Thursday, December 31, 2015

Hola Amanté!

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 photo 5dc03abc-fde2-48ef-8896-137b5f9b35f0_zpsz0adk0qy.jpg
 photo 3c620083-019d-4fd4-ad10-b023ac753b85_zpst3m6ta9a.jpg
 photo 20de4bde-ee01-4fe8-b69f-493c0b4fa4da_zpszd0abzow.jpg
 photo bad4e69a-dc97-43a1-87b9-c1608969588e_zpsi89hxtul.jpg

Amanté launched it's very first stand alone store earlier this month at Viviana Mall, Thane. The brand entered the Indian market back in 2007 & managed to establish a loyal clientele through their online presence which made the store an inevitable step. I was invited to be a part of the launch & was more than delighted to join the party. Along with their classic lingerie collection, this international brand also launched a premium range of their sleepwear, swimwear & sportswear! The store design & interiors in signature shades of ivory & pink defines the brand's legacy worldwide defining the space as an ideal place to shop for the most intimate & essential components of a woman's wardrobe. Amanté strives to provide the modern woman with comfort, fashion & sensuality. The highlights of the store include not only their latest & exclusive capsule collections but also comfortable fitting zones, spacious changing rooms & plush for leisurely shopping. Passionate and uncompromising with their brand experience, international design & styling have been the focus of the collections. 

Their lingerie collection was definitely on point but I personally was quite impressed  by their swimwear & sportswear collection. I find it so hard to find stylish looking pieces when it comes to these categories but am always left disappointed due to the lack of availability. I either end up buying them online which almost always leaves me on the edge about the fit or make do with the accessible options. So to see such a wide range at a store left me rather ecstatic.
I tried on several pieces and found it almost impossible to pick among them but I was fairly partial to their lace lingerie collection! I also had a meet & greet at the store on the same which was such a fun experience because I got the chance to meet some of you lovely people. Thank you so much for those of you who dropped in & for those of you who haven't been to the store yet, don't forget to drop in the next time you're at Viviana Mall and check out their gorgeous & extensive collection and for those of you who are not from Mumbai, you can shop from their website until a store hits your town! 

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Nude Delight

 photo STYLDRV_7017_zpse9gsa1dv.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_7030_zpsjyj8xpbv.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_7115_zpsrhwgto7m.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_7039_zpst6rnc3wn.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_7029_zpsvu7oiyqz.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_7057_zpsabmcxnn4.jpg
Dress- Marquee by VEROMODA, Shoes- Missguided, Cuff- H&M, On my lips- MAC Ririwoo| Location- Khar Social

As we get closer to the end of 2015, it's almost a reflex to look back at the events and reflect on this insane year of extremities with the highest highs & lowest lows. This year has been a game changer for many and a heart breaker for many all over the globe & although I've had my fair share of both, I've only emerged stronger & more grounded. I've learnt that your life, is the best teacher. You can't learn from anyone else's experiences, you can't fulfill your wishes while you constantly weigh them against someone else's & you certainly can't win a race if you don't remember to sometimes put those blinders on. To be content is such a difficult feeling to achieve in this modern day world, it comes so rarely & fades so quickly. I have strived this year to achieve this balance and try to keep this feeling more constant & I will continue to do so in 2016!

Now let's get to this outfit. The final part of this year's Marquee by Veromoda collection hit the stores earlier this month. Unlike the last two segments, this one is devoid of colour but full of glitz & glamour. Rich gold hues, gold beading & embroidery are constellated on to the fabric to make a bold and sophisticated fashion statement. I chose this gorgeous, fitted  dress which is perfectly balanced with a simple nude top & a heavily sequinned bottom. I paired this opulent dress with a pair of rose gold lace ups and a classic red pout. When styling a piece like this, go easy on the accessories & let the dress do the talking. Besides this, I also am eyeing this stunning embellished white dress & this nude lace cape. What's your favourite piece from the Marquee collection? Also, this collection is limited edition so if you love a piece, grab it before it's gone!

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Monday, December 21, 2015

BeeJewelled Soirée

 photo STYLDRV_6851_zpshxeelstl.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_6659_zps2vvoziqo.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_6742_zpsebjrswsg.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_-6702_zps6a0cr0ll.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_6640_zpsuaafbt8d.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_6812_zpsma7wjut3.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_6792_zpsmnhtoloz.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_6732_zpsudxldo65.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_6824_zpsfqlze6ug.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_6806_zpsftaehxwd.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_6663_zps6dioihpt.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_6720_zpsexodk5vo.jpg            photo STYLDRV_6673_zpskv6kzkau.jpg
Jewellery- BeeJewelled Collection by CaratLane, Dress- TFNC, Cape- Missguided, Shoes- Missguided| Location- Khar Social

We have seen several fashion fads & collections that have taken inspiration from our very own mother nature and turned it into something that not only looks exquisite but also has a story behind it. Be it the galaxy prints that were all the rage a couple of years ago, the now classic floral prints or even the ombre trend! They are all replications of sights we've grown up watching & for some reason I always get excited to see the different perceptions & takes of people in material form, through their finished product! So, when CaratLane introduced me to their new BeeJewelled collection, I was rather keen on seeing the pieces up close and inevitably comparing it's resemblance to it's inspiration! The collection includes dainty pieces in the form or rings, earrings, pendants & necklaces handcrafted in 18K Gold and punctuated perfectly with some sparkly diamonds. The inspiration behind the collection was of course the Honeycomb, a marvel of symmetry & function at the highest level; created by the honeybee, nature's finest craftsmen. The designs are so unique and versatile, these definitely are conversation starters. They are delicate yet statement making which makes them ideal for everyday wear or to add that special something, to those gleeful soirées.

I had a hard time picking out my favourites for this shoot. I wanted to go for a feminine & festive look, something that I maybe would be donning in the next few days of December. I chose a colour scheme that best complimented my vibe; a good mix of light & dark. For jewellery, I started with these Remi droplet earrings which were intently staring at me. I absolutely loved the design as well as the simplicity of it & I couldn't ignore the fact that they went ideally with my outfit! I then threw on the Aina Deep twist ring & Eira Sparkle ring  to add small doses of glitz. And finally to add that last thread, I  went with the dainty Liri Wave pendant. When I was content with my choice of jewellery, I moved on to these rose gold lace ups that I recently acquired & pulled the whole look together with a burgundy pout. I had an amazing time shooting for these images & was so happy with the way it turned out as it resonated with my train of thoughts perfectly. I love the mix of the modern &  retro vibe, which  kind of mimics the collection itself. What do you guys think of the collection and this look?

Images by Jaina Kumar

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Sharp Lines

 photo STYLDRV_6885_zpsiwmcup1b.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_6984_zpsturnat9k.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_6967_zpsrehu0cqr.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_6929_zpsf7k3sj87.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_6908_zpsc3ueyxkg.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_6981_zpsqdj8cyfo.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_6925_zpsc6pxyqv9.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_6994_zpsfkeq8fth.jpg
Jumpsuit & Blazer- ONLY, Sunglasses- Karen Walker, Necklace- Ritika Sachdeva, Shoes- Zara, On my lips- Christian Dior | Location- Khar Social 

So last month, I shot a look very similar to this and was rather pleased with it, until the hard drive decided to swallow up every bit of the existing 750 GB data including the images, leaving no clues or ways to retrieve them. It started with a little hope but when the hardware guy gave up, we were forced to too. So after the numerous angry surges of 'why does this happen to me?', I got back to my senses and decided to just shoot it again. However, as it turns out, my style mood was very different last month. Let's test your imagination. The look I shot last month, included a navy blue culottes jumpsuit, very similar to this black one, which I layered with a printed navy and chrome long shirt, my beloved tan hat & my YSL bag, shot in the beautiful golden hour among-st the gorgeousness of nature. And although that seemed to be my look back then, now, it's different. 

This time around, when I attempted to style a culotte jumpsuit, which mind you is the only jumpsuit you should be rocking right now, I went a completely different route. I chose this black version with a slight dip around the chest and paired it with a structured cobalt blazer. I love blazers, something about them just spells sharp lines. It can make any outfit look more put together, well thought off and not to forget, appealing. You could obviously pair this jumpsuit with your favourite blazer and call it day! For the rest of the look, I added some strappy heels to add a variation to the black tones, a silver necklace that I've worn too many times already and a bright pink lip because everyone else is stuck with nudes & burgundy! The Universe played along by providing us with a contradictory yet complementary background and before we knew it, we had recreated what the hard drive swallowed. So what do you think? Do you like this look or the one that you imagined? Don't forget to tell me in the comments below or on Twitter or Instagram

Images by Jaina Kumar

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Wednesday, December 9, 2015


 photo STYLDRV_8170-2_zpsc9xoctra.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_8221_zpsybxt319y.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_8169-2_zpsz11gr3v9.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_8130-2_zpsadasndr7.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_-8188_zpstv4pgeht.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_8124-2_zpss3k8sxst.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_8181-2_zpsvmaglogi.jpg
 photo 70ea3285-fbd9-4002-b21c-22fd44a306e6_zpsucyzmtu3.jpg
 photo STYLDRV_8151-2_zpsvgkehvta.jpg
Dress- St.Frock, Cardigan- Zara, Watch- GUESS, Sunglasses- Miu Miu, Shoes- Saint Laurent, Bag- DVF

It's been such a pleasure to be a part of the Guess Access blog and share my style with so many people all over the globe. This is the latest post I created for them. I hope you guys enjoy the pictures and do check out the Guess Access Blog to get acquainted with so many new bloggers.

Images by Jaina Kumar

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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Modern Muse

 photo SD-0153_zpsuxtkkf0v.jpg
 photo SD-0068_zpsa0dq2xta.jpg
 photo SD-0060_zpsrlt62ab4.jpg
 photo SD-0127_zpsmzqtwofl.jpg
 photo SD-0073_zpsveta2diu.jpg
 photo SD-0110_zpsa4hwdesi.jpg
 photo SD-0053_zpsbizqqlin.jpg
 photo SD-0193_zpslxiwzcxg.jpg
 photo SD-0207_zps2ymob8ne.jpg
 photo SD-0066_zpsvadhtkzj.jpg
 photo SD-0002_zpsnu9vevz0.jpg
Perfume- Estee Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge, Dress- Koovs, Shoes- Steve Madden, Earrings- Fancypants| Location- Asilo, Mumbai|
 Foundation- Estee Lauder Double Wear, On My Lips- Pure Colour Envy Lip Potion in Lethal Red,  On my nails- Pure Colour Nail Lacquer in Envious

I always associate perfumes with memories. One sniff and it takes me right back to that moment, one that I'd wish to cherish forever and relive every time possible. I also agree, that your perfume acts as an extension to your personality, defining the role you play in the memories of others. Which is why, I am always so particular about the scents I pick for myself, as I want them to recite a story untold. A little inside secret, unaltered by the obvious, exterior surface; it's a part of you that can be displayed when you're comfortable enough to do so. I have an affinity for perfumes & I won't lie, there is one allocated to every recurring mood. The happy perfume, the confident perfume, the sexy perfume, the pick me up perfume, you name it, I've got it. Sometimes, I let my feelings decide on which one I 'd want to wear, the other times, I let my perfume lead me the way it wants. It's mind boggling to think, how much of a difference a little bottle of complex formulas can make to your ever changing vibe, adding a punctuation to your look, a finishing touch while making you feel like a new person, every time.

I tried the original Modern Muse perfume last year and instantly fell for the atypical notes. It was very different from the scents I already had in my collection so I obliged & added it to the every growing collection. This year, I was introduced to the Le Rouge version of it & the red edition of the bottle excited me a little. I won't lie, the first time I gave it a sniff, a feminine exuberance embraced me. What started being a predominately floral scent, faded into a fascinating, modern mix of floral and fruity. The brand describes it as an extroverted, glamorous, sophisticated scent and I'd say that's putting it quite precisely. When planning for this shoot, I wanted my outfit and my mood to depict just that, which is why I went for this glamorous and subtly sexy lace dress, paring it with statement earrings and a bold, red lip and being captured by the love of life was the cherry on the cake, making it another distinct memory. I personally think that this is a scent most women will like, some off the bat, some will need getting used to, but in the end it will be a special one. Give it a sniff, the next time you have access to it and maybe like me, you may just find your new favourite scent!

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