Sunday, November 29, 2015


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Dress- Marquee by VEROMODA, Shoes- Dolce & Gabbana, Ring- Just Jewellery, Cuff- Atelier Mon, On my nails- Greige by Bobbi Brown, On my lips- Ririwoo by Mac

The past few weeks have been quite a lull for me. If you bother to follow me on my social media accounts, it may seem like I'm constantly up to something but my mind has been completely defocused. Every time I turn on my computer with the intention to work, unknowingly an order on a website is placed for things I may or may not need instead. From sheer retail distractions, I have now found some relief in cooking and delving into new books.With an almost constant state of disorientation hugging me, I've been trying to get back to routine but it's almost like my body & mind are not in sync and I don't see them complying anytime soon. I continue the attempt to do my jobs as required, sometimes, just scraping through the final deadline. I've spent endless hours in the past few days, reasoning with myself, trying to fathom what's going on, only to fail miserably. So I've given up and decided to just focus on work, as a result of which this blog post has finally gone up!

I shot this look back in October & since have been waiting to share it with you guys. This gorgeous, well fitted dress, works like a dream for my frame. Any skater silhouette is well appreciated by my pear body type and this was going to be no exception. I even fell for this abstract pattern in the perfect winter hues. I styled the dress with some pieces of jewellery, my current favourite black pumps, a bold red pout to compliment the red in the dress and some fluttery lashes. Besides this number, the Red Velvet collection in the Marquee section at VeroModa includes elegant dresses and some daring numbers like this thigh high slit dress which off the bat, reminded me of Kendall Jenner. The other half of this month's dose of Marquee includes coherent geometric embroidered patterns in imperial blue with sterling sequins justifying the name the Royal Enchantment. With hues like green, cream, white, red, blue and black having already shown their prominence in the parts of the collection that has so far hit the stores, I can't wait to see what December has to bring! Also, this has totally put me in the mood for Christmas and New Year, already. Don't even get me started on how 2015 has disappeared into thin air! Hope you have a good week & make the most of what is left of this year of extremities.

Images by Jaina Kumar

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Easy Everyday Curls

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Styling tools- Philips, Shirt- Zara

I get a lot of questions about my hair on all my social media accounts, ranging from hair care to styling, so today, I decided to take care of one of those mane topics! I follow this styling routine twice a week, preferably half a day after I've washed my hair. It's a super easy and quick process that leaves me with frizz free hair and natural looking curls! I use three Philips products step-by-step and they work exceptionally well in unison. It may sound time consuming but it doesn't take longer than 20 minutes and my hair stays like this for close to 2 days with some obvious help from hair spray! I've reviewed each of these stylers in detail before so if you're interested you can read more on the Kerashine Air Straightener, the Glam Styler or even the Selfie Straightener. And once you're done, let's get started!

- Start with air dried hair. You could even do this with freshly washed hair but I've found that my hair is less frizzy if I let it air dry first. 

- I start by using either the L'oreal Mythic Oil or The Moroccan oil and then using the Philips Air Straightener, I quickly brush my hair in place. This removes whatever little frizz is left in my hair and preps it for the next step. This styler, which looks like an over sized hair brush, is a much convenient way to blow dry and it's definitely a lot less tedious than using the traditional blow drier.

- Next, I grab my Glam Styler. This is the product that helps me achieve, natural looking waves/curls. I have fairly long hair but because of the size of this tool, it helps me wrap my hair around it perfectly and works like a dream. 

- I divide my hair into 1.5 inch sections and spray some hair spray on each section before wrapping it around the Glam Styler. This I've noticed, makes the curl more defined and long lasting.

- I avoid curling the front most section of my hair and instead use the Selfie Straightener to causally straighten it into place. This straightener is so tiny and hence you can use it on precise sections to create the desired effect. 

- Once I'm done, I quickly run the Smoothening cream from Bedhead by Tigi through the bottom half of my hair. 

And that's it! It's a routine I have come up with after several trial and errors but I am so glad that I found it. This may work for you or it may not depending on your hair type and climatic conditions. I live in a humid place and this works rather well so it may work even better if you live in drier climates. All of these Philips tools and extremely easy to use which makes it easier to style my hair at home! And I don't know about you guys but my confidence goes up a notch if I know my hair looks rather perfect. Do try this out and let me know if works for you.

Images by Jaina Kumar

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Autumn Vibes

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Skirt, top, vest- Femina FLAUNT, Shoes- River Island, Baq- Femina FLAUNT

Mumbai doesn't really experience an extreme winter phase but the light during this time of the year is my favourite. The golden tinge is just so comforting and instantly makes me feel more peaceful. I love taking inspiration from these shades that surround us constantly and sometimes draw them into the outfits I put together. Anything rust, camel, white or nude has been falling under my fashion lust radar the past few months so it was inevitable that this would transcend on the blog at some point. Last week when I visited the Shoppers Stop store in Juhu here in Mumbai for the launch of the Femina FLAUNT brand, I was instantly drawn to these pieces. The brand focuses on a chic range of products ranging from clothes to accessories to casual shoes. The styles are modern, in an array of autumn hues- shades of grey, walnut, coffee with accents of mustard, rust and berry. From accentuated work wear to casual basics to evening dress & sparkle, the current collection looks rather promising.

For this look, I decided to start with this gorgeous white, bohemian top with beautiful embroidery and tassel details. There is something so refreshing about wearing white during this time of the year and I loved the intricate detailing on the top. I then picked out this basic, black contouring skirt to balance out the billowy top half. This skirt is such a great basic to have in your wardrobe as you can dress it with a shirt and blazer for a work look or turn it around and wear it from the zipper side, like I did, for a casual look or with a sparkly top for a going out look. And then for my love for rust, I layered with this unstructured vest which instantly made the outfit more autumnal! You can visit select Shoppers Stop outlets to give the entire collection a glance or you could even get a sneak peak on the Shoppers Stop website! I hope you guys enjoyed this look and to see more daily outfits & updates, make sure to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (Username- Styledrive).

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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Cobalt Chaos

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Dress- ONLY, Shoes- Steve Madden, Earrings- Pipabella, On my lips- Maybelline Velvet Matte No.6

You know sometimes being in a profession where you're constantly expected to be in touch through the different modes of social media, can be a bit overwhelming. By no means is this counted as me complaining! I've been doing this for close to 5 years and by now you'd think that I'd have a schedule, a routine, a list of guidelines for every bug that needs to be fixed but the thing is, no two days are alike. I work with different people every day, interact with so many of you for the first time and although most times I get to see the good side of people, there are some who don't fail to remind me that pricks still exist. So, how do you separate the noise from what really matters? I, frankly have no idea, which is why, everyday is a new day, a new lesson, a new beginning. Sometimes, I miss the times when blogging was literally just me sharing my personal outfits, showing you guys the things that I'm really loving, interacting only through comments & emails, the simplicity of that situation is what I often crave. I don't think I started doing this because I aimed to earn money through this or garner fame or even get into this intimidating fashion industry and I think that's why I've made it so far. It's important to be in touch with yourself in a way that you're your own boss and not just in a Nasty Gal kinda way! 

It's strange, but I have come across people who can't even make the decision of what colour they want on their nails unless they are reassured by 5 other people at a salon! I mean really? How difficult is it? Make your choice and stick to it, no matter what. I don't see people caring about their own opinions anymore because they are more concerned about what others would think of it. If I were to ask you, to tell me 5 things that you like to do, can you list down at least 3 that don't involve anyone else in your life being a part of it? If yes, that's awesome and if not, take a step back, find yourself! It's ironical for a girl who earns her living from social media and the internet to ask people to actually step back from it and spend some time on themselves but I'm doing this because, I feel the need to do it myself so why not share my thoughts? I mean that's essentially why I started this blog. The only thing that motivated me to get dressed, do my makeup and make it to this terrace for a shoot despite having soar legs from the previous day's workout and a bad cold, was being able to capture some good shots of the ethereal sunset! So what happens when you reach there and the sun decides to take a rain check? You put on a bolder lipstick to match your bright dress and you do what you got there to do anyway! And this is really how life is. It's almost never as you'd like it to be, it has a mind of it's own & it's best you find a way to work around it. So take a night off, clear your head while you let your hair down at the mystery bash, One Night ONLY later this month. Great company, feet thumping music & a night to make some fun memories that will be posted in your mind forever. 

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