Sunday, April 21, 2013

Currently Loving Deux

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Anna Sui Fairy Dance Perfume

 photo SD-0112_zps9a9c5930.jpg
Pink lips for summer

 photo SD-0032_zps8447fa8d.jpg
Customized Suede loafers from Sole'D Shoes

It's been a long month and all of these things have either made my life easier or nicer and hence the tag! I received the Quirkbox planner back in March and I swear to god, life has gotten busier since that day. Maybe it's a lucky charm? Who knows. Talking about lucky charms, at Anna Sui's new perfume launch, the host insisted that this perfume is meant to bring your dreams come true. Sure, nice try. But keeping that lure point aside, I've genuinely been enjoying the lovely floral scent which works perfectly for this time of the year!

Lip products have always been of keen interest to me, as far as make up goes. A pink pout, be it a soft pink pout for the day or that bright fuchsia for the night are perfect for summer. Another colour that I have been loving is Tangerine! I was never into Tangerine until last year, when the colour took the fashion world by storm. And now in 2013, I'm still hooked. These super comfortable suede loafers by Sole'D Shoes can be customized into a ton of colours but when I was asked to pick a colour, guess what I chose! 

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  1. fine pics; DD

    i invite to me too



  2. I need to try out Sole D Shoes. Looks nice!

  3. hi can you please list down the pink lipsticks that are shown in the pic "pink lips for summer"