Monday, February 23, 2015

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Make up & skincare have suddenly become such an exciting genre for me! I have been infatuated by the enormous options, the stunning packaging and of course the promises these products lure you with. I ordered a few products from back in December to try out some brands that have had such a great reputation attached to them. The wide range of products & the availability of a few brands that are completely inaccessible otherwise, pleased me immensely. There is everything from skincare to bath products to make up to all the tools you'd ever need to look as flawless as your favourite celebrity!

The very first thing that caught my attention was Alpha-H Skincare! I was quite excited to try out their coveted Liquid Gold. It's a product that I have heard a million people rave about & when I saw that it was in stock, I was swayed by impulse to add it to my cart. It is basically a Glycolic acid based chemical exfoliant which is aimed at effectively diminishing pigmentation & sun damage while working as an overnight facial to revitalize tired skin and improve the overall appearance of the complexion. Now I know this sounds very technical but really its a very simple product and a step that has worked wonders since I've added it to my otherwise non-existent night time routine. They recommend using it every other night by simply taking some of the product on to a cotton pad and gently running it across your face. The slight tingling feeling is just the product doing it's work and the morning after you'll wake up with such happy skin! It has been awarded the Best Product by a lot of International magazines & I suggest you give this cult product a go because it really does what it claims to! Another skincare product that I ordered and absolutely love is the beauty mask by Nuxe which is so hydrating and soothing on the skin after a long day! I use it once a week and even though I have combination skin, it works really well for my skin. I also threw in the Rosebud salve & one of the Deborah Lippmann polishes which are both essentials in any beauty kit.

The Beauty Blender was another cult product that I was hoping to try. It's just one of those products where you really have to try it out to know just how phenomenal it is! I have been using it with my Laura Mercier silk creme foundation and now the Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation and the finish is flawless. The only drawback is that I use it damp and it's an issue to store it right after I've used it but other than that, it's definitely a must have! In addition, I also got one of the Real technique Expert face brush  to try and that too has soon become an appropriate addition to my kit. The quality of this brush is really great and I have not experienced any shedding so far. Its great to buff in your foundation or even use it for contouring or to apply blush. I also got some stuff from an Australian brand called Minrenesse which is a brand I had frankly not heard of before but the products are really great! I tried out the Cushion Compact Airbrush liquid powder, the Secret weapon Supreme mascara along with the Icurl heated eyelash curler. All the three products have amazing packaging and the product itself is phenomenal which is why I cannot wait to try some more products soon.

Do check out as it is bound to become your one stop shop for all things skincare & make up! You could even use the code LX-STYLDRV to get an additional discount on your purchase. It super easy to navigate through and they do offer Free International delivery as well as the option of free Express delivery if you order worth Rs.2300 or more which I think is absolutely amazing! I just placed a new order to repurchase someone of my routine products & also some Flash Tattoos for the summer. Have a wonderful week and don't forget to share the discount code with all your friends!

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