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Summer in Clinique

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Summer is here and so are the fun summer beauty trends! Bright lips, bold shadows, quirky eyeliners are all such a rage this summer! A simple way of adding some colour to your everyday make up is by switching up that boring black kohl with a emerald or khaki colour liner! Both these colours work wonders with brown eyes. Navy blue or purple are also some complimentary alternatives. Another way to add colour is to swipe on that beautiful coral lipstick or rock your favourite red pout! Make sure to keep the rest of your make up subtle and let your lips enjoy it's moment of glory. I avoid using a full coverage foundation during this time of the year. A BB cream is the perfect alternative!
Skincare is also very important. Make sure to use a SPF every single day as the sun is way more harsh. Using a sunscreen will not only protect your skin from getting tanned but it also prevents premature ageing, wrinkles, etc. Along with this use a good moisturizer. A lot of people tend to skip the moisturizer during summer because they don't think it's necessary as their skin in not feeling as dry as it would in winter! Don't fall into that pit. It's extremely important to moisturize your skin throughout the year!

These are some of the do's and don't's that I follow during summer, tell me your hot tips, cool looks, fresh ideas and thanks to Grazia and Clinique you could win a chance to come visit the Clinique store with me, check out their new collection, get some expert advice and you can also take home some lovely Clinique goodies!So what are you waiting for? Comment below and tell me your secret! You could also tweet your answers to me with the #SummerinClinique and tag @GraziaIndia.

5 winners* will be chosen to visit the store with me & win fabulous goodies! The contest ends on 22nd May and the event will be held on the 24th May at the Clinique store at Palladium, Mumbai.

*Winners of the contest will be chosen from Mumbai.

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  1. Hi,
    For me..i keep my look and makeup to minimalist during summers.
    My hot tip will be choosing the right beauty products according to your skin and also according to the weather. Play with pop colors and keep the base of your makeup as light as possible.
    And for cool looks, i think floral prints plus sheer fabrics look extremely cool in summers team your clothes with statement jewellry.

  2. #SummerinClinique @GraziaIndia.

    secret #1 hot tip: lets opt for a neon/coloured eyeliner instead of the boring black and wing it out. add very minimal amount of shimmery copper eyeshadow only on the outer edge on the eye(close to the winged out liner) this looks best with neon yellow eyeliner or even light blue.
    keep the eyeliner bright and shimmer eyeshadow minimal.

    secret #2 cool look: DIY: take any old t-shirt and cut a slit on the back (any length you want)mostly, till 2 inches under the armhole. finish the edges. (embellish the edges with sequins, lace, buttons etc )
    and there you have a new, airy tee for the summers !!

    secret #3 fresh ideas: neon french manicures. it's trendy and a thin white line under the neon nail paint, separating it from the rest of the plain give the look an edge.

  3. Ppl with long hair, pls dont restrict your haor with just buns, try different styles of braiding, my favourite is side braiding pony tail for the hot afternoons. Also since summer is harsh, I use baby shampoo nd regular conditioner for my daily use.

  4. Summer is here and so is the heat! Summer spells a burst of colors to me, so colorblocking is my mantra this season. Navy blue winged eyes, neon eyeshadows, bb base and neutral lips define my face. And when it comes to my hairdo,it differs from a messy bun to a sleek ponytail, lazy side plait or just out loose! Prints are In and so are pastels!
    This summer, I'm going to risk my printed bottoms and neutral tops with an edgy twist. And cotton would always be the saviour for me!

    (Binish Rupani)

  5. 1. White paired with any eye soothing shade would go best in these Scorching Summers. Colors like lavender, sea green,ocean blue etc can be used in clothes as well as acessories for an icy look.
    Ethnic salwar kameez of light shades along with vibrant dupattas , tunics, sleeveles polka dotted tops with capris, shorts with spaghetti top and sleeveles shrug etc. could be worn
    2. Jewellery should be light, but use of semi precious stones like turquoise,amethyst , topaz etc. will create a unique style statement.
    3. Make up should be kept as minimal as possible, kajal, eyeliner and colorful eye pencil along with nude lip gloss would give a perfect look. Pastel shaded nails would definitely the style of season.
    4. Try kolhapuris & other artistic chappals for a trendy summer look. Floaters could also be worn.
    5. People who love experimenting with hair should go for shoulder length straightened hair for a chic look. Those with long hair could make a stylish braid knotted with colorful rubberbands at equal intervals.

  6. I keep my outfits casual and avoid materials that leave me sweaty. Cotton is the best material for summers. Also, lots of water to keep my skin looking fresh. Colorful ganjis, printed playful rompers, bermuda shorts are what I usually wear.

    My sunnies are my prime accessories for this season. :)

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  7. #SummerinClinique and tag @GraziaIndia
    I make sure once in a week I use Cucumber mask for my face,as it helps to keep my face fresh whole week. Summer is not been so good to me in past, so I take extra precautions .
    I always use lightly tinted, SPF, anti-aging moisturizer, with few dabs of concealer does wonder as foundation in summer is the worst enemy . I always add face primer before my makeup which helps hold everything in place just perfectly.
    In the summer months the powder is girl’s best friend as it absorbs oil and helps maintain a matte finish.
    Primer for eyes, as it holds eye shadow or liner, i prefer to go neutral as its way to hot for my skin to absorb so much and always use water proof eye liner to balance my look.
    On my lips I usually use lip balm, as it helps in avoiding cracks due to lack of moisture
    I use very light and neutral colors to balance the whole summer look
    For my hair I take extra precautions, by using moisturizing shampoos and conditioners and intensively use mask
    Braids is what i prefer as they are most sophisticated way keep healthy
    eye shadow or liner, i prefer to go neutral as its way to hot for my skin to absorb so much and always use water proof eye liner to balance my look.
    On my lips i usually use lip balm, as it helps in avoiding cracks due to lack of moisture
    I use very light and neutral colors to balance the whole summer look
    For my hair i take extra precautions, by using moisturizing shampoos and conditioners and intensively use mask
    Braids is what i prefer as they are most sophisticated way keep healthy

    How can i forget my best friend Sunscreen lotion, that I always carry in my purse.. always


  8. Great article...My tips would be-

    1)Use sunscreen generously!Hands,Legs,Neck,Body....otherwise you will tan in random places !
    2)Carry a water bottle,blotting papers,sunglasses and a hat/umbrella at all times!
    3)Leave those jeans alone!Go for Short dresses /shorts / Loose colorful pants in neon shades!
    4)For makeup...its the perfect time to try out colored liner/mascara for your lashes and don't forget to use waterproof makeup!
    5)A hi-low top with shorts is definitely one look I'm going to try this season!
    6)A loose,casual bun would be perfect for this season!

  9. For me summers is about-

    Hydrating: drinking water, moisturizing religiously

    Protecting: shades, umbrellas, hats and sun-block lotion (not just for the skin but for the mane as well)

    Everything light: Minimal with makeup, with accessories (I only wear a golden beige illuminator and waterproof mascara on my face as makeup – entire summer – staying light makes me happy and dancing) :)

    Yet keeping it stylish with flowy fabrics, pastel colors and bright nails ;)

    Thanks Aayushi. Would like a day out with the gorgeous you.

    1. Please email me your contact details on :)

  10. Summer 2013 is loaded with graphic prints, asymmetrical tops and dresses ,sexy stripes ,maxi skirts , flowy soft fabrics , neon and of course colours :D
    The best time to experiment :D
    Hot tip: 1-keeping the face makeup subtle and adding a pop of colour to your eyes OR lips
    Tip 2- using the most essential summer products ie sunblock, moisturizer, lip balm and a hair conditioner
    Idea 1- playing with colour :be it by keeping clothes neutral and adding a pop of colour with shoes and bags or accessories or even hot funky summer manicures
    Idea 2 -playing with prints and experimenting : combining prints is tricky but hot trend this summer
    Idea 3 - hairstyles sans heating : trying different kinds of braids and buns colourful headbands, clips etc is a fun thing to try ( provided rest of the outfit and makeup is subtle)
    Creativity is what will do wonders this summer :) "minimal is more"

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  11. Summer 2013

    Use a light moisturiser followed by a very light compact to keep the skin matte and fresh.
    For the eyes, use a hint of waterproof kohl and mascara. If you want to dress up, use winged-tip eyeliner or colours like green, blue and grey, apart from the classic black and brown.
    Use only a bit of the cheek tint, which is great for summer. If you use too much, it will streak.
    Apply a pop of colour on your lips, directly or using a lip brush. A hint of gloss just at the centre of the lips gives a good finish. Using a lip pencil to fill in a natural colour on the entire lip along with some pink gloss gives a subtle yet finished look.

    Happy Summer

  12. Summer is all about keeping it minimal and looking fabulous at the same time!
    I ensure to protect my skin as much as possible when traveling and keeping a small pouch of face wash, moisturizer and sun screen (UVA and UVB protection) so I can look great and ready for any meeting/presentation anytime :)

  13. apply sandalwood paste over ur face, to cool u down , even ur skintone and lighten suntan and spots. thats what i do.

  14. Here are my Summer Solutions-

    Minimum make-up for outings and Sunscreens + Waterproof Eyeliner + LipBalms for daily!
    Mud pack(Multani Matti)the coolest pack for the skin in summers!
    No Denims, more dresses, cottons and current Fav Shiffon or Linen!
    Less food, more fruits and salads!
    5-6 ltrs of water!
    A good swim to stay fit!
    And lastly adequate sleep to repeat ;)

  15. Here are my Summer Solutions-

    Dressing - No Denims! More cottons and dresses! Current Fav Chiffon and Linen!
    MakeUp - Minimum even for outings! Only SunScreen + EyeLiner + LipBalm for daily!
    Food - Very little cooked, spicy, oily food but more Fruits and Salads!
    Drinks - Coconut Water or Lemonades! Atleast 5 ltrs of water!
    Workout - A good swim
    And adequate sleep to repeat ;)

  16. During the summer I always opt for bright colors. Instead of using heavy foundation I prefer bb cream with spf because it's much lighter.I also put make a mixture of yoghurt,lime & tomato juice and apply it on my face atleast twice a week.Lime is a natural bleaching agent and tomato juice de tans whereas yoghurt helps you relax,cool down and helps make your skin soft and supple.This mask is a must try for summer. I also carry sunglasses n water wherever I go to keep hydrated.

  17. I think Summers should just be blatantly termed synonymous to 'rehydrate' because if you're going to be pretty, you might not want to faint at the same time. The best toner, astringent and day cream.

    instead of listing everything that I wear In Summers, I'll just list down my absolute favourites that I own (and also want to own) : firstly, dungaree shorts. I've seen a couple at Zara and they're gorgeous! Also more compliant than jumpsuits. I am a fan of my girly pastels, to color block pastels with pastels or pastels with white. Minimum one pair of sunnies and an umbrella that you're NOT ashamed to be seen with at any time. I must send a personal thank you (love)letter to Neil Caffrey for rocking hats the way he does and inspiring us to follow suit (i have followed suit and purchased three). I'm not much fan of jewellery during the day so I lean on neons to add colour and depth to my clothes on my preferred dark shades. My boyfriend-go-to's are shirts in stripes and collared shirts that are to be used as an overall. I'm not a fan of capris and I will shoot you if you're wearing black yoga pants (jk, best friends! :D).

    As a (to-be) doctor skincare>makeup. Its a mortal crime to be seen with runny makeup thanks to sweat so I refrain from liquid foundatioms. I use a toner to close unnecessary pores and use a primer if wearing makeup in the day is a must. I LOVE LOVE LOVE rouges and dark red lipsticks. I get zero points though for experimenting with eye makeup in summer. :'(

    Besides, my grandma's face masks for repair, rejuvenation and everything nice are my go-to moves in the summer. She makes permutations and combinations with turmeric, rose water, besan, aloe, egg, basil, honey etc and creates magic potions.
    Did I say drink plenty of water? Ok, I say it again

    Final piece of advice: take yourself to a faraway place and be sipping mohitos and enjoy this summer.

    Bijou bijou! ^.^

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  18. #SummerinClinique @GraziaIndia

    My Summer Tips:

    1.Cucumber salad
    2.Apply Methi and Curd to hair
    3.Constant face wash
    4.Eat Watermelon
    5.Twice cold bath,avoid headbath with cold water who gets cold
    6.drink plenty of water from mud container
    7.Apply face pack of mint,corinder,sandalwood,lemon & saffron (preferred in evening)

  19. Summer 2013,

    A hot weather needs hot tips... I make sure to wear SPF every time I face the sun.. My face wash and all time moisturizer are best friends of mine these days. Not too much on make up, but a little of an eyeliner and soothing gloss does suffice. Cotton wear is what i hook on this summer allowing my skin to breathe. Avoiding dark colors like black and dark blue and dwell on white and other light colors to radiate the heat..

    For the hair, a braid or a regular bun looks great and I make it a point to wash my hair alternatively..
    These are my ideas for a hot summer to make it more charming....


  20. Its not just what make up I wear.
    I follow the following during summers :

    - carry water bottle in my handbag to keep myself hydrated
    - eat my fruit plate every morning after getting to work
    - wear my dark kajal always
    - maroon lips
    - and ofcourse my sunglasses to keep me off those rays


  21. Summer is all about to play with sun, n to have fun with the brightness of the sun.... as per sun is so bright, then it's time for us to get in to it.. get flow with waterproof color make-up, for lips to keep as natural as they can stay, time to go for pretty shorts, dress, cool tees, n wonder numbers pattern n color scarf for the shining day.... for evening time nice pretty shorts n baggy tees with the term of cool color(say no to hot color in summer)... will gave nice cool n friendly look paired up with simple n light make-up, the hot tip for summer is (1)never forget ur sunscreen, (2) be-live in 3 words beauty lies in simplicity... (3) the less ur ware more u play... top tip to get ride of tan in summer is to apply a mask made up of besan, lemon, milk, n Turner... on the tanned area for 15 mins, if u can have bath with is past well an good.... :)
    even one try cool shards of sunglasses.....
    really imp for girl's hairs!!!!!
    try out to make different styles or pattern of braids... can give cool n cute look with a pair of braids n ribbon...(keep in mind when ever u r going to try this, go for the same color of ribbon which will be same of ur shorts or dress....)just don't stay in the shard of black n white....

  22. Here is my 5 secret to stay cool in summer:

    1. Wear sunscreen lotion All the Time:-

    Sunscreen lotion should contain high-SPF and one should have to use sunscreen lotion every day. It’s true! Although you should have been wearing a high-SPF lotion even in winter, its ever more important in the summer because you’ll be spending more time outdoors. I always choose a facial sunscreen lotion which contains SPF-15 or higher is preferable.

    2.Skip the Foundation:-

    Classic foundation covers up pores and sweat glands. While this is fine in the cold and dry air of winter, it can cause problems in the summer. With heavy foundation, you may see an increase in acne. And, if you’re outdoors, you ‘ll likely sweat it all off anyway.

    3.Use light liner and mascara:-

    I apply lighter eyeliner and mascara during summer months. Dark, heavy lashes don’t work for the season. Choose soft black or brown eyeliner and mascara colors and apply them with a light hand. This is especially important for those who have fairer skin or women with red or blonde hair. Carry black mascara along with you in case you’re going from day to night with your makeup look.

    4.Choose lip gloss over lip stick:-

    Lips gloss workout more good then lip sticks in summer season and stay bit long time then lip stick. Lip gloss is perfect for summer looks, especially if it features sheer pink or peach and light colors with a slight shimmer. It’s better to avoid dark or heavy lipstick wherever possible on important events or going to a night club etc.

    5.Choose summer colors:-

    Dark makeup colors just don’t work for summer. When you’re planning out your eye shadow or lipstick, lean more towards pink, coral and pastel colors instead of smoky eye looks. Summer is all about color, so a bright sky blue eye shadow will look approprite in this season or we can say as this color is made for this season only.

    This is also a good time to apply cream-based blush to apples of your cheeks. Choose a light pink or peach or any other lighter shades with sheer coverage. This is a great addition if you’re going light on eye makeup.

    Try to wash face again it will keep your skin fresh all day and will reduces the risk of sun tanning.

    Use a simple lip gloss and carry it with you wherever you go to make it easy to reapply. Shiny lip gloss works great for summer as opposed to matte gloss.

  23. #SummerinClinique @GraziaIndia
    Hello ladies,
    Spilling the beans for STYLDRV ;)

    1) Sunscreen – Make sure your sunscreen is a hybrid of chemical and physical sunscreen (Physical sunscreens work by deflecting or blocking the sun's rays whereas the chemical ones work by scattering sun rays or absorbing them)

    2) BB cream- Skip the moisturizer,primer,foundation,concealer layers and opt for a BB cream instead.

    3) Bronzer cheat – Apply bronzer just to the high points of your face, where the sun naturally hits you, which is the forehead, cheekbones, chin, and nose for that natural sun kissed glow. Pick a matte bronzer over the creamy or liquid ones. It makes your face look bright.

    4) Beetroot to the rescue- If you are not a fan of powdered blushes and worried that your favorite creamy ones might streak out in this humidity, then this one’s for you- finish off your make up by rubbing a fresh beetroot slice on the apples of your check for that glowy natural looking flushed look.

    5) Neutral eyes and bright matte lips- Pick an eye shadow in a neutral shade for brighter and fresh looking eyes. Cheat a little by applying the same on the bridge of the nose and cheekbones for a defined glow. Opt for a gel eyeliner instead of liquid or waxed ones. Flirt a little with brighter lip shades lined well with same colored liner to avoid streaking. Skip the gloss

    7) Detox beauty potion - 2Lwater, 1 medium cucumber, 1 lemon, 10-12mint leaves. Steep overnight and keep sipping throughout the summers for clearer detoxified skin :D6) Lastly, play it safe and stylish by carrying a bright colorful umbrella and wearing a big smile instead of a grumpy heat complaining face.

    Happy summers!! :* :* :*

    1. Please email me your contact details on :)

  24. Now a days people wants to spend this summer in cool paces. For the rich people they can but the middle class what they, this tips to stay cool and fresh in summer can fallow both the people, thank for the idea

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