Tuesday, April 30, 2013

5 minutes with Nivea

 photo IMG_0473_zpsdb31223c.jpg
 photo IMG_0456_zps6717c5e5.jpg
 photo IMG_0466_zpsa2556a09.jpg
 photo NSP_0137_zpsd4df8db3.jpg
 photo IMG_0472_zpscc71d6ed.jpg
Blazer- Styldrv for Spring Break, Top- Asos, Bag- Michael Kors, Necklace-Forever21, On my nails- Flip Flop Fantasy by China Glaze

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably were wondering what all that #just5mins chaos was! Well, it was all about the new Nivea Total Face Cleanup! Now, we all tend to hide behind this 5 minutes excuse be it because of a meeting we're late for, a report we had to finish or even for getting ready in the morning after waking up just 5 minutes late! But Nivea's new product strives to reinforce the just 5 minutes phenomena.

It claims to work as a facewash, scrub, pack, oil remover and a spot reducer, all in one within 5 minutes. Now this could be too much for us to believe but the effervescent Parineeti Chopra, who launched the product & has been using it for over 4 months now, claims it's all true. To support her argument, she also confessed that she is a lazy girl, so anything that promises to do more in less time is a blessing in disguise!

As for me, I've been using the product for a week & I have no complaints so far. I'll put up a review once I've used it for a bit until then, you can order your own FREE Total Face Cleanup sample and try out the product so that you could decide for yourself!
Once you've signed up for the sample, you can also participate in the on going contest by submitting your '5 minutes to beauty story' and stand the chance to win an evening with the gorgeous Parineeti Chopra! Don't wait, go enter, it'll take just 5 minutes!

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Currently Loving Deux

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 photo SD-0029_zps7214c63e.jpg
Anna Sui Fairy Dance Perfume

 photo SD-0112_zps9a9c5930.jpg
Pink lips for summer

 photo SD-0032_zps8447fa8d.jpg
Customized Suede loafers from Sole'D Shoes

It's been a long month and all of these things have either made my life easier or nicer and hence the tag! I received the Quirkbox planner back in March and I swear to god, life has gotten busier since that day. Maybe it's a lucky charm? Who knows. Talking about lucky charms, at Anna Sui's new perfume launch, the host insisted that this perfume is meant to bring your dreams come true. Sure, nice try. But keeping that lure point aside, I've genuinely been enjoying the lovely floral scent which works perfectly for this time of the year!

Lip products have always been of keen interest to me, as far as make up goes. A pink pout, be it a soft pink pout for the day or that bright fuchsia for the night are perfect for summer. Another colour that I have been loving is Tangerine! I was never into Tangerine until last year, when the colour took the fashion world by storm. And now in 2013, I'm still hooked. These super comfortable suede loafers by Sole'D Shoes can be customized into a ton of colours but when I was asked to pick a colour, guess what I chose! 

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bijoux Affaire

 photo SD-0063_zpse5af618c.jpg
 photo SD-0065_zpsf21c4103.jpg
 photo SD-0064-1_zpsb6a60868.jpg

It's no hidden fact that I am an accessory hoader. I have done an entire post earlier on how accessories play such an important role in making an ensemble look it's best! So when I got to know about the Jewel Box by Faballey, I had to order myself one to satiate my hoader side. I logged on to the website and I was made to go through this random fashion and beauty related quiz which would help them figure out my fashion personality and therefore decide which box would suit my style the best! My result was the Glam Box. Well, well, what can I say. They know me too well! After they show you your result, they also give you a glimpse of what you will be receiving in your box! So if you like everything in your box, you can go ahead and order it or if you don't, you could skip it. I, however went ahead and placed an order for mine even though I was unsure about one item in the box!

I got the box a week later. I was so excited, I could hardly wait to open in! Each item came wrapped in a bubble wrap and also with a cute little purple pouch to store it in. I got a necklace, a ear cuff and a collar chain in my box. Now the necklace and the collar chain are right up my alley but the ear cuff, I'll be honest, given a choice I would refrain from buying it because I know I would never wear one! But that's the fun part of the box. You might get an item which you may not usually go for but you could now experiment with it and see if you like it. Which for me, I've fallen in love with the ear cuff!

I've heard of a ton of beauty boxes doing the rounds before, but a Jewel Box was a first and I have to say it's quite an interesting concept. It would make such a cool gift for any fashion lover! The quality of the jewellery is as good as any other jewellery from Faballey.com. Considering that the box contains items worth Rs.2000 but it's actually priced at Rs.1000 without compromising on the
quality, makes it even more worth it. I love the fact that each item came with a separate pouch to store the jewellery in. However I do wish the packaging was a little more personalized and fun. But then there's always scope for improvement. Go now and order your April box if you feel like giving this a try or if you're looking for a fun gift to give a friend. If you or your friend are jewellery lovers like myself, I guarantee, you won't regret it.

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Holiday Mode

 photo SD-0366_zps4c5523f7.jpg
 photo SD-0395_zps55323afc.jpg
 photo SD-0381-2_zpsb66d5147.jpg
 photo SD-0396_zps1b7924e6.jpg
 photo SD-0372_zps8542cab3.jpg
 photo SD-0393_zps69c11a54.jpg
 photo SD-0401_zps59511efb.jpg
 photo SD-0403_zps530cda0f.jpg
 photo SD-0388_zpsd1dfd0ef.jpg
Cropped top- Jessica Simpson, Skirt- Asos, Shoes- Zara, Bag- Asos, Earrings- Curio Cottage, Bracelets- Forever21, ForeverNew, Sunglasses- Zara, On my nails- OPI's Atomic Orange, On my lips- YSL Rouge Volupte 9

The past few months have been a roller coaster ride! I've been super busy juggling multiple things. But now that I'm kind of wrapping up most things, I cannot wait to take a quick break and be back refreshed, relaxed and inspired! This outfit pretty much explains my current state of mind. Flowy, colourful clothes have been my go-to recently. Even though I love Black, I am trying to stay away from it, as much as I can. I mean monochrome is a huge spring trend so you can't blame me for a few outfits, but for the most part, I am embracing colour like never before. This cropped top yells out summer like no other. I love the cutout detail at the back and the fact that this top can work wonders with anything high waisted! As for the skirt, I bought it back in November from the Asos sale, and have loved it since. If you follow me on Instagram you've seen me wear this before too with a b&w polka dot top. I decided to accessorize with some statement jewellery, a metallic bag and elegant nude sandals. Anyways, I am going to get back to my Holiday planning now! I hope you guys are having a wonderful summer and are as excited as me for the rest of it! 

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Monday, April 8, 2013

Braid love with Dove

 photo SD-0051_zps1c0eb08a.jpg  photo SD-0054-1_zps7a240f2a.jpg  photo SD-0055_zps0eef5bb4.jpg

When I was younger, I was forced to have short hair for school. During those days all I dreamt of was having a long, healthy mane. Now I love my long hair but that comes with it's own problems. Split ends being the most common one. This occurs when the protective cuticle at the end of the hair is destroyed which causes the hair to split into two or more strands. The most common solutions which will be thrown at you to deal with this problem are getting a hair cut every few months, reducing the number of products you use, etc. But the new Dove split end rescue rescue therapy is specially formulated to bring split ends together. Which means, no need to compromise on your hair length just to get rid of those split ends anymore! I hate cutting my hair, so for me, this is a savior system.

I love experimenting with my shampoo and conditioner so, I tend to change them every 2 months and I have been using this new range for over 2 weeks now. Frankly can't say much about the split ends but my hair definitely feels softer and cleaner. Even the ends are softer which makes my hair appear healthier. The products smells like every other Dove product, which I don't mind at all. I wash my hair everyday, so most shampoos are too strong for me. This one however, is a mild, everyday wash shampoo which works perfectly for me. I have used various Dove hair therapies before but this one is probably one of my favourite. I have been loving the results so far.

As the temperature starts soaring, I hate leaving my hair down. The pollution, heat and sweat makes my hair worse! So braiding comes in handy. It keeps the hair off your face and adds that boho chic feel to any outfit. Side braids are what I tend to go for, be it a normal one or a fish tail one. For a side braid, all you need to do is comb your hair out and get all to one side. Now divide your hair into three sections if you're going for a normal braid or two sections if you're going for the fish tail braid. Once you've done that start braiding your hair until 3-4 inches of your hair remains. Hold it in place with a hair tie. And voila!

Next time you're out looking for a new range to try, go for the Dove Split End Repair system and don't forget to tell me how it worked on your hair!

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