Thursday, March 31, 2016

Back in Time

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Denim skirt & tee- Only, Bomber jacket- Only, Shoes- Zara, Sunglasses- Forever21, Clutch- Only

Me being a 90's kid, I find the return of the 90's trends one part nostalgic & one part cringe worthy. I mean I've worn all the things as a child and your mum rummaging through your old childhood pictures, digging out images of a similar outfit you're wearing today, is definitely not fun. But I won't lie, I do sometimes love the deja vu feeling and almost feel like I own these trends! Some of my favourites have to be the return of the choker, the denim minis, slogan prints or vintage prints on tee shirts, overtly feminine dresses, sneakers & in your face prints. So this time I decided to style an outfit from the new Spring/Summer '16 collection at only, using some of my favourite 90's inspired pieces.

To start off, I was in love with this floral bomber jacket. Absolutely on trend, this statement piece is versatile and adds an instant casual chic vibe to any look. The floral print also adds a hint of femininity to this rather boxy silhouette. To add a fun contrast to this chaotic print, I teamed it up with a basic black with a quirky "Forget Love, Drown in Coffee'' slogan tee. And the of course the classic button denim mini which is probably now in everyone's closet! A great basic, this could be an alternative for your favourite pair of jeans this summer! What do you guys think of this look?

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The New Age Store

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 photo 1c1cf0eb-c57d-4be9-8259-8c9db9ff3f4d_zpsmf6vxfdv.jpg
 photo SVP_0136_zpsehwktjpr.jpg
 photo ecdcb79d-5207-4e7c-81dd-74c4ff5baa93_zpsz7abwgrx.jpg

 photo 49596925-babd-4501-81c7-98c04acd1950_zpssxo6xyhr.jpg

Last Friday, I was invited to be a part of the inauguration of the new age Reliance Trends store at one of the leading malls in Mumbai. Along with a brand new Spring/ Summer '16 collection, the brand also introduced their customers to new technologies that will enhance their shopping experience in the store. With Selfie points, where you could take a selfie while you play dress up in the trial room & then avail a discount for the same or even Virtual trying where you don't have to bother to wait in those long trial room ques to see how the garment would actually look on you, Reliance Trends is determined to give you an experience like never before. The store was inaugrated by the charming Ileana D'cruz along with Mr. Akhilesh Prasad, the CEO of Reliance Trends. The store stocks several in house brands along with some well known names. However, I was rather pleased with the quality and up to date trends showcased by the in house names; Fig-which is a fashion for the discerning independent women, Rio- which is targeted towards the younger girls who love to follow trends, Avaasa- which is their contemporary brand & DNMX- which stocks all things denim! The store also stocks some well designed clothes for the men too.

The launch was supported by a fun fashion show which showcased the brands Ethnic, Casual as well Western range. With more than 40 looks displayed, it left nothing to one's imagination and had people longing to run to the store and grab their favourites. The Ethnic range was clearly inspired by Rajasthan, with warm hues & intricate work along with pictorial prints grazing the collection. The casual & western range on the other hand was designed keeping the classic summer trends in mind with lots of florals, stripes and fresh hues circling the clothes. The styling was simple, making it look so achievable to everyone watching. There were also some quirky performances by the Bosco & Ceaser dance group & singer Benny Dayal kept people entertained for over an hour with Ileana of course being the show stopped at the end. All in all it was an extremely fun experience to be a part of & I've picked up a few clothes from the new collection which I can't wait to show you guys very, very soon! Visit the new Reliance Trends store at Infinity Mall, Malad to experience the brand in all it's glory.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Wanderer

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Shirt, Vest, Trousers- Only, Shoes- Zara, On my lips- MAC Retro Matte liquid lipstick in 'To Matte With Love', Bag- Only

When I turned 21, I was beyond thrilled to embrace the freedom that awaited me. It wasn't just about being able to make your own decisions, but because I started making my own moolah from a year before that, I felt that financial independence which was amiss among-st my peer group & hence, felt a little pride circling my mind. Lucky for me, the work just increased from there on and with just a few hiccups here and there, I was on my way to becoming, what is now most annoyingly referred to as "Girl Boss". Having started a blog when no one could fathom the idea of having one, let alone making money out of it, I was drowning in judgemental glances as well as some praises. It was in no means a rosy ride but I am grateful & will be forever thankful for that moment when I decided to give this a shot! Never had I ever thought that this would turn into a full time profession and that I was going to a part of that first batch of people who derived a profession merely with the aide of technology's favorite child, the Internet! Now at 25, I feel like maybe, I missed out on taking my life a little easy. Cherishing my early 20's by just travelling & exploring. Not that my job doesn't provide me enough opportunities to do that, but a job is a job at the end of the day. It comes with responsibilities, deadlines and a bucket load of stress. So whether you're reporting to a boss or you are your own boss, if you want to take that path to success, hard work is the only route to take, which sometimes means compromising on the other aspects of life. Do I regret any of these amazing years? Not a second. Do I wish to slow it down a little and cherish the important events in my life ? Every second! So for all those of you who are reading this at 21, make some changes now or else you'll end up writing a blog post about it 4 years later! And for those of you who are in the same boat as me, it's kind of now or never. 

Let's leave my personal chaos aside and talk about this outfit. This look for me represented everything Spring & Summer. The colours, the print and the location we found to match the vibe. I love layering but I find that a lot of people struggling to understand why and how one could tackle this fashion hack during the scorching summer months. The trick is to pick light & easy fabrics, that will let your skin breathe! This gorgeous white cotton cropped top from Only, is as light as a feather. Perfect for summer, you could style this in one too many ways. For this look, I decided to pair it with these jogger style pants. The silhouette might look casual but the print amps up it's style quotient. Because the ensemble looked incomplete to me, I added this navy, linen vest to streamline it all. Another versatile piece, you could layer this with your favourite shift or maxi dress or even with a causal tee and shorts look. To finish it all off, this contrasting salmon coloured, structured bag was the ideal companion. A statement fuchsia pout & big sunglasses is all I needed to slay the day! I hope you are all having a wonderful summer and while you plan your holidays, make sure to keep these simple style tips in mind to go from the girl next door to the hidden fashion blogger in you. 

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Monday, March 21, 2016

Summer Scents

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Some brands become synonymous with the category of products they sell & Yardley is definitely one of them. With an array of fragrances under their Umbrella, they have something for everyone. Some of their classic fragrances include Lavender, English Rose, Red Rose & Jasmine. Not only can you savor these scents in the form of a perfume but you could even find matching luxury soaps, perfumed talcs, body mists & much more! When this basket of happiness, arrived at my door step, it was almost like a breathe of fresh air for this nasty summer. One of the most loved and cherished summer scents, the beautiful Lavender smell filled my room & tickled my senses! I won't lie though, my mother was more excited than I was and couldn't stop chiming stories of her teenage days when she first got introduced to the brand and how she has held on since. One sniff and suddenly a scenic view of the English countryside fogged my mind so I could image where my mother's excitement was stemming from!

A beautiful fresh fragrance with the core English Lavender, Eucalyptus, Jasmine, Chamomile. Violet and enhanced with notes of Bergamot & Clary Sage along with deeper, warm notes of vanilla, wood & patchouli, this scent is classy & drenched in that English ladylike charm. Once spritz and you're surrounded by the freshness of this peculiar scent. I don't know about you, but Lavender has a very calming effect on me which is just what I need in these summer months! I started off using the perfume and the moved on to give all of it a try and I'm so glad I did. The luxury soap is nothing less of what it says, pure luxury, creamy which leaves skin feeling supple and hydrated. I in fact have been loving using this to take a shower before I go to bed, as it relaxes my senses & gets me ready for a good night sleep! The body mist is a perfect on the go product that you could throw into your bag and spritz when you need to. I usually spray some of the perfume in the morning and then keep retouching up when needed with the body mist. It's light, soft mist and yet the fragrance is intact.

Also, find your fragrance for this summer by taking the Yardley fragrance quiz.

(Location- Hoppipola, Lower Parel, Images- Jaina Kumar)

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Friday, March 18, 2016


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 photo STYLDRV_7463_zpsvoazygga.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_7448_zpseuos7cah.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_7422_zpswx3ezzss.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_7412_zps36jey44x.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_7388_zpsdrw36vuf.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_7499_zpsnq1v2hlz.jpg
Shirt & Skirt- Veromoda, Shoes- Zara, Earrings- Forever21, Sunglasses- Veromoda

Florals for summer is a no-brainer and almost foreseeable! So how does one continue to flaunt this effervescent trend without falling into the predictable category? Trick number one is to choose prints that look novel right on the off set. For example, this shirt that I picked from Veromoda's new collection, has an oriental vibe which makes it anything but typical. The freshness is intensified with punches of orange blooms, enhanced with black outlines. Pair this with your summer maxi skirt or jeggings for a relaxed look while still subtly incorporating the trend. The second trick is to pick pieces that may display this print in small doses with maybe just a hint on the pockets, collar, cuffs or even in the form of a cropped top. You could even do that with your accessories, by using pieces that may resemble a common blossom or could just be a modern interpretation of the same. Floral sneakers can also help you up your style game with ease.

The third way would be to choose different fabrics & interpretations. This mini skirt that I wore, is made of a super soft suedette fabric which is not only super comfortable to wear but also portrays the floral trend in the form of petal shaped cut work details. It may not be the most conventional form to rock the trend but who wants to be conventional anyway? This skirt which is in the ideal summer hue, can be paired with your basic denim shirt for the day or fun top for the night! The last and final way to incorporate this trend would be by picking pieces that don't exactly look floral in the first look. The Blurry Floral print collection at the Veromoda store, replicates just that! So don't be mundane this summer and rock the friendliest summer trend in ways that are novel & eye catchy. 

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Monday, March 7, 2016

A la Chloé

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 photo IMG_0099_zpsx4rybrkx.jpg
 photo IMG_0086_zpset0gqc2x.jpg
 photo IMG_0012_zpst8r6fc7g.jpg
 photo IMG_0056_zpsnv6rt3rl.jpg
Chloé  Drew Bag- Le Mill, Top- Forever21, Skirt- Stalkbuylove, Shoes- Missguided, Watch- Savoy, Sunglasses- Missamore| Location- AKA Restaurant

The temperatures are soaring, the flowers are blooming, the pastel colours are trending and we're back to summer again! With a new season, comes new collections and the one that I'm currently most excited about is the Chloé collection that is now available at Le Mill. I've personally never owned a Chloé bag but I've always admired some of the styles. However, since the last 2 years, the digital & real world is punctuated with the new designs in finishes that are exclusive to them! I was asked to pick one bag and style it in my favourite way from the new collection that is available at Le Mill. I was torn between two of my absolute favourites, the Drew & the Faye. The Drew is available in more colours than one can imagine in suede and leather finishes! The Faye that I loved was a mid-tone brown with an embossed pattern and the reminiscent chain detail. If I were to purchase one of these I would have definitely picked the Faye because I found it more durable but for this look I chose the Drew.

I was tempted to create a fresh look and work with a lighter palette just to suit my current style sensibilities. The gorgeous camel and beige Drew, added just the right definition to this look. There are too many things that I loved about this bag from the first time I spotted it on Instagram, the shape, the gorgeous gold hardware, the colours and the mix of suede and calf leather! The leather patch on the chain handle, makes it super comfortable to wear all day long and the bag holds up more than what I need to carry for a day. Perfect for summer, this essential can be paired with any outfit you can think of and will add the laid back chic Chloé vibe to your ensemble almost instantly! If you've been re-pinning this bag on to your Lust List on Pinterest for months, visit the Le Mill store now and you may find the bag of your dreams! As for me, I'm just going to stare at this beauty for just a little longer. 

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