Thursday, July 2, 2015

Style Conversation with WRISTWOOD

 photo ccb272e3-5d92-4a1c-99b3-6a1909526d1d_zpsnzhcf3uc.jpg
 photo d519fa1d-8c1b-4c64-bf9a-b9208c491fa3_zpsmq0mgu78.jpg
 photo 5b9e63be-2837-44a9-b18c-c263ddb5bc23_zpsbpcxelz8.jpg
 photo fcb22eec-c20f-4d16-b6a8-747e73fd8b45_zpsoudxocsl.jpg
 photo 68474071-b84c-49b8-bb92-d6854e816b97_zps6du0balo.jpg
 photo 63f992aa-91a8-4103-a9a3-1d27fe2a283a_zpsllxi7feq.jpg
 photo 04bbedeb-c89b-4df2-81f6-8454b7bfba64_zpsekb3nasz.jpg
Watch- WRISTWOOD, Outfit- VeroModa, Vest- Forever21, Shoes- Aldo

There is always a surge of curiosity and excitement that is attached to novelty be it in someone's appearance, a new take on an old hack or refreshing twist to something as quintessential as a watch! Last month I shot some images for WRISTWOOD which is all set to launch their unisex watches, handcrafted using black sandalwood from Indonesia. Light weight & distinctive, this one is definitely the perfect conversation starter & could also be a fun gift for someone with a keen admiration for watches. Not only are the people back at style conscious, they are also up with with their ways of giving back to nature, who they consider their true source of inspiration. For every watch that they make, they plant more trees returning to nature the resource used! What do you guys think of this one? Personally, it's a distinctive piece to own and I love the way it pairs with the earthy tones! 

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