Friday, July 31, 2015

Fly Away

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Dress- VOI Jeans, Shirt- VOI Jeans, Bag & Sunglasses- VOI Jeans, Shoes- Vaph, Necklace- Colaba

Now here'a brand that's a lot like me. I have never one to follow the norm or do things just because they were expected out of me. Whether it was choice of my career( becoming a fashion blogger when very few people in India even understood the concept) or expressing myself through clothes, I always did things my way. So when I discovered VOI Jeans, and their sense of style, I instantly identified with it. Their clothes define who they are- as someone who isn't a part of crowd. In other words, they unblend. Inspired by their philosophy, I decided to do some unblending myself. 

What makes your style unique & personal are the little details & knick knacks you add to your every day outfits to make it your own. Be it the kind of jeans you like, the accessories you adore or the shoes you choose! So when it came to this outfit, I decided to tweak it to my liking & have it suit my style. This form-fitting stripped dress from VOI Jeans is definitely a great basic, engineered to fit those who love alternative styles. Team it with a denim jacket on one day, with a nude vest  on another or layer it under a maxi skirt the third time, there are one too many ways to rock this piece. I decided to tuck in the sleeves and convert it into a tube dress for this particular look so that not only could it look more flattering on me but also let me conveniently don my silver choker necklace. I then layered it with this shirt dress which I again, decided to wear as over sized outerwear instead of it's ideal use. Simple tan oxfords, statement sunglasses & a trendy stripped back pack completed this casual, chic look. 

What do you guys think of this look & do tell me what you do to make your style more personal? And for those of you who still haven't stepped out of the box, it's time to unblend! 

(Images by Jaina Kumar)

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Work Mode

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 photo STYLDRV_9893_zpslvwd4mle.jpg
Top- Van Heusen, Dress worn as skirt- Van Heusen, Belt- Accessorize, Frames- Italia Independent, Shoes- Boohoo

There are certain situations that call for a specific attire to be in place and interviews/work places are definitely one of them! Not only are you required to be dressed appropriately but you also have to dress to impress. My stint in a actual work place was rather short but I do get a lot of email from several of you asking me to give you tips on dressing appropriately for work or that first interview. There are many basic outfits that are rather fool proof when it comes to work places but it's essential that you build your wardrobe with pieces that can be mixed and matched so that you don't feel defeated by your clothes every morning! So here are few tips and a list of some pieces that you should update your collection with if you're all set to enter a full-time job.

This is such an essential in any work wardrobe. Not only will it instantly make the outfit look more put together, it also adds to that formal vibe. Pair it with trousers or a fitted dress and you'd be all set. I recommend stocking up on colours like black, navy and beige. If your work place is a bit more lenient, throw in an occasional Khaki. It's also important that you look for a good fit. A blazer that is too big or small won't work as effectively.

Cigarette Trousers
I find these to be the most flattering when it comes to work pants. They are sleek and well fitted, stylish and appropriate. Play around with the colours and pin stripes in the neutral zone and pair them with well fitted shirts. Again a good fit is key. Make sure that the trouser is fitted in the right places yet forgiving enough to accommodate a day's work. The length should be just below your ankles. 

Pencil Skirts
These are my favourite! Feminine yet work appropriate, pencil skirts are so versatile. Pair them with shirts or blouses and a blazer to create that authoritative look. Not only are these ideal for work, you can switch up the top for a simple tank top for a post work party!

This is a no brainer. Stock up on as many good ones as you can as they will form the basis of pretty much every outfit. Play with colours and prints to infuse some fun in your outfits. Light pink, purple and burgundy would add a fresh feel to the ensemble. A new floral print could work wonders too!

A pair of simple black pumps and a comfortable pair of flats are an absolute must have! Heels may be essential for those important meetings but that doesn't mean you have to struggle with them all day. Throw in a pair in your drawer at work and switch in and out of them as and when you require them. Invest in a pair of flats that are simple, will fit into every look and will help you comfortably get through the long days!

At the end of the day, if you look good, you'll feel good and not only will that better your performance but you may inspire your colleagues to put in that extra effort too! If you know of someone who is the best dressed at your work place, nominate them in Van Heusen's Most Fashionable Professional contest! The winner will be featured in some of India's leading magazine and will get a wardrobe makeover from Van Heusen! You can read about how to participate here. So what are you waiting for? There are only a few days left before this contest ends, so go ahead and nominate some of your best dressed colleagues.

(Images by Jaina Kumar)

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Black & White

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 photo SD-9648_zpshjxkrwvu.jpg
 photo SD-9577_zpsmzemjmqv.jpg
 photo SD-9623_zpsu1xoaoav.jpg
 photo SD-9547_zpsklrpgoz5.jpg
 photo SD-9540_zpsacoundmo.jpg
 photo SD-9671_zpsqtnpcrgj.jpg
 photo SD-9514_zpsx4uyeshk.jpg
Dress- ONLY, Earrings & cuff- Atelier Mon, Clutch- Dvf, Shoes- River Island, On my lips- Lady Danger by Mac

Not very long ago, I was the girl who would struggle with 3 suitcases, dragging them around the airport because she had to carry everything and more for this long awaited holiday! Not only is packing all those things a tedious task, the fact is that, no one needs that many things for a holiday that will last only a week and I learnt this the hard way. However, now I follow a simple pattern while packing, which not only resolves my luggage issues but also helps me get dressed faster. I start by packing any 3 or 4 pairs of bottoms including skirts, jeans and shorts. I also make sure to carry a pair of well fitted jeans that can be worn casually during the day and be dressed up for the evenings. I also make sure to pack a basic white or black tee, a embellished tank for that fancier dinner, a fun moto jacket & a printed top. I then throw in 3 dresses, an evening/dinner dress, a sun dress for the day and the good old flowy maxi that is probably the most versatile item and the most Instagram friendly too! A simple clutch, few accessories & a vest can help you accessorize and style all these pieces in numerous ways. This particular look is aimed to suit a romantic dinner date. Not only is it the most comfortable dress, it also gives you the leeway to enjoy that dessert! A maxi like this is also ideal for a day at the beach and can then be easily transformed into a night look with statement jewellery, heels and a clutch. What are your must haves while packing light for travel?

(Images by Jaina Kumar)

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Philips Satinelle Advanced Epilator Review

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 photo SD-7665_zps5vhgaplu.jpg
 photo SD-7720_zps6sovw0eu.jpg

Being well groomed is something that we all strive to keep up with but not always is it as pleasant an experience as you'd assume. Crazy schedules can totally make you miss your much needed appointments, leaving you covering up with long dresses & longer sleeves! I have definitely been the waxing girl and may have resorted to shaving my legs in dire circumstances but that's really it. I had never tried out an epilator before but the new Philips Satinelle Advanced Epilator broke my epilator virginity. Priced at Rs.5,995 it comes with an additional attachment, a charger, a cleaning brush & plastic heads to ease the process. The epilator can be used wet and dry but personally I just prefer to use it in the shower. It's an extremely easy to use product and to my surprise, I did not experience any excruciating pain either. It did leave my skin slightly red but that happens to me even post a waxing session and the redness was gone in a couple of hours. I also like the fact that it's cordless and once you've charged it for 60 minutes at a go, you can conveniently use it anywhere! Unlike waxing, you do not have to wait until your hair growth has touched a certain milestone and you can easily get rid of the mess before it's even visible to anyone else! In a gist, here are my thoughts and some tips-

- It's easy to use, affordable & convenient to travel with.

- Can be used wet & dry so you don't necessarily have to use this in your shower but because it's waterproof you totally could use it in your shower!

- It leaves your skin soft for longer and unlike razing, the hair growth is removed from the root so it doesn't sprout back up by day 3!

- It is cordless so you can charge it and use it anywhere. They recommend not using the epilator while it's charging so make sure you charge it an hour before you need to use it.

- Also because it will leave you skin a little red, I recommend using it at least 6-8 hours before your grand entrance. 

- It has 2 speed settings so you can adjust that depending on your comfort level.

- It can be used on your arms, legs and underarms. You can use the sensitive cap attachment when your using it on more sensitive areas. 

- You can use the brush to clean the head between sessions. The epilator heads are also washable so its super easy to clean and maintain the hygiene. 

- To get the quickest and best result, keep the epilator at a 90 degree angle to the surface of your skin while epilating.

- Do not use any bath or shower oils during the process of epilation. You can moisturize once you're done. 

All in all , I think this is such an essential for every girl! It's a convenient at home hair removal system that will fit right into your busy schedules. If you end up giving this a go, do let me know what you think about it. 

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Palm Print

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 photo SD-4890_zpswydcqil2.jpg
 photo SD-4855_zpstuljwdf2.jpg
 photo SD-4916_zpsm6rhperx.jpg
 photo SD-4842_zpssbu0gqvx.jpg
 photo SD-4861_zpsli4cf836.jpg
Dress- Limeroad, Necklace- Limeroad, Loafers- Limeroad, Location- Light House Cafe

This dress is definitely one of my favourite online finds in a while! The minute I saw it on Limeroad, I knew I had to get hold of it. In fact I even created a look in my Style scrapbook using this dress & I am so glad I actually was able to finally wear it. Limeroad is a fantastic place to find so many trendy pieces from various sellers at jaw dropping prices. Since they invited me to join the Style Council, I have been constantly hooked on to the website! Be it creating looks for my scrapbook or just getting to see so many versatile pieces from brands that I wouldn't even know existed if not for their presence on Limeroad. The Style scrapbook feature is such an exciting addition to website. You can join in and create virtual looks using all the items available on the website along with some of that creative imagination. You can even add graphics to your looks using the pre-designed options available. The editors on Limeroad, pick interesting looks everyday and feature them on the product pages and if someone buys a product after seeing your look, you earn credit points which you can then redeem for shopping on the website! So for me it's a complete win win because creating those looks literally works as a stress buster and when my looks get featured, I even get to shop for free with all those credit points! You can join in the fun too. All you have to do is sign up, create your profile & let those creative juices flow. Unveil the stylist in you & earn credit while doing so! 

(Images by Jaina Kumar)

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