Friday, March 22, 2013

How To : Bedazzled Clutch

 photo Bedazzled-Clutch_zps88294967.jpg
Clutch(old)- Zara, Glue Gun- Stationery store, Floral embellishments- Something Special

Ever since I saw the embellished clutches by Prada and Miu Miu, I have been itching to make one of my own. For the longest time, I couldn't find the kind of embellishments I wanted. But I finally found these gorgeous holographic flowers lying in a corner at the craft store and I knew this was it! I didn't want to make it too blingy so I stuck to simple yet alluring embellishments. You can pick embellishments of your choice. You could even try using your old bracelets, earrings or necklaces.

What you need:-
An old clutch bag
Embellishments of choice
Colour pencils/ Pens
Glue Gun

Steps :-
1) The first and most important part of this diy is picking the embellishments you want. Once you have that sorted, it's child's play.

2) Using a colour pencil or pen, mark the spots where you'd want to place your embellishments. I went for simple rows and columns. You could however play with patterns and create something fun.

3) Now using a glue gun or fabric glue, stick the embellishments on to the bag.

4) Let it dry for about 2 hours and then you're ready to flaunt it!

I hope you guys try this fun and quick revamp trick yourself! For me, I can't wait to take this beloved to the Lakme Fashion week!

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  1. It goes very well with that colour. I love your diy posts! :)

  2. It looks beautiful! Great post :)

  3. o wow! really good idea.
    thanks for sharing.
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  4. WOW!! So cute... I will definately try this...

  5. nice nice...i m surely trying it.

  6. so pretty!
    I love those gorgeous embellishments


  7. Freakin' cute!!
    Jillian -

  8. great diy!
    GIVEAWAY on my blog, don't miss it!

  9. That is a very easy and cute DIY.
    Unfortunately I dont know of any stores like "Something Special" In delhi!