Monday, February 22, 2016


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Unlike the common assumption, I am rather reckless with my hair. You all by now are rather aware of how often I tend to colour my hair & styling it every now and then is something that is inevitable in my routine. I may be blessed with good hair but really, when it comes to maintaining it, there are too many things I probably don't do right. When I walked into the Kérastase Hair & Scalp Institute a few weeks ago & was asked to make a hair confession. On my way there, I had obviously thought of one confession that I was going to guiltily make. However, when I started going through their placards of confessions- I colour my hair too often, I straighten my hair without a heat protector, I comb my hair when wet, I only get a hair care treatment when I think my hair is in trouble & so on, I found myself knee deep in the unruly things that I've been putting my hair through & I couldn't choose just one! I guess, we all tend to mistreat our hair & keep it devoid of the care that it really needs until of course we experience something extremely drastic! But as they say, there is a light at the end of every tunnel & the new Resistance Thérapiste range launched by Kérastase is here to rescue your hair from utmost damage.

The range is equipped with the power of a unique plant, Myrothamnus Flabellifolia which at Kérastase is referred to as the Resurrection plant and revives damaged hair, lending it hope of a second life! A vascular climbing part, that grows in the worlds most arid regions, the resurrection plant has the unique ability to come back to life by merely coming in contact with water even after under going a near death experience. Kérastase has attempted to replicate this miraculous process by adding key ingredients from this plant into their new range! I obviously wasn't going to just blindly believe this, so I decided to try out one of their rituals using this Thérapiste range. I was asked to choose between 2 rituals & I chose The Keratherapy Ritual, which is an exclusive heat activated protocol, designed to compensate for loss of keratin & reconstruct hair fiber! I walked in with a sensitive scalp due to sun damage & hair fiber that had lost of shine & lustre due to chemical damage and 75 minutes later, I emerged with hair that felt alive and healthier! So if you've tried it all and still struggle with your hair, you certainly don't have to just believe me. You can try out this experience yourself at various salons across India to see this miraculous change. Find the nearest salon here or here!

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Friday, February 12, 2016

Golden Amour

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Dress- Veromoda, Blazer- Veromoda, Shoes- Zara

There's always some amount of pressure to dress up for date nights and that only gets intensified when you're required to put together a look for that globally acclaimed day of love! There are no rules and you could obviously not care and rock your favourite baesics while you gulp down delicious food or dress up in your fancy best for that fine dine date or even a party with the girls or even just read your favourite book in your comfy pyjamas! A few years back, the two targets to hit, while choosing my ensemble for the night were the venue & of course an attempt at dressing to impress the guy! 5 years on, I only dress for myself and thankfully, I'm with a guy who could careless about the outer layer. Most of us lead such crazy, hectic lives that taking a day off seems like such a task even if it's under the pretext of love! The hours of work you'd miss, the number of assignments you could have completed, how your colleague might beat you to that presentation, if these are the things that haunt your mind while you're trying to pretend to relax, time to join workaholics anonymous! I won't lie, I'm kind of on the edge of this syndrome which is why, I've learnt to take these designated special days as an excuse to let my hair down and surprisingly it let's me dance the night away, guilt free. Take my advice and try it this Sunday!

Now about this look! Obviously you've seen the pictures and you know where it's from but I can't refrain from sharing my thought process behind selecting it. So, initially the blazer was really what my mind was set on but I wasn't convinced with just pairing it up with my tightest skinny jeans so I jumped the gun and paired it with this metallic beauty. It's a simple dress, in this gorgeous gold fabric which hugs you in the right places and adds that something special to the night! Anything overtly sparkly can be a bit too much post those NYE parties but a little glimmer won't hurt anyone. I loved the way the rust and subtle gold looked together so I decided to skip the crazy accessories, keeping it simple with a pair snakeskin of black pumps & a red pout. If you still haven't found your outfit yet, check out Veromoda's new spring/summer collection or dig inside that closet! And when you're done, I hope you can you excuse yourself for a few hours and have a wonderful Valentine's Day in the closeness of the people you love. 

Images- Jaina Kumar ; Location- The Might Small Cafe

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016


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Cape, Dress- AllAboutYoubyDP available on Myntra

With online shopping becoming the the coolest way to shop, almost every brand is striving hard to add a touch of sparkle to their collections to weigh out the several others! Myntra's new 'All About You' collection by Deepika Padukone is one such endeavor. I'm bit more strict when judging any of these collections that have celebrity names scribbled on it because I tend to think that the brand just rides on the name & puts the quality to shame. However, I was totally sold by the All About You collection! It's versatile, with trendy as well classic pieces. I got a few items and each one of them was such great quality with the prices being rather economical. Deepika's style transformation is vividly visible through every piece she has picked to be a part of this enormous collection which is bold, quirky, feminine, experimental and has something for every body type & age. 

My style is defined by my moods and you may see me rocking a leather vest one day and an over the top feminine number the other! I shot this look back in December and this gorgeous monochrome cape was the star piece! Not only was the print right up my alley but I absolutely treasured the way it draped around my shoulders adding a casual chic vibe to this gorgeous red lace dress. You will rarely see me wearing a bright red dress but this one just seemed like the ideal piece to compliment the cape! To contradict the feminine vibe, I added a pair of ankle boots & some black sunglasses. Now if the dress isn't your style, pair this cape with your regular blue jeans and tucked in white tee as an alternative or just style it your way because it really is all bout you! So many of you asked me about this outfit when I uploaded a picture on my Instagram as a sneak peek! You can buy these pieces and the rest of the collection exclusively on Myntra

Images by Jaina Kumar

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Friday, February 5, 2016

Treasure House

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Jewellery- TBZ: The Original, Dress- Missamore

TBZ : The Original, recently braced the city with the opening of their 29th store in India! One of the country's foremost names in jewellery & luxury, they celebrated this new space which further enhances their profile as a jewellery retail chain, along with reinforcing their dedication to superior quality, design & service. They very kindly invited me to visit this new store which mainly focuses on bridal & exquisite, one of a kind pieces. The modern, luxurious ambiance of the store, does not overwhelm the age old values of understated elegance & refined taste. The minute you walk into the store you are surrounded by a touch of glamour blended with the feeling of a warm embrace. The collections they display are an amalgamation of innovative and stylish pieces comprising of broad cuffs, cocktail rings, chokers along with a selection of antique gold & temple jewellery, stocking something for everyone! 

After a quick glance at the beautifully spread displays, I was instantly drawn to the fresh designs & the cocktail of precious gems set so intricately in gold. They had a versatile collection of rings going from your dainty ones to the inevitable cocktail rings but what I fancied most was these rings that covered an entire finger, adding a feminine yet opulent vibe. A statement in it's own, these are bound to grab all the eyeballs! And just as I was dreaming of an ideal situation to flaunt these, I was jolted back by one of the salesperson who held in his tray, a stunning cuff that really was something I had never seen before. Designed to perfection & handcrafted, it was definitely a coveted item that every woman would love to add to their collection! And before I could convince myself to walk out of the store, I had to try on this magnificent diamond choker that was staring at me aimlessly. It sat just right on my neck, making even my casual dress look like a million bucks! If you're looking at acquiring one of a kind pieces, you're sure to find some treasures at this splendid new TBZ: The Original store in Bandra. 

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