Monday, July 14, 2014

Conventional Pauses

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Necklace & Bangles- Azva Jewellery, Jacket- DVAR, Slip dress- Topshop, Shoes- Zara, On my lips- Mac Lady Danger

My grandmother is probably the first woman I saw wearing gold bangles when I was kid. She loved her gold jewellery then and she still continues to wear some of those pieces till date, everyday. So whenever I think of Gold jewellery, she's the first person who comes to my mind. But I never understood her fondness for the metal because of the evolving jewellery trends we experienced. I couldn't fathom my mind around the fact that she would pick Gold jewellery with peculiar designs over the more contemporary counterparts until of course I came across Azva. The thing about fashion is, it repeats itself. In a way that you almost can't avoid it. But then this is more than just fashion, it's tradition. 

When I came across Azva, it was certainly time to change my mind about Gold jewellery. Not only did the designs have classic elements but also the right amount of modish edge. Every piece looked so unique and outstanding that it was hard to decide! Their jewellery has a brushed gold finish which was probably the first thing that attracted me to it. The intricate details on the jewellery makes it so lust worthy. All the pieces from Azva are 22 karat and despite it being a bridal jewellery brand, I found so many pieces that would be perfect to have in your collection forever! Each piece are fashioned by the finest craftsmen in the country and that's what makes it so eccentric. 

Most of us tend to generally fill in the shoes of a modern muse but when it comes to weddings, majority of the brides are favouring to return, giving the age old customs a nod and reveling in some traditional glory. For me, I love mixing more modern silhouettes with conventional elements to create what I would call a perfect balance.

The key is to mix the simplest of pieces with more opulent counterparts. For this outfit, my base was a very simple silk slip dress which formed the perfect base for this layered beauty. I also decided to layer some bracelets and bangles with intricate details which added texture and dimension. The jacket helped further elevate the style quotient of the look.

So be it a mehndi, a cocktail or even a beach wedding, this outfit would be your best bet to not only stand out from the usual expectations but also intrigue the style sensibilities of many. If you're not into necklaces or layering cuffs, you could even opt for a quirky mang tikka or some opulent earrings.

I can now relate to the fondness my grandmother displayed for Gold. I can see myself wearing these pieces through the years and styling them in so many different ways be it an Indian ensemble or otherwise.

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Mirror Mirror on the wall

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Cropped top- Forever21, Skirt- New Look(available on Asos), Sunglasses- Mango, Necklace- New Look, Shoes- Aldo, Bag- Zara

We shot this look back in April. Now I could have easily skipped it and moved on. But this look has all the components that I have been obsessed with over the past few months and I don't think my obsession is fading out anytime soon. Cropped tops, humongous floral prints, silver necklaces & mirrored sunglasses! All of these pieces are so versatile but look great in unison too. If you happen to follow me on Instagram, you probably saw how I layered three silver necklaces with a white cropped top for a night out. I was never into silver jewellery that extensively but these seem to have done the trick.

Summer & Monsoon call for easy, casual dressing so it's the simple details that make your outfit more appealing. A simple printed t-shirt dress with a semi bright lip and vintage RayBan's would be my uniform given a choice! It's a chic look that is perfect for day time and you could amp it up with a denim jacket or a white blazer. Skirts are also an essential during these months. Midi skirts or knee length skirts work the best when it comes to meetings during the day as they are appropriate, stylish and won't drag through on those crazy rainy days!

Cuffed boyfriend jeans are also a key piece to add to your wardrobe. You can pair them with simple t-shirts for a casual approach or with a shirt to slightly smarten them up. If you're not very sure about rocking them & want to refrain from spending too much, keep an eye out during the sales! I snagged mine from Mango on sale last year and they have been my most worn pair in the recent past. Pairing them with sneakers is something I am keen on trying this month!

What are your Summer/Monsoon essentials? Also I am looking at buying a new, cute umbrella so if you've come across any, please leave a comment below or you could even Tweet @aayushibangur or leave a message on Instagram

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