Sunday, March 2, 2014

Snap Out Of It with Tanishq

As women, there are numerous roles that we adorn. In between all the long working hours, meetings, deadlines and commitments at home, taking some time off for ourselves is a luxury very few enjoy! In this chaotic state, it's hard to step out and let it all go. So this Women's Day, it's time to Snap Out Of It with Mia by Tanishq and celebrate the day with fun! As a brand, Mia believes that women have arrived and continue to make fabulous strides in their professional as well as personal life! Keeping all this in mind, the #SnapOutOfIt contest calls for creative & fun entries from working women who have merely one opportunity to convince us as to why they deserve a chance to snap out of their everyday hassles & routines. To make it easier for us to pick you, make sure your entries are witty, funny and most convincing! We really just want you to have fun with your submissions.

Tanishq will hand-pick 15 of the most convincing submissions from each of the three cities; Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore! The winners will enjoy a wonderful outdoor experience designed to give the ladies a chance to really snap out of their daily lives and celebrate Women's Day with new experiences! Now, here are some quick steps to follow to send in your entries:- 

- Log on to Facebook and visit Tanishq's Facebook Page
- You can then submit your entries using the SnapOutOfIt app
- For those of you who love going the extra mile, the contest is open to video applications too! For this, make a quick 30 second video, upload it on YouTube & then share it on the app
- Don't forget to share your entries on Twitter using #SnapOutOfIt

The contest starts today and ends on 6th March! The winning events will be Para-Motoring in Delhi, Wine-yard Tour in Bangalore and Yatch-Hunting in Mumbai on 8th March. Get going ladies, it's the perfect opportunity to let your hair down!

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