Sunday, October 4, 2015


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Clothing & accessories- Lifestyle, On my lips- Pink Nouveau by Mac

I've been blogging for longer than I can remember and in all these years, I have always stayed away from conducting meet ups because I live in the constant fear of , "What if no one turned up?". I mean I am always flattered to know how many of you appreciate my sense of style but I don't take myself that seriously and hence the hesitance. Last month however, I decided to shed my inhibition and gave this meet up idea a go! And I now feel so incredibly foolish to have delayed it for this long. Not only was it incredible to meet some of you but it was also an amazing experience. So thank you so much Lifestyle for making this possible and more gratitude towards all the people who took the time out from college, school, work & dropped in to say Hi!

While I was in the Lifestyle store during the day of the meet up, I discovered so many trendy pieces from a lot of their in-house brands as well as some high street brands that they stock. I decided to take note of some obvious trends and report back to you guys! The very first trend that I couldn't miss was Denim. It was prevalent across all brands, in every style that you could imagine. If you follow me on Snapchat, you probably saw the gorgeous Denim maxi I wore to the event and felt completely in sync! I also noticed a lot of dark florals, plenty of deeper hues like navy & marsala, monochromatic prints as well as bohemian inspired pieces. These trends didn't end at clothes and were in fact extended to even the accessories and shoes. 

I could not leave the store without picking up a few pieces, so I decided to create a look from some of my favourite items. For this look, the star piece was this scarf print skirt in my current favourite hues. There is something about a good midi skirt that I cannot say no to! I paired it with a classic, Chinese collar blouse and played it up with some bohemian accessories. These tassel earrings mixed with some statement gold cuffs, a fringe bag and simple sunglasses made ideal picks for this look. If you're feeling any of these trends or pieces, they are all available at affordable prices at a Lifestyle near you! Don't forget to tell me what you thought of this look and what is your current favourite trend?

Images by Jaina Kumar

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