Friday, July 17, 2015

Bargain Gains

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It's that time of the year yet again! Every store is on sale which has left everyone and their mother itching to grab the best bargains. Most people love visiting their favourite stores and snagging items that they have been eyeing for months at less than half the price which pretty much makes it worth the wait. However, I do know a few people who loathe the idea of shopping during the sales due to manic crowd & occasional snatching. I too, sometimes get rather overwhelmed by the situation and leave empty handed! That's only until I figured out a few tricks to make sure that I am making the most of discounts. I recently dropped in at the VeroModa store to get a peek at what's for grabs and here's how I went about it and you should too if you're keen on getting the best buys!

- Look for classic items. A pair of blue jeans, a white button that is better quality that your average, a classic black blazer or an everyday handbag. These items will last in your wardrobe for a really long time and if you end up getting them on sale, you'll love telling everyone the envious story of how much you scored it for! 

- Do your research and look for pieces that have not only been in trend this season but will also be the rage next season! For example, fringe has been a huge trend this summer and is all set to rock the fall/winter collections at every store! So, why not grab a few pieces that fit the bill and your pocket? 

- Now's the perfect time to replace your basics! A simple white tee, a stripped tank top or black palazzo pants, if you're keen on replacing the basics you currently have because they have worn out completely due to the number of times you've worn them, now's the time to make the switch! You'll find a ton of these at jaw dropping prices!

- Grab that statement piece. I have been eyeing a stunning sequins dress from VeroModa for over two months now and although it was probably the best dress I had seen in a while, I  wasn't willing to spend do much on a piece I'd rarely wear! Lucky for me, I found at 50% off. So keep your eyes open for those embellished pieces or leather jackets or coats that would usually cost you a bomb!

- Bring out the stylist in you. I love browsing through Pinterest for styling ideas as well as images of combinations and trends from the fashion shows of various talented designers. Sometimes I have similar items in my closet to recreate the look but when I don't, I bookmark the piece in my head and look for it while shopping during the sales. For example, I loved the combination of burgundy and mango yellow at Roksanda's show and I found the perfect blazer at the VeroModa store to help me recreate it!

- One can never have enough accessories and personally I thin they can make or break an outfit! Be it sunglasses, scarves, jewellery, handbags or shoes, I keep my eyes pierced to find the best of them at prices that could match street shopping! 

- I wouldn't necessarily call myself a miser but I do take this opportunity to buy presents for my close friends & family. Be it a watch or a pair of sunglasses or even a perfume, I make sure to save myself some money while making sure they do get what they want!

So there, all my secrets for shopping in the sale are not out! Hope this helps you clear the chaos in your mind while shopping this weekend and help you focus on all the right buys. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. 

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