Thursday, January 21, 2016

Undressing Rooms

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Clothing- ONLY, Nude pumps- Saint Laurent, On my lips- Ririwoo by MAC

January is always the crazy sale month! Until a few years ago, you'd probably spot me at every mall, in every store, striving to grab the best deals, carrying more shopping bags than what my then untoned hands had to handle. However, things are different now. Maybe it's the excess accumulation from back then or just mastering the art of not indulging constantly but I've now become rather choosy about where I step in during the sales. It either has to be something I've been eyeing for months for just the styling factor like, a trench coat! I mean really, Mumbai will rarely give me the chance to flaunt one but the reasoning comes down to, "I might need it when I travel?". If not the unnecessary wants, then it has to be the essentials- jeans, shirts or everyday shoes. Which is why I walked into the Only store, one moody afternoon, to grab some of those can't-do-without essentials and of course while I was at it, I got to playing dress up in the undressing rooms.

Now, if you've walked into a sale before, you know the overwhelming feeling that grips you which, either makes you want to buy everything or makes you want to run away to a beach holiday instead! Been there, done that. That's exactly why, now I always make a mental note of what I'm looking for and try to focus on just that. On this particular day, I was determined to find a pair of ripped black jeans to replace my older ones, a new plaid shirt, a dress for a friend's birthday & maybe a fun hat if it's at a good price! Not only did I check everything off my wishlist, I also found some other pieces at a flat 50% off! So if you're looking at snatching a good bargain while you upgrade your wardrobe, walk into the EOSS at Only before it ends! Happy shopping & don't forget to share your buys with me on Instagram or Twitter!

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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Philips Easy Natural Curler Review

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Philips Easy Natural Curler, Dress- Jabong, On my lips- Kat Von D Lolita, On my nails- LYN Birthday suit

2016 is expected to be all about flaunting your natural hair texture. Now we'd all love that, wouldn't we? It'll let us sleep for 20 minutes longer in the morning! However, the images that go along with every such article, has chic girls flaunting their care free mane, which was most certainly styled and no, they did not wake up like that! So when Philips introduced me to their new Easy Natural Curler, I couldn't wait to try it because it claimed to help you achieve those coveted natural waves. Usually, I try out the tools much before I give you my 2 cents on it but this time around, I tried this device for the first time while we were snapping these pictures. So this one's a first impression/review. 

Like any other Philips tool, this one is compact & extremely easy to use. It comes with visual instructions so that you can imitate exactly, which really does come in handy until you get a hang of it. If you have curled your hair using a straightener before, you'll find it easier to use this. However, every time I tried to do that, I could never achieve this care-free, wavy vibe. I frankly really loved the way my hair looked by the end of it & the best part was that it took me 15 minutes to do it all. So here's what I did to go from plain jane to chic mane!

1) Prep your hair with a hair serum. I slightly blow dried my hair to achieve an even texture and also to attempt tame that unwanted frizz. However, I later realized that the Easy Natural curler can also be used to straighten & curl at the same time.

2) I then started by taking 3-4 centimeter sections and sprayed every section with some hair spray before I inserted it into the hair tool. This step will help in making curl more defined as well as long lasting.

3) Then, pressing the two buttons at the bottom, clip your hair in and then leave the buttons to secure that section.

4) Depending on whether you want inward curls or outward curls, start rotating the device, lightly pulling it downwards.

5) Once you're at the end of that section, you'll be left with a casual curl! 

6) Repeat these steps through your entire hair and voila!

I absolutely loved the way my hair turned out. However, if you're looking at buying a curler, that will give big bouncy curls, this is not for you! This is for someone who likes that casual, Kendall Jenner vibe and doesn't mind spending that extra 15 minutes to keep her mane on fleek. I won't lie, it may take a little getting used to, but the effort will be worth it! I hope this was helpful & if any of you have tried it before or do in the future, do let me know your thoughts on it!

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

In Vogue Eyewear

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 photo NSP_4499_zpsqrqwhtnr.jpg

Most times when I take up a project, I always make sure that, all the boxes of expectations are ticked off before I say yes. However, there are some that get me more excited about the experience than the end result really and of course if the end result is beyond satisfactory, that's just a cherry on top of this glorious cake! This was one such experience. A few months ago, I was invited by Vogue Eyewear to travel down to Delhi for two days, to be a part of the second edition of a fun campaign with some fellow bloggers. Shot at the gorgeous Dusit Devarana, which is where we were staying as well, it was two merry days of interacting with some great people & lusting over Vogue Eyewear's new spring/summer collection!

It's no hidden fact that I love accessories and as a rule of thumb, use them to glam up my outfits on a daily basis! The new Vogue Eyewear collection is a mix of timeless frames & some trendy pieces that one cannot go wrong with. The collection reflects dynamic elegance  along with visionary glamour of modern woman from cross the globe. As a part of the shoot, we were all given a theme to embody & my theme was Timeless. My style is quite feminine and classic with just a hint of edge & hence the theme sounded spot on. During the fittings with stylist Rishi Raj, it took us all 5 minutes to narrow down on this dress & I was rather thrilled because it was my favourite from of all the things I had tried on! For the sunglasses, we went for a square sun shape which symbolizes the multifaceted beauty of understated elegance, exquisitely handrcrafted with touch of Swarovski crystals for the Timeless appeal. 

On the day of the shoot, we started at 9am! The makeup for the shoot was done by one of the best in the industry at the this point, Elton Fernandez! I was beyond excited to see how he works his magic on me so I even woke up early and was on set much before they needed me there. After an hour, I was ready to be captured by Mr. Atul Kasbekar, who for many is the dream photographer & I fall right in the middle of that category. It literally was a dream come true experience & I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the entire team of Vogue Eyewear for making this possible! I hope you guys liked the final images & now, here is some behind the scene footage to entice your curious mind. 

 photo 2d91bb7b-da3a-4f29-a939-26dd447dfaca_zpsjvt8baot.jpg
 photo a2c12eda-d56e-4c10-8846-464e411a016c_zpsbgiu3f0q.jpg
 photo fa867253-3e93-4fec-ac74-ac9f9b6d92d8_zps9xu9rphb.jpg

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Tailored Lines

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Watch- Fossil, Dress- Missguided, Bag- Saint Laurent, Shoes- Saint Laurent, Bracelets- Amrapali & Pipabella, On my lips- Kat Von D Lolita

It's an inherent need to want to make changes as we wipe our slates clean and enter a brand new year! I won't lie, 2015 has by far been one of the most fulfilling years of my life. It may have to do with growing up, just a little or just being able to understand myself like never before. Not only has this year given me a lot materialistically, it has somehow enriched my soul and been an eye opener in more than one way. It's taught me that nothing lasts forever and yet, hope is the only thing that really keeps you going. So with a renewed belief in this immaculate universe, I begin this year with yet another list of resolutions that I am more than determined to accomplish- get in my best shape ever, learn to let go when needed, find a balance between my work & personal needs, make more time for myself and over all just be thankful for everything that is throw my way. As you come along on this journey with me, we'll all see how well these work out!

Now, on to this outfit. In December, I was visiting a pop-up event hosted by Fossil when a watch won me over. I may have every now & then, walked into their store and admired some of the watches for hours but very rarely has something caught my fancy in such a minimalistic way. A watch can add so much to your outfit & secretly whisper something about your persona too. The Tailor watch with a grey dial, rose gold accents & an army green strap looked like a combination I had never seen before. A simple design yet so alluring, this watch can go from day to night & season to season. Pair it with your casual weekend outfits, your formal work outfits or even a sparkly night out dress. When you're looking for quick fixes to look impeccably dressed, this is just the perfect accessory to grab & go. I was on my way for a couple of important meetings so I decided to put on a sleek look with this navy tuxedo dress & classic accessories. It's impossible for this classic combination to fail you & the watch just made it all better. Next time you're around a Fossil store, give this piece a browse and tell me if I was wrong in being so infatuated by it! Besides that, here's wishing all of you a very Happy 2016! May you achieve what you crave most.  

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