses to beachy kaftans to polo's in pink tones. Even their formal wear was endowed with wearable prints, creating a new space for people to explore. I was asked to pick my favourite looks and style the models present to showcase it. For the men's version, I chose this gorgeous blue shirt with an adorable flamingo print on it and paired it khaki brown chinos. The print definitely made this outfit from being just any other casual look! And for the lady, I chose this gorgeous navy blue jumpsuit with red, white and turquoise details. I love dressing quick and easy in the summer time, which made this jumpsuit an ideal pick for me!

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