Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Indian Route

All outfits- Biba, Accessories- Just Jewellery, Home accessories- The Home Label,  Shot & Edited by Smaran Sahu

As the festivities approach, it seemed like the perfect time for me to share some of my favourite pieces from Biba's new festive collection with you! The collection is full of ethnic, opulent attire. The colours, the prints, the fabrics are all well suited for the upcoming jovial period. Truly elegant and comfortable, their designs are cut out in light fabrics making them irresistible to add to your wardrobe! This season it's all about showcasing the elegance and richness of Indian clothes in the form of flared silhouettes in opulent fabrics.

I picked my favourite pieces, to put together three looks that fit right into this season! The simple green kurta with the floral vest acts a perfect causal ensemble to wear to any day time events. Pairing it with a statement necklace draws more attention to the vest and adds a touch of royalty. The orange and pink leheria suit is a perfect balance of traditional and modern. I decided to play up this piece by adding statement earrings in a contrasting turquoise shade. The last and final outfit, is one of my favourite. Not only do I love the colours, but the front open long kurta with the kalidar skirt add just the right amount of drama. I went all out with this look pairing it with smokey eyes and statement earrings!

I seldom take this route but when I do, I make sure my hair, make-up, accessories are all in tow. India being such a culturally diverse country, has so many different traditional facets. Biba's new collection, takes a little out of each tradition, making sure there is something for everyone. So this year, go all out and get ready for a rather extravagant time! I hope you enjoyed my take on Indian wear. 

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

College Fads

 photo SD-0537_zpse127d8b7.jpg
 photo SD-0568_zpsd69c60e2.jpg
 photo SD-0547_zpsf4895857.jpg
 photo SD-0544_zps04580cb6.jpg
 photo SD-0549_zpsce9949cb.jpg
 photo SD-0536_zps85e9dbb3.jpg
 photo SD-0546_zps1b17b80b.jpg
Dress-Choies.com, Shirt- Zara, Shoes- Forever21, Bag- Colaba, Necklace- Shoplune, Bracelets- Forever21, Blur

College years for me were one of the most celebrated days. Not only was I fortunate enough to make great friends but I luckily also met my sweetheart through my best friend! Frankly there is nothing that I would like to change from those glorified years except maybe being a little more experimental when it came to my outfits. Now, I'm a Virgo and we seem to follow rules and all that. My alma mater appeared to have quite a few restrictions when it came to clothing: - no sleeveless, no short dresses or skirts and all that. And hence I reluctantly stuck to my basic jeans and blouses.

When I put together this outfit, I was aiming at creating a weekend appropriate look but I realized that this is essentially so college friendly. Not only is it super comfortable and modish, it also seems to get through all the restrictive barriers that a college might throw at you! The midi dress is super relaxed and the hue is perfect for this time of the year. I threw on a plaid sheer shirt to add a dose of print. And these burgundy sneakers from Forever21 fit in perfectly.

It’s always gratifying to break rules but it’s even more pleasurable to find your way around them. Unlike what I assumed, you don’t always require to show skin to look stylish. All you need are some basic, flattering pieces, that work around the regulations and tons of pieces to layer with. Another quick fix is accessorizing. Not only will it accentuate the ensemble further but it will also make it seem like you put in an effort even at 7 am! So next time you're wondering what to throw on, give this look a go! 

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

One way ticket to Dreamland

 photo SD-0606_zps3b2de2f4.jpg
 photo SD-0594_zpsdb7b5b41.jpg
 photo SD-0587_zps0759425f.jpg
 photo SD-0619_zps30a7d04a.jpg
 photo SD-0618_zps870e2e03.jpg
 photo SD-0617_zps53fe06a5.jpg  photo SD-0620_zps69f5b242.jpg
Blazer- martofchina.com, Dress- Forever21, Shoes- Zara Sunglasses- RayBan, Clutch- Michael Kors, Rings- H&M, Bracelet- Hillroad

It's almost been three years since the idea of starting a fashion blog began to linger in my head. Everything I saw, read, thought of, pushed me to doing just one chore and that was enabling this dream. Now the reason I call it a dream is because I really didn't think I'll make it. I wasn't sure if this is something that's leading me somewhere. But in that moment, this is all I wanted. And so it started.
Since then, my life has only enhanced. I have not only evolved in my sensibilities pertaining to fashion but also grown immensely as a person. I could brush it away, lie to myself and believe that it was just the growing up part that caused the change. But I'd be wrong because really everything I am today, has something to do with a decision I made three years ago.

And why am I bugging you with these floating thoughts? Because all this made me believe even more in a concept that only seems to strike a code with optimists i.e. everything happens for a reason. Now I know we are all very busy, cautious, prepared, trying to make sure that we're doing everything that we need to for our betterment and growth, but really sometimes, the only thing we need to do, is to let go and let things play out the way they need to. The liberation you'll feel once you do that, you can thank me for later.
So if there is something you need to let go of, something you need to start, now's the time. I know it seems hard right now maybe even irrelevant, but it get's better and before you know it, you'll be there. 

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