Thursday, July 2, 2015

Palm Print

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Dress- Limeroad, Necklace- Limeroad, Loafers- Limeroad, Location- Light House Cafe

This dress is definitely one of my favourite online finds in a while! The minute I saw it on Limeroad, I knew I had to get hold of it. In fact I even created a look in my Style scrapbook using this dress & I am so glad I actually was able to finally wear it. Limeroad is a fantastic place to find so many trendy pieces from various sellers at jaw dropping prices. Since they invited me to join the Style Council, I have been constantly hooked on to the website! Be it creating looks for my scrapbook or just getting to see so many versatile pieces from brands that I wouldn't even know existed if not for their presence on Limeroad. The Style scrapbook feature is such an exciting addition to website. You can join in and create virtual looks using all the items available on the website along with some of that creative imagination. You can even add graphics to your looks using the pre-designed options available. The editors on Limeroad, pick interesting looks everyday and feature them on the product pages and if someone buys a product after seeing your look, you earn credit points which you can then redeem for shopping on the website! So for me it's a complete win win because creating those looks literally works as a stress buster and when my looks get featured, I even get to shop for free with all those credit points! You can join in the fun too. All you have to do is sign up, create your profile & let those creative juices flow. Unveil the stylist in you & earn credit while doing so! 

(Images by Jaina Kumar)

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