Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bijoux Affaire

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It's no hidden fact that I am an accessory hoader. I have done an entire post earlier on how accessories play such an important role in making an ensemble look it's best! So when I got to know about the Jewel Box by Faballey, I had to order myself one to satiate my hoader side. I logged on to the website and I was made to go through this random fashion and beauty related quiz which would help them figure out my fashion personality and therefore decide which box would suit my style the best! My result was the Glam Box. Well, well, what can I say. They know me too well! After they show you your result, they also give you a glimpse of what you will be receiving in your box! So if you like everything in your box, you can go ahead and order it or if you don't, you could skip it. I, however went ahead and placed an order for mine even though I was unsure about one item in the box!

I got the box a week later. I was so excited, I could hardly wait to open in! Each item came wrapped in a bubble wrap and also with a cute little purple pouch to store it in. I got a necklace, a ear cuff and a collar chain in my box. Now the necklace and the collar chain are right up my alley but the ear cuff, I'll be honest, given a choice I would refrain from buying it because I know I would never wear one! But that's the fun part of the box. You might get an item which you may not usually go for but you could now experiment with it and see if you like it. Which for me, I've fallen in love with the ear cuff!

I've heard of a ton of beauty boxes doing the rounds before, but a Jewel Box was a first and I have to say it's quite an interesting concept. It would make such a cool gift for any fashion lover! The quality of the jewellery is as good as any other jewellery from Considering that the box contains items worth Rs.2000 but it's actually priced at Rs.1000 without compromising on the
quality, makes it even more worth it. I love the fact that each item came with a separate pouch to store the jewellery in. However I do wish the packaging was a little more personalized and fun. But then there's always scope for improvement. Go now and order your April box if you feel like giving this a try or if you're looking for a fun gift to give a friend. If you or your friend are jewellery lovers like myself, I guarantee, you won't regret it.

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  1. i ordered mine to see what i get it .
    I selected Casual as thats what it came as result
    Hope i get something nice in my box yaar :)
    u have got bful stuff in urs :)

  2. I think this would make a nice birthday gift as well. :)

  3. I ordered the same glam box from FabAlley and this was by far, the worst delivery. Except for cost-effectiveness, I found nothing appealing. The jewelry looks worn out. They delivered in 45 days, after continuous e-mailing.
    Moreover they sent it at the billing address, whereas i specifically mentioned the shipping address was different.
    So total bust!
    I sincerely hope that it was just this once, because I was hoping to order some more stuff that I liked on their site.
    They have good collection, but this experience has made me very unsure about them.

  4. Hey Aayushi thank you for this amazing post! I just ordered mine! According to them my style is Classic but I ordered for the Casual one as I already have some similar stuff that they were giving in the Classic box! xoxo Aastha

  5. Thanx Aayushi,
    I never gave much heed to accessories before but now m thinking maybe i ll give it a try. You 're that 'one' inspiration of the day! :) I would also like to suggest you a brand that might sound totally offbeat to you but it might catch your attention if you are looking for a little experiment every now and then. you can check out Breakbounce. The color will bring you Traffic!!!