Friday, July 31, 2015

Fly Away

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Dress- VOI Jeans, Shirt- VOI Jeans, Bag & Sunglasses- VOI Jeans, Shoes- Vaph, Necklace- Colaba

Now here'a brand that's a lot like me. I have never one to follow the norm or do things just because they were expected out of me. Whether it was choice of my career( becoming a fashion blogger when very few people in India even understood the concept) or expressing myself through clothes, I always did things my way. So when I discovered VOI Jeans, and their sense of style, I instantly identified with it. Their clothes define who they are- as someone who isn't a part of crowd. In other words, they unblend. Inspired by their philosophy, I decided to do some unblending myself. 

What makes your style unique & personal are the little details & knick knacks you add to your every day outfits to make it your own. Be it the kind of jeans you like, the accessories you adore or the shoes you choose! So when it came to this outfit, I decided to tweak it to my liking & have it suit my style. This form-fitting stripped dress from VOI Jeans is definitely a great basic, engineered to fit those who love alternative styles. Team it with a denim jacket on one day, with a nude vest  on another or layer it under a maxi skirt the third time, there are one too many ways to rock this piece. I decided to tuck in the sleeves and convert it into a tube dress for this particular look so that not only could it look more flattering on me but also let me conveniently don my silver choker necklace. I then layered it with this shirt dress which I again, decided to wear as over sized outerwear instead of it's ideal use. Simple tan oxfords, statement sunglasses & a trendy stripped back pack completed this casual, chic look. 

What do you guys think of this look & do tell me what you do to make your style more personal? And for those of you who still haven't stepped out of the box, it's time to unblend! 

(Images by Jaina Kumar)

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