Saturday, October 27, 2012

Denim : His & Hers

Dress- Forever21, Denim Jacket- Topshop, Sunglasses & Bag- Zara, Belt, Ring and Spiked bracelet- Blur Designs,On my nails- Revlon Vixen (On him)Trousers, t-shirt & Shoes- Zara, Denim shirt- Asos, Sunglasses- RayBan

Denim is all the rage during summer but this time it's playing the role of a perfect transition piece from Summer to Winter. Now I'd wear my denim jacket at any point of the year, irrespective of it being trendy or not. But because it's a huge trend right now, S & I thought we'd give you a list of how we'd wear it!

For Her

- Wear your denim jacket with a day dress  for that perfect balance. This is my favourite way of wearing it. I chose this Tribal print dress and threw on the denim jacket with a neon bag for that pop of colour.

- Another one of my favourite ways is to wear it with a nice burgundy trouser (or any coloured pants) with a pretty top. Keep your jewellery minimal and add a huge day bag.

- And if you insist on wearing it for a night out, pair it with a nice pair of cropped trousers, a geometric print button up, some statement earrings, heels and that red pout. You could even pair it with a cute sparkly skirt.

For Him

- For that laid back day look, wear your favourite trousers with a t-shirt and throw on a open denim shirt. Add some loafers and sunglasses to complete the look.

- Another simple look would be to pair that denim shirt buttoned all the way to the top with some khaki/army green trousers and casual shoes.

- For a formal look, layer that denim shirt with a casual jacket and some fitted pants. Put on your formal shoes and you're all set to give your better half a run for all the attention.

The weekend is the perfect time for these looks! So now you know what you're wearing tonight or for that Sunday brunch.

Photography by the lovely Shreya Sen.

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Red Lips x StyleDrive For Spring Break(F/W '12)

Shirts- StyleDrive for Spring Break(F/W '12)Coming soon, Lipsticks- MAC's Lady Danger, Russian Red, Media

A scarlet pout is so dependable. Be it the classic pin-up red, the bright orange red or this season's favourite, burgundy. See how me and my friends are wearing three completely different shades of red in the video?! Rely on it to brighten any dull day or add that extra spark to your outfit. I love wearing a red lip at any given time of the year! But for those of you who are still shying away, now is the perfect time to start. 

You can choose from a variety of red hues depending on your skin tone and outfit. Who doesn't love the classic red pout? But if you're already comfortable with that, step out and try a few other hues. A bright orange red is what I rely on for all those grey days. It's the perfect day time, bright lip. As for the nights, I've been enjoying the deeper berry shades. Red is such a classic color, not experimenting with it would be unfair. So this season go out and rock that perfect pout!

Also, if you're wondering where our shirts are from then let me tell you that you can buy them very soon as they are a part of the StyleDrive for Spring Break (F/W '12) collection! I am super excited as this one is going to be even grander. You beautiful women supported us so wonderfully last time and we hope that the new collection will blow your mind just as much. From sequins to red hues to fall florals, we have everything covered. Follow me on Facebook to be the first one to know all about the collection and for more updates!

A tip :- If you want your red lips to last longer, apply the lipstick and blot it a few times before you apply it for the final time. This will stain your lips and help the colour to stay right there for hours!

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Friday, October 12, 2012

How To : Shoe Makeover

Loafers-Wanted shoes, Spray paint, glue gun and half pearls - Stationary store

Embellished shoes were all over the fall runaways. Be it the metallic heels or studded loafers, they were all seen in plenty. I don't wear loafers that often, I'm more of a sandals/ballet flats person. But embellished anything is always tempting and hence the thought of turning my loafers into something pretty so that I could at least wear them. So here's how you can upgrade your shoes from boring to 'where'd you get them?!' shoes. 

What you need :- 

- Shoes/ Loafers
- Gold spray paint
- Half pearls
- Scotch tape
- Glue gun / Glue
- Newspaper


1) Start of with taping off the sections of your shoes which you don't want the spray paint to ruin. I wanted to spray paint the heel and bottom seem of my shoes so I taped the shoe accordingly.

2) Hold the spray paint can a few inches away from your shoe and start to evenly spray the paint. Go slow to achieve that even, smooth look. Don't forget to lay some newspaper where you're doing this as you don't want to ruin your flooring now, do you?

3) Let the paint dry for about an hour. My loafers had tassels in the front, so I decided to take them out and spray paint them separately.

4) Once the paint is dry, take your glue gun and start placing the pearls where you'd like to. I decided to place two stripes around the heel.

5) Let that dry for about 15 minutes. And voila.

Your perfect pair of fall loafers are right in front of you. Time to go flaunt them!

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Camouflage Attack

Jacket/Overshirt- Zara, Blouse- Mesh, Pants- Zara(old), Sunglasses & Shoes- Zara, Purse- Mom's, On my lips- Mac's Twig, On my nails- China Glaze's Flip Flop Fantasy

Whether you've been an ardent follower of this blog or you've just been casually browsing on a regular basis, you would know that my style tilts more towards the feminine side. I mean I love my jeans & pants but if you ask me, honestly, I could live in my skater dresses and flouncy skirts forever. But as they say, change is the spice of life. So every now and then I do try to pick up some pieces that are slightly out of my comfort zone or style barricades. This jacket is just one of those pieces. I saw it over a month ago and visited the store thrice before I finally made the splurge. And boy, am I glad I jumped in. I've worn it with pants and rocked it with a dress too. I look forward to wearing it more often once the humidity and heat decide to leave us alone. For this outfit, I decided to go with these burgundy/oxblood/whateveryouwanttocallit pants with the jacket because I love the contrast it creates. I added a simple off-white flowy blouse for that neutral touch and finished it off with tan shoes. For the bag, I stole my mom's vintage leather purse and I am in no mood to let go! I hope you guys enjoyed the post and hopefully, I motivated you to go buy those floral pants or that sequin dress or that velvet skirt which you weren't sure of buying, until now of course!

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