Monday, June 30, 2014

Layering Baubles with Tanishq

All jewellery- IVA by Tanishq, White cropped top- Forever21, Maxi Skirt- Zara, Pink dress- Stalkbuylove, White blazer- Zara, Denim jacket & Black jumpsuit- Topshop

Tanishq recently launched their IVA 2 collection! The pieces are very different from what you would normally see at Tanishq. The designs are very modern, intriguing and versatile. The collection is a good mix of dainty and statement pieces which can be easily layered together. Layering jewellery is one of my favourite ways to upgrade everyday looks. If you follow me on Instagram, you see me layer necklaces, rings and bracelets on a regular basis! So today, we're showing you how you could layer jewellery like a pro by just  keeping a few simple rules in mind. 

When layering necklaces, make sure to mix different lengths. Start by placing the shortest necklace and then build your way through the rest. Play with complimentary colours for a fresh look. For a modern approach, don't be afraid to mix different metals!

Rings is the easiest way to start if you're still new to the layering concept. While working with rings, make sure to mix small and statement rings. Also, work with the positioning of the rings. Midi rings is a trend that I am still in love with. Choose a similar colour scheme and layer your favourite rings!

The key here is to mix dainty and chunky pieces. In the video, I choose two chunky bracelets and two dainty pieces. You could even layer these with your favourite watch. Again, don't refrain from mixing different metals and colours! 

So go ahead and give this layering trend a go! While you're doing so, style yourself in a look that you think would compliment the jewellery from the IVA collection and share it on Instagram! Don't forget to tag Styledrive & Tanishq so that we can see your entries. If we like your look you could be the winner of this fun contest

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Lancôme Miracle Air de Teint Foundation

 photo IMG_0332_zpsd3bfc326.jpg
 photo IMG_0334_zps88aa7bf3.jpg
 photo IMG_0340_zps4579514d.jpg
 photo IMG_0342_zps9ba823f3.jpg
Foundation- Miracle Air de Teint(045), Top & Rings- Forever21

Ever since I started using make up, I was always picky about my foundations. But as I got lured further into the beauty world, I came across so many different products that not only intrigued me but also seemed to suit several requirements. As a result, I have now ended up with what looks like a mock collection, with a foundation for less coverage, a foundation for full coverage, a foundation for when I'm shooting/filming and so on. But on a daily basis, I really don't have the time to meddle into all this because I'm usually running late and I only have 5 minutes to spare on the make up aspect.

I prefer using a light weight foundation on an everyday basis as the Mumbai humidity makes me want to cringe at the thought of caking up. Which is why Lancôme's new Miracle Air de Teint foundation intrigued me. I was kindly sent a sample to try it out for myself and see if it did what it claims. I am partial to pretty packaging and this bottle did it for me! The dropper seemed like a delightful touch while making sure that you don't end up wasting too much product. The consistency of the foundation is very light, almost velvety. If I'm in a hurry, I'll use my fingers to blend it out all over my face and that works fantastically. However, if I have a few extra minutes to spare, I'll use my Sephora air brush finish brush to fix it up. I've noticed that, using a brush does give a slightly fuller coverage, if that interests you. The foundation works best for those who are looking at merely evening out their complexion while blurring out those minuscule flaws that seems to haunt us all. It has a semi-matte finish which works wonderfully for me as I have a Combination to Oily skin type. I prefer not to use powder over it as it sets quickly on it's own and lasts a fair amount of time too.

Now let's talk about the other aspects. The foundation does have a slight scent which settles within a few seconds of application. The colour options are vast and you can visit any Lancôme store to perfectly match yourself to the foundation. It's a non-comedogenic formula which makes it appropriate for regular use. If you have slightly drier skin, I would suggest using a good moisturizer before you apply this. For me, I put it right over top of my sunscreen. I have fairly sensitive skin but this foundation has not broken me out or caused any other issue so I am quite impressed!

So if you're looking to try out a new foundation or if you're looking at investing in a foundation for everyday use, this is a good one. In retrospect, it is easy to blend, light weight and a fairly long lasting foundation which makes it perfect for looking presentable everyday without all the hassle. You can visit a Lancôme store to feel the texture and try it out! If you have already tried the foundation before or plan do it over the weekend, don't forget to comment below and tell what you think of it. Also, do let me know if you guys would like me to do more beauty reviews!

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

F-Squared: Coffee Addict

 photo IMG_0325-2_zps75441997.jpg
 photo IMG_0329-2_zpsbd018438.jpg
 photo IMG_0320-2_zps13f991a9.jpg

Calling myself an addict is the only justified way to explain my love for Coffee. I can barely get through my day without gulping at least 3 cups down! I am on the verge of investing in one of the Nespresso machines but until then I drink Bru or Davidoff at home and I have obviously tried Coffee at almost every cafe/restaurant that I have visited! So for my fellow caffeine addicts, I decided to share my top 5 favourite cuppas around the city that I always go back to on a daily basis.

1) Nutel'late at Suzette- Okay so this is by far the best recipe ever! It has both ingredients that I love and when put together it's a feeling I often crave. So when I'm feeling a little down or just want some unnecessary TLC, this is what I get! And it tastes even better in the rain. Just saying.

2) Panama French Press at Indigo Deli- This french press, has hints of chocolate hidden in the strongly brewed coffee. I like my coffee pretty strong so a dash of milk makes this, the best after meal cup! Also, if you're in the mood, order their Apple Pie to go with it to enter Heaven or you could just stay here.

3) Iced Hazelnut Latte at Starbucks-I was not a crazy Starbucks fan but there are a few drinks that I am now addicted to. Summer brings with it a need to switch to colder versions and my favourite has to be the Iced Latte's! I always get it with a double Espresso shot. They are lower in calories and sugar too, compared to their other drinks. But if I'm in the mood to treat myself I'll add some Hazelnut syrup to get the party started in my head!

4) Ice Blended Mocha at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf- So my cousin introduced me to this one almost 5 years ago and since then she moved on but I am still pretty addicted to this. Smaran thinks that it tastes like Bournvita but I strongly disagree! It's the best blend of chocolate and coffee and I love the Ice blended texture. Again, I get this with an extra shot to make it strong enough for my liking.

5) Columbian French Press at SaltWater Cafe- This is just the best cup of classic strong coffee that you need, to get through those hectic days! They have a great Cappuccino in one of those hot coffee mugs too, if you fancy one. And I also love the biscotti it comes with.

Please comment below and let me know if you have some favourites because I am always up for a good cup of Coffee! And for you non-coffee lovers, almost all these places provide you with a vast Green Tea or Fresh juice spread that would please almost everyone!

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