Sunday, November 1, 2015

Cobalt Chaos

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Dress- ONLY, Shoes- Steve Madden, Earrings- Pipabella, On my lips- Maybelline Velvet Matte No.6

You know sometimes being in a profession where you're constantly expected to be in touch through the different modes of social media, can be a bit overwhelming. By no means is this counted as me complaining! I've been doing this for close to 5 years and by now you'd think that I'd have a schedule, a routine, a list of guidelines for every bug that needs to be fixed but the thing is, no two days are alike. I work with different people every day, interact with so many of you for the first time and although most times I get to see the good side of people, there are some who don't fail to remind me that pricks still exist. So, how do you separate the noise from what really matters? I, frankly have no idea, which is why, everyday is a new day, a new lesson, a new beginning. Sometimes, I miss the times when blogging was literally just me sharing my personal outfits, showing you guys the things that I'm really loving, interacting only through comments & emails, the simplicity of that situation is what I often crave. I don't think I started doing this because I aimed to earn money through this or garner fame or even get into this intimidating fashion industry and I think that's why I've made it so far. It's important to be in touch with yourself in a way that you're your own boss and not just in a Nasty Gal kinda way! 

It's strange, but I have come across people who can't even make the decision of what colour they want on their nails unless they are reassured by 5 other people at a salon! I mean really? How difficult is it? Make your choice and stick to it, no matter what. I don't see people caring about their own opinions anymore because they are more concerned about what others would think of it. If I were to ask you, to tell me 5 things that you like to do, can you list down at least 3 that don't involve anyone else in your life being a part of it? If yes, that's awesome and if not, take a step back, find yourself! It's ironical for a girl who earns her living from social media and the internet to ask people to actually step back from it and spend some time on themselves but I'm doing this because, I feel the need to do it myself so why not share my thoughts? I mean that's essentially why I started this blog. The only thing that motivated me to get dressed, do my makeup and make it to this terrace for a shoot despite having soar legs from the previous day's workout and a bad cold, was being able to capture some good shots of the ethereal sunset! So what happens when you reach there and the sun decides to take a rain check? You put on a bolder lipstick to match your bright dress and you do what you got there to do anyway! And this is really how life is. It's almost never as you'd like it to be, it has a mind of it's own & it's best you find a way to work around it. So take a night off, clear your head while you let your hair down at the mystery bash, One Night ONLY later this month. Great company, feet thumping music & a night to make some fun memories that will be posted in your mind forever. 

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