Friday, July 10, 2015

RS by Rocky Star

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The high street market is at it's competitive best which works ideally for us consumers! With the launch of so many new international brands catering to a similar consumer base, renewing strategies & coming up with new ideas has become essential for the local brands! Be it through their presentation & keeping up with international trends or launching a quirky new line in collaboration with established designers, these brands are doing everything they can to make sure your attention is not swayed! Shoppers Stop has been around for as long as I can remember and they have made it through all the highs and lows of the ever changing consumer temperament, emerging stronger than ever! The chain is now all set to present to you, a brand new line RS by Rocky Star, designed & carefully curated by the designer himself. They very kindly invited me to get a sneak peek of the collection which is available online as well as in all Shoppers Stop outlets in Mumbai. 

The designer stayed true to his aesthetics while creating the line and that is clearly visible at the first glance. This collection consists of clothing for men and women as well as bags, wallets, shoes & deodorants for both. Most of what was displayed from the women's clothing line consisted of deeper plain hues, classic designs & good quality fabrics! He has taken special measures to give every piece that luxury feel to resonate with his philosophy. My favorite was definitely this classic navy bat wing shirt which can be paired in more ways than one can ever imagine. The accessories complimented the collection perfectly and I saw hints of some prints to create that perfectly balanced look. The box clutches caught my fancy and I was all set to take this golden snakeskin beauty home with me! When asked which was his favourite piece, the designer joked saying "How can I pick? I designed them all so I love them all equally". All in all it's definitely worth visiting the store and getting a piece that not only has a designer's name attached to it but is also well worth the bucks you spend! 

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