Saturday, October 18, 2014

Splurge & Save

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Slowly yet gradually I am turning into an avid online shopper. If you closely follow me on my social media platforms you are probably aware of the various mini hauls that take place! Initially I was so skeptical about it because I preferred going to the store, to try and feel the fabrics or strut in the shoes before I decide to swipe my card. But as life got super hectic and almost everything was easily available with just a few clicks it's a lot more easier to shop online. Now what's better than being able to shop while you're at work or late at night? A free service that lets you save money while you splurge! If you're an ardent online shopper like me, you might want be attentive for the next few minutes. is a website that lets you enjoy cash back while you're engaging in some online retail therapy. In fact it actually collects your cash backs and deposits it back to your bank account! They are associated with some of the best online shopping destinations like,, and so many more! Can it get any better than this? Yes, it's free to register and all you have to do is follow these simple steps to get started on your bonuses.

1) Log onto and Register using your email. Every time you want to add bonuses to your account, make sure you're logged in.

2) Browse through their Stores and click on the one that you want to shop from. Then click on the Get Bonus tab which will automatically take you to the selected website! It's essential that you log on to the desired website via Bonusbay because then the website will recognize you a Bonusbay user and hence add bonuses to your account.

3) Once you're on the desired website, shop  and place your order as usual. Once you're done, you'll see that the calculated bonus will reflect in your Bonusbay account. On certain occasions it may take a couple days before you can finally see your bonus.

4) As soon as your balance amount hits Rs.1000 you can get that amount transferred to your bank account. The bonuses will be paid to you once Bonusbay receives it's commission from the participating store. The time period is mentioned on the landing page of each store which help you calculate a timeline.

It's really that simple. The various stores offer different percentage of bonuses which are mentioned on the website. For example if you shop from you can earn 4% bonus on your total purchases whereas you can earn 5.50% bonus when you shop from! It may not seem like a lot but over a period it will accumulate to an amount that you will appreciate. It almost gives you that feeling when you find money in your old pair of jeans! I am pretty excited to use this more and save while I deal with my rather dangerous shopping addiction.

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