Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Take some love

The entire Styledrive for Spring Break collection is going to be on a flat 20% off starting today! So if you were eyeing a piece, now's the time to go ahead and click the buy button! You can also get an additional 5% off by sharing this image on your Facebook page! The additional 5% will only be valid if you either shop at the store or avail the COD option. So what are you waiting for? I say start now! Happy Shopping.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How To : Blue Smokey Eyes

Products Used  : -
Bobbi Brown's Creamy Concealer in the shade Natural
L'oreal's True Match Mineral's Powder
Urban Decay's Eyeshadow primer potion
L'oreal's Infalliable Eyeshadow in All Night Blue from the new L'or collection!
Dior's eyeshadow in Argentic
L'oreal's Super liner eyeliner
Maybelline's The Falsies Mascara
Mac's Fix Plus

Tools Used : -
The Body shop's Eyeshadow Blender brush
Sponge tip eyeshadow brush (Beauty Center)
Eyelash curler from Faces

Steps : -
1) Apply some concealer around your eyes to create an even base and cover up any darkness. Set it with any setting powder or foundation.

2) Use a eye shadow primer to make sure that your eye shadow lasts longer and to make the colours look vibrant.

3) Using a eye shadow blending brush start blending the dark blue colour into your crease. Slowly increase the amount to darken the shadow. Gradually building the colour up will help you to achieve the look better than going super dark all at once.

4) Spray some fix plus on to your sponge tip brush and dip it into any silver shadow. Now apply this eye shadow on to the middle and inner corner's of your eyes.

5) Next, apply a thin eye liner using either an eyeliner brush or in my case L'oreal's Super Liner.

6) Curl your eyelashes and coat them with your favourite Mascara preferably waterproof.

And voila. Go ahead and rock this Monsoon friendly night time look! 

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Skirt- Styledrive for Spring Break, Shirt- Zara, Shoes- Asos, Necklace- Bandra, Bangles & rings- Forever21

Pleated skirts have been an essential for my summer wardrobe for the past few years. So when I was working on the Styledrive for Spring Break collection, I was keen on adding this style to it. They are feminine, fun, hassle free and can easily work for a day time or night time look. I like to balance the feminine pleats out with a button up. I also added a statement necklace in a contrasting colour to add some more dimension to the outfit. As for the shoes, I have been wanting to wear these babies ever since I got them. Like every other shoe, these  too have a story behind. I think I'll leave that for later though. As of now I am just basking in the glory of these gorgeous pleats.

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Wardrobe Essentials 101

I have often been asked to list down some essential items that a girl should have in her closet. So I decided to do a few posts on some of the things that I consider inevitable from mine. Here's the first part of my list.

1) A black bag
This is something that in my opinion, should never leave your wardrobe. I for one replace my black bag even before I get rid of the previous one. It works with literally every outfit you could ever put together and even act as a catalyst for super loud colors. You could choose a style that you like. I carry my world with me and so for me big tote bags work splendidly.

2) A white shirt
I cannot emphasize enough on how important it is for every girl to have a well fitted white shirt in her closet. It works with formal outfits, with casual skirts or even paired over your favorite jeans. It seems to work brilliantly as a cover up as well. When choosing that precious white shirt, make sure that it fits you well. If you're someone who loves the oversized look then go with something a size bigger. Try and choose a cotton one as it would be easy to wear throughout the year.

3) A stripped top
A black and white stripped top is such a transitional piece. It can be worn casually with jeans or shorts and be dressed up teamed together with a floral shirt or pants. They even compliment the on going colored denims trend and work wonderfully under blazers. Super easy to style, they instantly add a chic touch to any outfit. When picking one of these, try to avoid broad stripes. Go for smaller, even stripes. I personally love the black and white combination, you could however even opt for a navy and white one!

4) A bright skirt
Now this is something that can make even a plain white t-shirt look dressy. Just add some statement jewelry and you're good to go. I prefer a bright skirt over say a bright dress because you can pair the skirt with so many different blouses and make it look like a new outfit every single time. These are perfect for night outs and to brighten up day time events. Choose the length of your skirt according to your comfort level and body type. A knee length one seems to work perfectly with everyone. When picking one try going for a color that suits your skin tone. If your skin tone is like mine go for a red, pink, orange or maybe a yellow.

5) Black high heels
A pair of black pumps go well with everything. For me my black pumps are my most worn shoes. But you don't necessarily need to go for pumps. You could opt for Mary Janes, platform sandals or even something strappy. Black high heels can help you make even a casual pair of jeans and t-shirt look so glamourous. These are shoes that you can rely on. These for me are my constant back-up shoes.

If you have all of these items in your closet, you just got one step closer to having the perfect wardrobe. 

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