Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Spring Day

Shirt- H&M(old), Bottoms- Zara, Shoes- Asos(gift from boifie), Watch- Michael Kors, Clutch- Aldo, Bracelets- Assorted(styldrv),Rings- RepublicOfchic and styldrv, Sunglasses- Asos, On my lips- Istanbul soft cream by Nyx

Wore this outfit to a casual lunch with a few friends. I love the contrast of the mustard top and the beige jeans. I added the polka dots clutch to create some dimension and added some gold jewellery along with my rose gold watch. I also put in some accents of blue with my ring and nail varnish. And finally finished it off with sky high heels. It's beginning to get a little hot here and so this outfit was perfect in terms of the colours and level of comfort. 
While we're still here, what's your all time favourite go-to outfit?

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pastel Accents

Skirt- Mango, Top- Colaba(I changed the buttons), belt- Forever21(old), Shoes- Aldo, Clutch- Zara, Rings and cuff- Styldrv

Sometimes I buy things during the sale knowing very well that I won't be able to wear it for a few months. This skirt was another such thing. I bought it at a steal price from the Mango sale back in October! I finally had the chance to take it out and flaunt it with some pastel accents. A light grey maxi skirt or jeans or even trousers is a good investment to make for this time of the year as not only will it go well with the spring colour palette but will also help you get a fresh look while you leave the darker hues behind.

On another note, life has been good to me lately and I don't think I thank everyone enough for making it what it is. So here, thank you to every person in my life for making it so wonderful for me and of course to all my readers! I have some really exciting news to share with all of you, but you might have to wait for sometime before I can announce it here! Trust me, it'll be worth it!

Thank you reminds me, what better way to say it than with a Giveaway, right? An exciting giveaway will be up in a couple of days!

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Will you be my Valentine?

Dress- Spring Break, Blazer- Marks&Spencer, Shoes- Steve Madden, Belt- Forever21, Bow ring- Aldo, Bangles- Assorted, Pearl ring- Thrifted

This gorgeous lace dress has been sitting pretty in my closet for over 2 months now. I was waiting to figure out a perfect occasion way to wear it while it was still a bit chilly. And finally, this cropped blazer( which is 3 sizes big on me), did the trick. And then of course my shoes helped me jazz it all up. This is probably an outfit I am going to repeat on Valentine's day. It fits the bill perfectly; Feminine- Check. A hint of red- Check. Pearls- Check. Outrageous shoes- Check. What do you think and how are you planning to dress up tomorrow?
Also, here's wishing all of you a Happy Valentine's day in advance. I hope you have a wonderful day with your loved ones.

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Day - Gift Guide

It's the weekend before Valentine's Day- your one and only chance to prepare for the day if you haven't already! So this weekend when you head out, these ideas may help you plan a perfect day for your loved one! I am not  someone who believes in celebrating love on one specific day but I love receiving gifts! I guess this is what co-existence is all about. 

For Women 
1) Conventional- See as much as flowers and macaroons are over hyped, we always get excited on seeing a cute box of macaroons or lovely flowers by our side. So really, if you found a little time and made this effort, we for sure will appreciate it. 

(Where do I get this? - Ferns & Petals make arrangements that would touch any girl’s heart and for macaroons and cupcakes Le 15 at Palladium is my favourite.)

2) Skincare products- We love indulging in skincare products. We love smelling girly and fresh. So a gift set from The Body Shop or an aroma therapy kit from Omved, would always brighten our day. And once we are happier you’ll automatically feel happier. So it’s literally something you’re doing for yourself. 

(Where do I get this? - You could try any Body Shop counter around the city. Lush at Phoenix is also a good alternative.)

3) A Watch- This is something that would be a splurge item. So I’d suggest, be very sure of what she wants. You could always check out various brands- depending on how much you’d like to spend. Some of the good options are Diesel, Michael Kors, Titan, etc. 

(Where do I get this? - Any Shopper’s Stop, Pantaloons, Lifestyle outlet would be a good option. The Collective is also a good option for higher end watches.)

4) Makeup- Now this is a tricky gift yet something that will be treasured. Women love makeup and sometimes it becomes difficult for us to allocate money towards it in between the shoes, clothes, etc. You know how it is. So indulging in a little high end makeup will always brighten our day. Personally I would love to receive anything from Chanel’s new spring 2012 collection. But if you don’t know what your girl wants, just get her a gift card or take her shopping for makeup. She’ll love it. And don’t worry we won’t take it the wrong way. We know we are pretty with or without makeup.

(Where do I get this? - Step into your closest Mall and you’ll find a million options.)

5) Accessories- This is a wide category. Anything from shoes, bags to statement jewellery would come under this. We can never have enough shoes or bags even if we don’t have place to store them. No really. So if you have this in mind, it’s a wonderful idea and you can never go wrong with this. Did I mention never? 

(Where to get this- For shoes and bags check out Zara, Steve Madden, and Aldo. They you might find a good deal in their sale section. For jewellery check out or any Accessorize outlet.)

For Men
1) A massage- Most of our men lead such busy and hectic lives that they can barely make time for us, forget spending some on themselves. So this is your turn to give them a chance to spend some time with themselves, relaxing and feeling rejuvenated. A good foot massage or a back massage is always a good option. Get them a voucher from a good spa and let them relax over the weekend. You could also book yourself a couple’s spa. 

(Where do I get this? – Some good spa’s off the top of my head would be Myrah, Thai Aroma Therapy, Aura, etc. You could also get some good deals off

2) Skin care- Your man may or may not agree but men love taking care of their skin as much as we do. They won’t obviously indulge in it themselves, so this is where we, like in every other aspect of life tell them what’s good for them. A good set of products, like a face scrub, a lotion, a  nice face wash, a toner packed all together in a cute basket would be a well appreciated gift. A good perfume may also do the trick.

(Where do I get this? –For Skincare- Kiehl’s, The Body Shop, Forest Essentials are good places to pick up these items individually. Some of them also have great gift sets. The Body Shop also has discounts going on. You could find perfumes at any Pantaloons or Lifestyle outlet near you!)

3) Shoes- Men love shoes as much as we do. They may not own as many as us( they really can’t beat us in that department) but they do love having a decent collection. So adding to this would only make them happier. For this I would suggest you take your man with you and let him pick the one he likes the most, unless you know him better than he does, which will be the case for most.

(Where do I get this? – Zara, Diesel, Nike, Puma are some good options.)

4) A good meal- The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach is really not just a saying. It’s been proven right at various times. A good meal is something a man would always appreciate. It may not be expensive but a nice place with good food would be a win win for both of you. 

(Where to go? - This would mainly depend on the kind of cuisine you’d want to have. Just log on to and book yourself a table before they stop taking reservations.)

5) Accessories- Now here is the option of getting him a nice wallet, a sturdy belt or even a watch. Figure out what he wants/needs the most. You can never go wrong with any one of these things. He will definitely appreciate it and treasure it while it lasts! 

(Where do I get this? - Hidesign, The Collective, are some good options.) 

Hope this helps! Happy planning and have a good weekend! And for the single ladies, make yourself feel loved by indulging in something that you've been wanting to for a while now! Nothing feels better than a little self-indulgence. 

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Think Blue

Shirt- H&M(old), Necklace- Hill road, Ring- Thrifted, Oversized clutch- Zara, Sunglasses- Asos

Visited the Kala Ghoda festival yesterday. Some of the installations were pretty darn good while others just made pretty backgrounds for touristy pictures. Anyway, I have been really drawn towards a lot of bright colours. While I am collecting some new pieces, some old treasures from my closet are also being rediscovered. Just a tip, whenever you want something, shop your closet first. You might just find something similar to what you were looking for! This is a very casual look but I just wanted to share some pictures with you!
Also, I will be announcing the winners of the Maybelline Giveaway today on my Facebook Page

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Giveaway - Maybelline New York

In keeping with this season’s international trend to ‘GO NUDE’ with make- up, Maybelline New York introduces India's 1st revolutionary product, the BB Cream.
The new BB cream works pretty much like a tinted moisturizer and provides just the right amount of coverage like a foundation thus resulting in a very natural, no make-up look. With all the benefits of a sun block and a moisturizer giving you a sublimely fresh, softer & richer look.
It contains 8 healthy minerals which work to give 8 healthy skin results. It instantly transforms your skin by giving it a healthy glow and works on imperfections to result in an even toned, natural look and all this while taking care of your skin. It keeps skin hydrated all day long and protects with its SPF 21/PA+++ enriched formula. Perfect for daily use.It also comes in a compact, travel-friendly squeeze tube and is available in 3 unique shades – Nude, radiant and natural, which matches most Indian skin tones. This has instantly found it's place in my makeup kit.

Now on to the Contest

To win it, simply comment below and  tell me which of the following 8 benefits will be most helpful for your skin and why?

- Smoothes
- Instantly brightens
- Evens tones
- Freshens- Mattifies
- Protects with SPF 21/ PA+++
- Conceals
- Hydrates

If your answer's convincing, I will send across this revolutionary cream to you! :) 10 winners will be chosen! Enter now and get one step up closer to lovely skin. I will announce the winner on my Facebook Page. Also, please vote for me for's 'The Next Big Style Blogger'.

To enter this contest you must be a resident of India and be over 18 years of age. Contest ends on 9th February 2012.

(P.S. - To know more about this product click here.)

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