Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Denim Innovation

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Jeans- LEE Jeans, Long Jacket- Express, Knotted Tank- Forever21, Shoes- Steve Madden, Choker Necklace- here, Cuff- (similar) here & here, Earring worn as cuff- StyldrvXSf

A trusted pair of denims is an answer to almost all of your fashion problems! On days when I can't seem to hit a jackpot with my styling abilities, I always look towards my jeans. A simple, well fitted pair of blue denims make the perfect base for styling day time outfits. I would either just throw on a cute t-shirt or a printed shirt or even just a simple white tank. Even though I love jeans, they seem to take a backseat during the summer months. So when Lee contacted me to introduce me to their brand new line of No Sweat denims, I was super excited to check them out and see if that actually works. 

I visited the store and tried on a bunch of them and fell in love with light blue pair. The fit is amazing and it really does not seem taxing to wear these during thewarm days. It's made with a technology that helps evaporate sweat faster keeping you cooler and drier no matter what you do in them or how hot it is! This range also includes a linen blend denim which is much lighter and hence perfect for sunny climes, another one that is enriched with moisturizing elements that protect and nourishes your skin and another pair of Fragrant denims that will help you stay fresh and invigorated all day long! With these in your wardrobe, your summer worries will all be sorted. Slip into one to experience and embrace the season of cool.

For this outfit, I decided to start with a simple knotted tank from Forever21 and layered it with this shirt dress from Express! I have been loving the long outer wear trend so this satiated that need. For jewellery, I kept it simple with a modern choker necklace and some cuffs from my StyldrvXSF collection which btw is available at discounted prices only until the 31st May. I hope you guys are having a wonderful summer! Do follow me on Instagram for everyday updates and interactions.

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Earthy Tones

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 photo IMG_0237-2_zpsd9cf611c.jpg
 photo IMG_0191_zps0dadd95b.jpg
Jumpsuit- Bebe, Bag- Majorbrands, Shoes- Bebe, Jewellery- Majorbrands

I am a colour lover and whenever I have to pick between a bright hue or an earthy kind, I always tend to go for the former. But recently, I have been loving the likes of Khaki, rust, tan, creams and brown! It could partly be because, my boyfriend has been into these colours, so he may have inspired me a little. Let's give credit where it's due!

Coming to my outfit, I always rely on Bebe when it comes to picking an outfit for that special occasion. Their clothing is not only made keeping the current trends in mind but have a great fit too! I walked in this time hoping to pick up an outfit for a party I am supposed to head to. I had intended to pick a maxi dress, which is my current favourite style but my mind changed instantly as my eyes fell on this jumpsuit! The colour, the neckline, the flow of the bottoms, it all seemed just perfect. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw that Black jumpsuit I wore in Dubai. Ever since then I was looking for another jumpsuit, but most of the ones that I came across were black. So this was a nice change and I can see myself wearing this in so many different ways for so many different occasions! You can dress it up a little more by adding a cream embellished jacket and dress it down with a denim jacket or just by layering an open white shirt!

Of course if you love your colour and want to try out the jumpsuit trend, there are some amazing options for you! My second choice was this coral beauty or then this printed one! Both had the elasticated waist which would give the illusion of a smaller waist line. And then of course this shorter cobalt version looked enticing too. Also, Majorbrands ships all over India, so if you don't have any of these brands in your city, you can now order them online and receive it within a few days! I always go on, to stock up on basic camis, blouses or even shoes because they are always up on a better deal on the site. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I inspired you to try out a jumpsuit asap!

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014


 photo IMG_0115_zps8b40140d.jpg photo IMG_0147_zps43166261.jpg
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 photo IMG_0111_zps99a208d6.jpg
 photo IMG_0139_zpsd1d0ccea.jpg
 photo IMG_0151_zpsf06496ee.jpg
 photo IMG_0129_zps5f143259.jpg
 photo IMG_0166_zpsf34a7a61.jpg
 photo IMG_0101_zpsc1a0711c.jpg
 photo IMG_0145_zps0b3f02d8.jpg
 photo IMG_0119_zps8c184c3f.jpg
Store- Viari, Skirt- Bossini, Blazer- Zara, Earrings & Tank- Forever21, His shirt & shorts- Mesh

Since I started blogging, I have had wonderful opportunities to work with both well established as well as some amazing start up brands! Now, I am a bit picky when it comes to featuring a brand on the blog because the brand has to meet a mental check list first. One being that I have either used their products in the past or if they stock products that I would genuinely love to buy. Two, it needs to fit into my style chart. And three if it's something different from what I've otherwise seen aka full points for novelty. And last and final if I think that it is something that, I definitely need to introduce you guys to!

So when we were invited by Viari to visit their new store at Linking road, I first decided to go through their website to start checking things from my list! As I was browsing through, the simplicity of the designs, the colour palette and the fact that within minutes, there were more than 5 things that I could see myself styling in multiple ways, had me hooked! Not only did they stock women's stuff but they even had some classic pieces that the men would love too! From everyday bags to carry on's to laptop and ipad sleeves to small jewellery boxes and everything else in between, they had it all covered.

When we visited the store over the weekend, first I was a bit overwhelmed because there were multiple things that instantly caught my fancy! Personally, I think a well put together store says a lot about the brand and some what makes it's memorable too. Abhyuday, who is the owner, interactively took us through his products and their specialities! Viari is inspired by the global traveler, he asserted. The pieces are designed in London and manufactured closer home in Chennai. There is so much thought put behind the design of each product that it was visible the minute we started exploring them. Which is probably what makes them so stylish yet user friendly! All the pieces are made from the best quality Leather or Canvas and their range started from a mere Rs.500 and went up to approximately Rs.15,000.

I found some amazing things at the store! A neon pink bag, a tan satchel, an ipad cover, jewellery boxes and card holders were on my list. Their new Santorini collection is quite stunning too! Smaran also found pieces that he absolutely loved. A canvas carry on for those quick two days trip, a perfect camera bag and a simple wallet. We also picked up some stuff for our friends and family as well because almost all the pieces make wonderful gifts! So if you're looking at picking a new Summer handbag or looking for a gift, you must visit Viari! In case you are not based in Mumbai or Chennai, which is where they have their stores, you could have a look at their website because they ship all over India! I promise you, you won't be disappointed.

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Friday, May 2, 2014

Spring Bloom

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 photo SD-0014_zpsc1d36cf7.jpg
 photo SD-0010_zps424ccd21.jpg
 photo SD-0003_zps18c3b8ca.jpg
 photo SD-0017_zpsdd105578.jpg
 photo SD-0022_zps206f1845.jpg
 photo SD-0002_zps5acb1fd4.jpg
All jewellery- Bloom by Tanishq, Top- Romwe, Bralet- Pull&bear

Spring brings with it a scenery that is hard to ignore. The blooming flowers, clear skies & bright sun have us all inspired in innumerable ways. My style definitely gets influenced by it and I love wearing floral prints, stripes and lots of creams, blues and bright hues. The traditional floral shirts get quickly replaced by it's cropped counterparts this season. My favourite way to style them is with skirts of all forms! Unintentionally, all my jeans and trousers tend to take a backseat as we get closer to the hotter months and what I seem to enjoy wearing is skirts & dresses. This year particularly, I have been hooked on to maxi dresses as well as maxi skirts. Not only are they super comfortable and stylish, they are also extremely versatile when it comes to styling. Another trend that has been doing the rounds this season are the loose flowy trousers which tend to resemble maxi skirts but are seemingly more relaxed yet chic!

When it comes to my jewellery, I tend to stick to minimalistic pieces which are also adaptable. Which is why, the new Bloom collection by Tanishq is everything I could ask for this spring! Spring signifies new life, beauty, strength and purity which is why this collection is vibrant, simple yet timeless, celebrating the beauty & energy of every woman. Every piece is inspired by the unique patterns of Sunflowers, Lillies, Roses, Gerberas, Hydrangeas, Chrysanthemum and their intricate petal details. I don't don diamond jewellery that often as I am a fairly clumsy person but when I do, the design has to be simple yet alluring with a modern twist and the perfect amount of detail. Maybe that's the reason that these pieces caught my eye instantly! If you are lured in already, here's a chance for you to win some of this exquisite jewellery! All you have to do is, take part in the Bloom Sparkle Hunt by visiting the Tanishq blog and find the codes of 2 of the pieces that I am wearing in these pictures, match them and list them down in the comment box on their blog. You can follow them on Facebook & Twitter to stay updated with the next step! Don't forget to leave your email address so that if you win, they can get in touch with you asap! Goodluck ladies, go make me proud!

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