Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bauble Mania

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Exchanging gifts on Christmas is a ritual, so this year here's a present from me to one of you! I've always said that jewellery is something one can never have enough of. And sometimes certain things are more than just a piece of jewellery. Recently while visiting my grand mom, I was handed down a pair of earrings that she has had since her younger years. Not only were they in perfect condition but they suited me just perfectly! And now, they are one of the most precious piece I own. While going through the Prerto website recently, I came across a similar pair of earrings and decided to give a special something to one of you! So here's how you could win your favourite baubles from Prerto :

- Go on to to browse through their gorgeous jewellery

- Link back one your favourite item that you'd like to win for yourself or a friend! Also comment below and tell me why it is your absolute favourite!

- Don't forget to 'Like' Prerto's Facebook page because the winner of the contest will be announced there!

- To gain some brownie points don't forget to tweet @aayushibangur with #prertolove & a link to the piece you'd like to win!

Now I know it's a task to pick just one favourite piece so here are some tips. If you're looking for a statement piece to go with all your party looks, Iris is the one to look at. I've been obsessed with adding a hint of red to all my outfits and so I love the Rose necklace! And if you're just looking to jazz up your basic cream dress, Claire is the one for you. You could even layer it with other necklaces to create a more impactful look. But if you're not a necklace person you might want to grab Las Vegas or Cres! Another easy trick? Just pick a piece that would compliment your New Year's Eve outfit and shine bright through the night! Goodluck! 

The contest ends on 25th December at 12 noon! It is only open to the residents of India. 

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