Monday, July 27, 2015

Work Mode

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There are certain situations that call for a specific attire to be in place and interviews/work places are definitely one of them! Not only are you required to be dressed appropriately but you also have to dress to impress. My stint in a actual work place was rather short but I do get a lot of email from several of you asking me to give you tips on dressing appropriately for work or that first interview. There are many basic outfits that are rather fool proof when it comes to work places but it's essential that you build your wardrobe with pieces that can be mixed and matched so that you don't feel defeated by your clothes every morning! So here are few tips and a list of some pieces that you should update your collection with if you're all set to enter a full-time job.

This is such an essential in any work wardrobe. Not only will it instantly make the outfit look more put together, it also adds to that formal vibe. Pair it with trousers or a fitted dress and you'd be all set. I recommend stocking up on colours like black, navy and beige. If your work place is a bit more lenient, throw in an occasional Khaki. It's also important that you look for a good fit. A blazer that is too big or small won't work as effectively.

Cigarette Trousers
I find these to be the most flattering when it comes to work pants. They are sleek and well fitted, stylish and appropriate. Play around with the colours and pin stripes in the neutral zone and pair them with well fitted shirts. Again a good fit is key. Make sure that the trouser is fitted in the right places yet forgiving enough to accommodate a day's work. The length should be just below your ankles. 

Pencil Skirts
These are my favourite! Feminine yet work appropriate, pencil skirts are so versatile. Pair them with shirts or blouses and a blazer to create that authoritative look. Not only are these ideal for work, you can switch up the top for a simple tank top for a post work party!

This is a no brainer. Stock up on as many good ones as you can as they will form the basis of pretty much every outfit. Play with colours and prints to infuse some fun in your outfits. Light pink, purple and burgundy would add a fresh feel to the ensemble. A new floral print could work wonders too!

A pair of simple black pumps and a comfortable pair of flats are an absolute must have! Heels may be essential for those important meetings but that doesn't mean you have to struggle with them all day. Throw in a pair in your drawer at work and switch in and out of them as and when you require them. Invest in a pair of flats that are simple, will fit into every look and will help you comfortably get through the long days!

At the end of the day, if you look good, you'll feel good and not only will that better your performance but you may inspire your colleagues to put in that extra effort too! If you know of someone who is the best dressed at your work place, nominate them in Van Heusen's Most Fashionable Professional contest! The winner will be featured in some of India's leading magazine and will get a wardrobe makeover from Van Heusen! You can read about how to participate here. So what are you waiting for? There are only a few days left before this contest ends, so go ahead and nominate some of your best dressed colleagues.

(Images by Jaina Kumar)

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