Saturday, November 10, 2012

Deux Années

Time flies, no really. I can't believe it's been 2 years since the formation of the blog. I wish I could tell you how lucky I feel to have this dream-come-true opportunity and such lovely readers to support it. So, it was a given that I would celebrate the commencement of the 3rd year by giving you guys a little treat! Here's what you have to do to win these amazing goodies :-

- Comment below and link your all time favourite post from the blog.

- Now go ahead and tell me why this post is your favourite.

- If you want to increase your chances of winning, tweet @aayushibangur mentioning your favourite post. 

- Done? That's all. Now Keep calm and wait for the 16th November to know if you've won!

I will be picking TWO winners and each of you will receive the following in your gift bags :-
An Inglot Nail Enamel, a goodie from La Senza, a Charles & Keith bracelet, a Mango tank, a Nine West gift voucher, a pair of earrings from Qup and a Bebe bag. Along with this you will also get a 40% off discount coupon for the new StyleDrive for Spring Break collection.

Like always, I will announce the winners on my Facebook Page at the end of the contest. Get going and Goodluck ladies!

*This giveaway is open to the residents of India only. 

Giveaway c/o MajorBrands

    -----------------------Contest Closed-------------------------

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  1. Hey Aayushi,
    Do you really want us to name one? I am damn sure all your followers would link hell many of your stylish posts!
    For me my all time favourite would be
    Its the "flower power" post.. The color is so fresh and its so comfy and the lip color is too peppy!
    Its an old post but it still has that uniqueness.. I seriously don't want to end here there are many more post which get me glued to the screen in awwwness! The tangerine pants! The post which was lately put up about the demin shirts! Truly wow.. And yeah the balloon post with a white lace dress.. Too dreamy..

    Keep it up.. And Happy two years to you.. Continue the good work and your doin all your bit to make this world a lot beautiful.. You inspire us.. :D

  2. Its hard to choose one amongst all these beautiful posts but I was awestruck when i saw this video:
    I love the styling, the way the video is shot, the background score, every single thing about the video and you look extremely BEAUTIFUL in this video. Nothing can define girlish charm better than this :)

  3. Hey Ayushi,

    My all time favorite post is "three ways: pink denims" post which you posted sometime back

    The reason I like the post is because of lovely peppy music in the post ,awesome you in the background,informative way to style pink denims and most of all this post inspired me to get my own pink pair of denims & style different way .
    Its very very difficult to choose one post from your blog as I like each and every post .But because I remember and admire this one post the most ,I choose to mention this one ...
    congratulations for the blog anniversary ...

  4. Hey its very hard to choose as all the posts are unique..but if I really have to choose one it will be this one
    I just love the way you styled a shirt so elegantly with the skirt.As pleated skirts are popping up the street-style radar,I got myself one but I got so confused on how to style it.At that time this post came to my rescue.Seeing it,I realized this silhouette has serious styling power.Now,I realize it maybe the best transitional piece I've overlooked in my closet.
    Statement jewels and high impact platforms take this skirt from daytime to night-out.Its both daytime appropriate and night-time sexy.I never thought a shirt could be styled so beautifully.. add to it that right pinch of makeup and you are ready to rock!!thank you this post was a major inspiration.

  5. I have been following your blog ever since it came into existence (silent reader lolz)and have seen your style grow from that of a bubbly girl who loves shopping to a polished fashionista.

    So for me that one post which clicks is :

    For me such moments have a very special place in life, as they rest over sweet memoirs and make us all nostalgic! ;)

  6. Hey!
    This is my favo post cz is very chic n just so feminine. Not at all overdone, just perfect! :)

    this is one of my favorite posts as its such a smart and quick way of jazzing up almost any outfit and also can make something old new again! and stylish!!!
    i tried this out and i got so many compliments too!!!

  8. I love your blog first of all.
    Love all your blog posts but specially and most importantly i love Your DIY posts. My favorite DIY post is Embellished shoulders. What i love about the post is the use of stones an a simple tee. How the Simple tee is converted into super hot tee. Love your idea and concept both.
    In few easy steps you have converted a dull tee into a chic tee.
    Simply love your post.

  9. Hey Aayushi! I have never entered a give-away before, but I honestly couldn't resist! All of those goodies look fabulous! One of my favourite posts on your blog (congrats on 2 years by the way!) is an effortless look from last october:
    I really gravitated towards this post because of the nude-beige shoes, bold lips, big sunnies and a comfy scarf; all pieces that I wear on the regular!
    I love following your FB page, twitter and instagram, so I hope this post catches your attention! :)


    This look has class written all over it! I love it the most because, it's perfect for a trip abroad or across the country during the cooler months or a nice formal brunch out on a Sunday. The Loui Vuitton bag,the Michael Kors watch and the Zara Metalic scarf( I can see why you're addicted to it)are the perfect accessories for this young mademoiselle :P

  11. It was august end this year when my sister visited me and how randomly we started to discuss from oxford life to style and then her fetish for your blog.I remember, there wasn't a minute in that hour of conversation when she forgot to mention this sentence 'dude! Ayushi Bangur is the bestest and the most am'hazing style icon I have come across'. After that hour of conversation whole day the only thing going on in my head was AYUSHI BANGUR. From imagining your face to your style, every arrow passed my head. And then I finally googled styldrv, the most recent one was and the moment I finished scrolling swear to god I fell in love with this.The whole vintage love had its own charm, from the most highlighted crumb 'the skirt' to the tiny detail 'the nail color' every bit was just splendid. Apart from the elements used for this grand post what also interested was the vintage love. It somehow reminds me of Britain a place which is closest to my heart. A place where I am about to start my 18+ life soon. I know that your posts gets better with every new one but no matter what this will be my most loved one. I hope I win this hamper too and even if not it will at least make your smile. :)
    P.S- I don't have a facebook or twitter but I follow you on instagram so can you please announce the result there too. please! Thankyou.

  12. Heyy Aayushi ! Thanks for such an awesome blog, really helps girls like me who live in a non metro to keep up with the trends :)
    this one is my recent but most favorite post from the blog because I myself personally would never gather the courage to buy anything in yellow. But after I read this and looked how it could work magic on your looks, I did finally shop for yellow, YAAAAY !! :D and I totally love it :)and anything that catches my eye now is yellow yellow yellow ! :) Keep up with the blog.. Cheers :)

  13. It was so damn difficult to choose ONE :(
    But I did-
    Q-Why I love it?
    A-THE BLAZER.And the bag. Its gold and its blingy and still somehow its not too OTT for a day look. Thats what I love the most abt this post. U clubbed animal print,bling with basic tank top and jeggings. Its like the best of both worlds :)

  14. I JUST LOVE THIS POST [] u both make such a lovely couple...u both really complement each other well...The forever21 dress...and the pink awesome...nd u make rayban look so classy and is so cool!! u!...and u r an awesome person which makes this post so GOOD <3!

  15. I must say i am addicted to your blog, it inspires me in so many ways.
    I love your DIY post..they are fun to do and your DIY post are always on trend.
    My all time favorite post is the Collar chain one-
    These were so easy to make and very trendy.So clever! especially with using the earring backs.
    I made them and i love them.
    Thank you so much for the beautiful and overly inspiring posts.
    Keep up the fantastic work!! =)

  16. Mine would have to be this one...

    I liked the part where you wrote about 'choices' in this post and how difficult they can be to make :)(It was hard enough choosing one post as a favorite!)

    I adored this outfit.And after this post I fell in love with polka dots! (which I wasn't too keen on before).I even managed to score a similar top with the opposite colours:) black with white polka dots :D
    Congratulations on the blog anniversary!

  17. Hey! so this is my favorite blogpost - Its the How to: embellished shoulders post. This one's my favorite by far as after reading this post, I went on bedazzling basically every shirt I own. lol. Thanks, Ayushi :)

  18. Ah. The age old question. My favorite post ranges from the one on Blake Lively to the ones with amazing buys & photographed really well. I loved the "Everybody, Everywhere" post mostly because of the fact that I learnt how much more I can do with my wardrobe from that!

    Inspite of having the same tee & skirt, I never thought of putting them together! I think that's what fashion is right? You never know what you can do with a simple blue skirt, until you do it. From there, there's no going back!

    Anyway, the whole concept of accessorizing with bracelets has been my go-to. Always! You can't go wrong with stacked bangles or a simple bracelet. These are my few reasons to love that post!

    -RKV (@Riya_KV)


    i've been a fan of your page for a while now and i love almost every single post because there's always a style tip or two that I've managed to make use of. So choosing my favourite post was a little confusing. But I finally settled for the post titled 'That 70's Show' from February 2011.
    According to me, the outfit that you put together was simply fabulous and super duper cute! Oh and might I add that this outfit like every other one seems so effortless? It's just perfect for a day out with the girls. I loved the round framed glasses and the orange nail-paint because I'm a huge fan of bright nail-paint :P

    Anyway keep up the good wor..And HAPPY TWO YEARS!!
    :) <3

  20. Hi Aayushi,

    Its a herculean task to choose one, but I'll go with the first one i saw, "Burnt Tangerine." It was beyoooooooooooootiful. I was SO pumped on finally finding a blog where i liked everything (This is rare), and showed it to everyone on the hostel, and i think there's 20 of us here! (And pajama parties are about cute boys and your blog)

    You're iconic to girls, its like you're our lil Kate Moss. And you seem straight out of a chick flick movie.

    I am grateful for this periodic dose of your awesomeness. Keep blogging xx

  21. If I had to choose an all time favorite (and it was a tough choice), it would probably be
    This was one of the first posts of your blog that I came across and I was wowed by how effortlessly and beautifully you put all the pieces together. Its a look that will never go out of fashion. Honestly, this was one of the posts that got me hooked on your blog and generated my interest in fashion blogs in general. (Also, I've been trying to get my hands on that blazer since forever, still no luck!)
    Heureux deuxième anniversaire! :)

    - @snahe_n

  22. hi aayushi!!!
    what do I say?every post u make is awesome and u look a way better than cute and bful to an excrutiating degree.i love almost all the posts and the best among ‘em I loved is…
    This is one bful thing on earth!im in extreme love with those burgundy trousers and these colored pants do spice up ones boring wadrobe. love that top from reiss and tank from forever21,the ring, the necklace and the classic watch from michael kors,the bag is something one wud crave for and it never goes out of fashion. the shoes notchs up the complete style statement to the outfit.And the entire outfit give the uber chik look.Finally one can shoo away with this perfect look <3 :))

    Im in so love with ur blog and im happy u have finished 2 yrs successfully.i wish all the happiness and luck to u.rock on baby :)

  23. Firstly congratulations! And best of luck to the future of the blog!
    And this is so generous of you!

    My favorite post is 'The art of accessorizing' --->

    Before I even read the text from the post, I was more captivated by the beautiful pictures.. Which now reminds me, I HAVE to pin them to Pinterest!!
    My younger sister is my photographer, and I always show her the pictures on your blog, to show her the type of photographs and the angles that she should try and get.
    This particular post of yours, was a great inspiration to one of mine which came later - 'Accessories and Style' -->


  24. Hi Aayushi! I have been following your blog since you and err.. Malvika? started it together :) Seeing you guys grow in life along with your style quotient feels great :) all the best for everything!
    And if you ask me to link one post, its going to be hell of a job because ALL of them are amazing, I mean it!

    To me, your post-- is an unforgettable one, its not only the extremely casual styling/ very wearable, the pictures are flowing beautifully like none other of the posts and the WORDS which follow are Bang on!- "Especially when you're faced with opportunities as good as the other or as bad, in some cases. I think the biggest conflict each of us face is whether to be happy or not . Suggestion- Pick happiness, its always the better choice." and thats what I did :)
    you are an inspiration and you have an ardent follower :)
    Lots of love XOXO

    PS- i love your other posts as much-- Vintage love and color blocking :)

  25. I am a shoe this post was just made for me I neatly done and such an easy yet unique DIY Love the way the shoes become so festive...perfect for Diwali season. This is my all time favorite post.

  26. Woah, it was just SO difficult to choose one and I just could not. So I'm mentioning below five of my favorite posts.
    * All time favorite -
    Because the outfit is simple and chic and perfect for a summer day or for a rainy day when you want to add some color. And it requires minimal accessorization which is a great thing for a lazy bum like me. :D
    * And, this -
    'cause POLKA DOTS. and Blue. 'nuff said.
    * And, this -
    'cause it has pearls. and stripes. AND BOWS. <3
    * My go-to outfit -
    This is something which I would prefer wearing when I'm having one of those days when I get up late and therefore everything gets delayed. Again, it's simple and just so perfect and so me. :)(PS, LOVE that LOVE necklace you are wearing <3)
    * And finally, this -
    and why? 'cause i recently did it to my shoes and am totally in love with them. It was easy to do and such a great idea! :)

    ALSO, I've been your loyal fan ever since I stumbled upon your blog. So, give it to me. Pretty please? :D

    Much love,

  27. lovely; DDD

    new post !! :))

  28. Hey you! I don't think anyone has ever come up with such a lovely give-away!
    Coming to the post that's my favourite, hands down it would have to be "3 ways - Pink Denims". There are 3 reasons why I like this one the BEST :-
    1. For choosing the cutest song "I do adore"! I hadn't heard it before I saw your video! And from the time I've heard it, it's been on repeat on my phone! I also sang it to my husband and he couldn't stop laughing!!!
    2. For how seamlessly you've made all the ways to wear the same denim so easy to do & still look chic! The colours, fabrics & styles are extremely simple!
    3. For the way the video is shot! I think a lot of credit goes to N'7 for the lovely stills & shots that he takes of you that make your posts 'want to be looked at'... Please do congratulate him for his effort! The hard work does show!

    So ya, this sums it all up!


  29. I would have to say "Pleats".

    Every single time I look at that picture,'perfection' is what comes to mind.It has such a relaxed yet chic aura about it.The flowy salmon coloured skirt really does up the oophm factor and the accents of turquoise do balance out the outfit. The shoes!Oh,the shoes,aside from the fact that they are what bring the outfit together,they are:To.Die.For.

    For me ,that particular post if one of your best.

  30. omg! toughest choice to be made is to chose one best blog.... i have been following ur blog for quite sometime.. its an extremely stylish blog.
    1. you looked like a diva.
    2. need i say anything!
    i love all your posts.


  31. my favourite post is the Art of Accessorizing. march 27th 2012
    because reading that post was like a re-assurance of my style so to say! ;) i love mixing basic clothes with fancy accessories for daily and formal wear and those were some great tips for a perfectly co-ordinated look... and i do tend to splurge more on accessories than clothes; So the post is so apt! layering accessories is one of my all time favourite things to do!
    p.s- i love the DIYs you post, keep them coming :)

  32. My Favorite post from your Blog has to be:
    Pleats- TUESDAY, JUNE 5, 2012
    This post has that each and every element that one can't even think of to put all together in one,but you my darling Just did it!
    To my pleasant surprise when i carefully pondered through it, i figured out that this outfit post is high on:
    Comfort - A neutral button down/shirt paired with Skirt (Absolute Comfy, need to say more?)
    Subtleness -Simple outfit yet so many dimensions that makes it more appealing
    Colors -The plain Ivory-ish/white shirt paired along with that playful salmon color Skirt plus the Gold & turquoise effect of accessories, the different shades of pink and peaches on your nails and lips, the black color that breaks the monotony of bright colors spells JUST PERFECT.
    Patterns & Design - The shirt's got gorgeous delicate owl prints that almost gives off like a sketch effect, the gold detailing of what we say studded collar gives that edginess to that feminine look . Stunner!
    Hue Contrast Effects -The Contrast effects that these colors does to this outfit is beyond beautiful- The Clustered understated gold bangles with hints of multi colors gels really well with the different tones of pink and turquoise.
    Texture elements- The necklace made up of soft polished pearls, Black beads and Turquoise hangings with gold detailing appropriately matches with the Gold bracelets, the pointy petal ring and Gold cuff curvy ring. Giving it so many textures of soft and hard metals elements.
    Fabric play -The Printed soft uncreased shirt, Pleated Skirt, Suede black shoes, metal accessories, Smooth polished nails.. the lists is endless
    Lastly.......The untold mystery story that lies behind those gorgeous shoes! Makes it more mysteriously beautiful!
    No doubt why this outfit remains so close to my heart .Hearty Thank you ,for giving us beautiful outfit post every time! :)

    The Camouflage attack has got to be one of my all time favorite posts from you. The reason being that you being so comfortable and stylish with your feminine dressing sense and have impressed us every-time but with this post you took Styledrv to a level higher by trying out something different and out of your comfort zone. This is very inspiring. No,really.
    Love xx

  34. Hey Aayushi ! I wish to get these goodies ! Firstly, I love your blog ! My favorite post has to be the "Wardrobe Essentials 101" because as i am a girly girl I love reading post like theses & secondly it made me realize that I had bags in many colour but din't have a basic black bag, that very day I went to buy the perfect black bag for me !Also I simply love your how-to post, they are so easy & I have tried some of them !

    Please do visit my blog too ...
    In Extra Dimension -

  35. Hello! I am an ardent follower of your blog since early 2011. And I absolutely love it. So it's natural that picking just one post from a lot of wonderful ones is quite difficult.

    I like the post - A Stylish Rendezvous (
    because it has a lot to offer in just one post. Like tips on wearing cropped pants, which is I think a very general query and prints on print, which you addressed 2 years back and people are still discussing it!
    Also your writing is very apt, educative and deals with the problem head-on.

    Lots of love, N

  36. Congratulations on the beginning of the 3rd year. May God's love be with you, always.
    You have an excellent blog and I absolutely love it! Hence it's difficult to pick just one entry out of the roll.

    However, I like the post - A Stylish Rendezvous - very much.

    because it addresses 2 fashion queries at once along with the super pics.
    Cropped pants, always a question mark as so aptly dealt here.
    And you addressed print on print so long back, which people are still discussing, so kudos for that.

    Keep the good work going.
    xx, N

    Whenever i watch this video i feel like i am watching FCUK's official video for exclusive launch for their apparels.Not that much, this video get all types of viewers, for those girls who likes to stay casual -Look One is for them,For those girls who like to experiment with their chic minis by mixing in some heart-print stockings effect -Look two is for them....and for those ultra glam babes, who dares to makes fierce statement every time.Look-three belongs to them. What amazes me more that the video has been shot really up to the mark and looks so much "Real"... From the Fashion sense and crucial choices that you make to the best shots taken by your talented photographer is spectacular and spotless. What makes it more special is the quality of the post over quantity, and the crispness of the information which is solely related to FASHION and TRENDS ,nothing else than that! I think from that post onwards we saw a rising professional stylist and a fresh qualified designer!Your unique fashion sense got you on the chictopia's cover page and the face for spring break, Not to forget Smaran-your photographer who gets the best of your shots and 100% STUNNING!
    P.S we all love you Aayushi and smaran... You both makes the best Professional-Fashion Duo!

  38. Hey Ayushi !
    First of all, congratulations on complete 2 years. You're doing an amazing job and yours is definitely one of the best fashion blog ever!
    So my favorite post is :
    The very simple reason for choosing this post is because it explains clearly how we can make or break an outfit with accessories.
    accessories are absolutely must whether you're dressing up for a party or for a day out with your friends. Its amazing how the same accessories can give a completely different look to different outfits.
    I loved it how you explained why it is so essential to choose the right accessories and how bracelets, ear rings, belts and sunglasses can turn the whole look around.

    Ps- I absolutely live each and every post of yours and i follow your blog regularly. Keep up the good work :*

  39. hey aayushi my favorite post from ur blog has to be..
    i love everthing about dis post..the bag,leopard print blazer,red shoes,basic black tank and jeggings and ofcourse not to forget ur hair :)

    lots of love,(

  40. heyyyaaaa...
    what a whooping 2 year leap :)
    i am very happy for u.\this is my fav blog of urs

    i found this blog and abt u coincidentally over the internet. i wanted to combine orange and pink. i was browsing thru the net for it and i loved ur blog and began following instantly. i know i m not as old a reader as ur blog is (2 years) but i have never missed a single post since i found/read the summer cocktail blog.
    yay!!! time to celebrate... ur styling inspires me a lot.
    p.s i also loved that video of ur new hairstyle blog which i could not find a link to and this link(summer cocktail) has been copy pasted since many months on my reading list.
    cheers to love n life!

  41. Hi, my name is Shreya, Mumbai.Out of all the outfit post of yours, the one which i truly and secretly adore is "Wind in my hair" post.
    The reason is,anyone one can wear high brand designer clothes and can manage to look pretty but what counts more is how you assemble the simplest of apparels and turn in to gorgeous outfit.Everybody plays safe with Tee-Jeggings combo by donning over a good jacket or something usual thing, but what truly attracted me towards this post of your's is how you added a zest and energy with the Accessories like the one Feather earring,stacked Arm candy that is a mix of pearl and rosegold bracelet with a chunky watch, the statement stone rings,That stunning Sunglasses ,the Metallic satchel sling bag ,the Red lippy Hue, the nude nails and small hint of leopard print through belt.... all this jazzed up the simple look without any pain.Such an transformer..On the true note,i was scared to add so many things thinking that it might look too much but to my surprise it came out so welll..Like "Fabulous" with the simple Tee-jeggings outfit that i wore on my first day of senior college and guess what i was smashed with loads of compliments.Yes it came off so well from that day onwards i not only followed you but was totally dedicated to your style opinion which inspired me a hell lot.One more thing to mention, the Effect on the first picture is a beautiful smart move that sets your fashion blog apart from others. The relaxed effects, the venue, the sunset feel, the calmness , the vintagey warmth it gives makes me feels so nostalgic..Hats off to your photographer. Thumbs up. :)

  42. Trust me ,when i say this
    it was not only hard to choose one while going through the posts i actually started reading them all over again because they are so bloody tempting , but then i realized i am here for a giveaway :D
    you my friend introduced me to the *NEON TREND*
    i am not ashamed to say it out loud i had no idea on how to carry those neon necklaces , earrings , nail colors which i bought but never used because i was too scared to end up looking like a moron .
    you have being a total chic guide,
    I not only rock em neon stuff oftenly, i wear them with confidence .
    I wish the blog many more years of success and i hope you keep buying loads and loads of awesome stuff and do these amazing wall posts .
    you are god sent *_*

  43. Hi Aaysuhi! This post is gotta be my most favorite
    There is a simple reason behind it! I have a body type similar like yours and never in my wildest dreams I could think of carrying of that high-low skirt with so much grace and boy you did it! And it inspired me too, I went ahead and tried them and I still don't regret that decision of mine. So basically, I just needed a little bit of push and your post did just that! You inspire me. :)

  44. Many manmy congratulations on Styledrive's anniversary Aayushi! :)
    Although it's a herculean task picking out one favorite outfit post among all of your wonderful posts, but i have done the impossible.
    Here it is, my favorite post. :D
    "the key to your heart". it indeed is.
    Its not just the outfit, you look mesmerizing, more than just plain gorgeous.
    I love those pants, the shoes ofcourse for their stunning color!
    Your rings add a pop of color to the entire outfit. More than anything else, you carry it off brilliantly. :)
    Also, it is both a day and night outfit. you could put on a well fitted jacket and you're good to go for a night party too!
    I wish you all the luck! Your styling inspires, really. keep going.
    Lots of love,

  45. My all-time favourite post was a very recent one, which you did, called Denim His\Hers I feel the Aztec print, is something that is big on everyone's wish list. You combined it brilliantly with the denim jacket and just the right pop of the neon theme.It was a simple, subtle look-perfect for the day,and you kept the attention on the beautiful dress!I'm a big fan of all things that you compile and post in your looks!
    My heartiest congratulations on your Blog Anniversary, looking forward to many more posts from you in the years to come!
    Kudos to you

  46. Hey Ayushi,

    firstly congratulations on turning 2!! I'm Madhuri, a final year MBA student at the Indian Institute of Management and trust me nothing spices up a day clogged with lectures better than your posts!!

    my favourite post has got to be Red Lips x StyleDrive for Spring break (F/W '12)

    This video literally made me feel i was dreaming!! From the colours, the poise, the lace shirts, to statement necklaces...ALL of it! so much so that when i woke up from that dream i went ahead and bought myself the Colorbar DIVA Lipstick Red She Said 002 and I'm absolutely loving the transition from my comfort zone of nude lips to a scarlet pout!!

    Thank you so much for consistently brightening up my days (and many others' I'm sure!) and lending me the courage to move out of my comfort zone!

    Much Love
    Madhuri Mukherjee

  47. And irrespective of who is the lucky winner, this is by far the most generous and kickass giveaway I have ever seen!!! Here's hoping for many more years of StyleDrive!!

    Madhuri Mukherjee (

  48. Happy Bday StyleDrive on turning 2 :) We have been elated readers too!!!
    Now the post which is my favorite from all of them is :-
    No matter how beautiful you might look in a new or an older post,no matter how alluring the photography of any other post is,this one will always be close to my heart.The reason is:-This is the blog post which connected me to StyleDrive.I might have visited your blog randomly before that but after watching this video I became an ardent follower of StyleDrive.From then on,I have been visiting the Facebook page almost everyday and I read(SEE the pictures) each blog post atleast 4-5 times.
    This post is much more than ensemble or makeup,it reflects the real girl in your personality,the calm and composed smile makes us believe that even the brightest things on Earth can look good when worn with Confidence.

    Also I have bought so many products after reading your reviews about them on the blog like the Colorbar Orange Mimosa Nail Paint,The Nature's CO. Water Lily Body Mist.I have learnt the proper way of accessorizing.So it is not just one post which has inspired me or I can say is my most favorite,your posts have influenced the way I dress up,my make up and also my personality on the whole.

    1. Just one point I forgot while writing is that I will also be DIY-ing one of my denim shirts with stone embellishments after seeing your post!!
      Your posts are inspirational in every aspect of Fashion!!

  49. Hey,my favourite post right now is I love the outfit - the shoes, the top..everything! Also, you look really good and your makeup is gorgeous. Overall, a post I would look at again and again because I find it very appealing :)

  50. We absoluetly love your blog, you got an amazing thing going on. The pictures are perfect and are all pretty. And soon as we saw this amazing giveaway we thought of giving it a try :D
    so our favourite post is:
    This post is just perfect and not too over-the-top. The accessories are minimal and the entire is perfect. that vintage bag from your mother's closet is amazing..!!

  51. Hello!

    I like this post a lot:

    Why? I love the pants. They are very unlike, what you usually wear (jeggings) and I live the tank top and the bow peeptoes!

    I don't know what else to say, so CONGRATULATIONS!

  52. Every post is special in it's own way. Including the simple tips and the DIYs.
    I think everyone would someday wish to wear everything that you've posted till date.

  53. I love the photography in this post. Whoever takes/edits your photos is incredibly talented with composition and color! :)

    Castle Fashion

  54. Also tweeted here: :)

    Thanks again! And happy anniversary to the blog :D

  55. hey aayushi! happy second! :) my favourite post is for various reasons! first just like you i never liked yellow..i thought it was just too bright but after looking at this post and trying out incorporating yellow in my wardrobe, i am absolutely in love with it! the blue leggings and white tank top is all pepped up with the gorgeous yellow blazer and the hint of polka dot is just perfect. The tanned pumps and louis vuitton are oh-my-god-i-want-them gorgeous! The peacock necklace is something i always wanted and somehow i like the idea of wearing it with a yellow dress. the luscious lips and nail paint are sexy! I like this post the most because i can totally connect with the confusion of investing on something experimental and loving it once i have the courage to do so :D i have been following your blog for quite a while and i love it! i keep waiting for new posts. I actually suggested few of my girlfriends to read your blog and we discuss the posts each time we meet up. Your style inspires me a lot and i am about to pursue my fashion designing dreams after being done with engineering now. So thanks a lot! It is much more than just a blog for me :)

  56. hey aayushi congo for the blog....
    ur all trend secrets r awesome...
    out of alll the post i love the chiffon n blue post...
    i dnt used to lyk chiffon much bt after watching the post just whooooo
    bought a chiffon one piece n its thanx
    n the models u use in pics r superb..

  57. Hi Ayushi
    Many congratulations for stepping into your third year!! I absolutely love your blog. Your enthusiasm for fashion and the precision in every post is something, which I always look forward to! I love how you take care of every small detail- the name of the posts- which are always perfect, the location, the photography, the focus of each photograph is all just perfect each time! Your make up, accessories, hair and garments are always wow..

    My favourite post is- To the 50's and back.
    This post is my all time favorite because I would love to wear something like what you are wearing here. I love the length of your skirt and I think it goes very well with the V cut of your top. The way you carry it off is effortless. Everything is very well coordinated.
    I love the way you have used the colors- the white top and the skirt against the yellow in the backdrop, the chunk of gold in the belt, the fuchsia lips, the black in the purse, the metallic pumps and the multi color bracelet. The leopard print on your shades, adds more to whole look. I love the way your hair falls! And the make up is bang on! I am a big fan of your detailing..Please give some tips for healthy hair and skin like yours ☺

    Lots of good luck and best wishes for the future

  58. Hey Aayushi :)

    To say it plainly, I've never gone through your blog before :|
    But since you have this amazing amazing giveaway I decided to check it out and I have to say that you're definitely one of the best style bloggers in India (unlike many others who don't have a single gene of fashion in them and yet blog all day and night)

    To get my favorite post I dragged the boyfriend on your site and we picked out this one

    All in all I think every post is a really good one. Don't know if I'd stand a chance to win these amazing goodies but it would make my day :D

    Lots of love
    Goa <3

  59. hey.. amazing giveaway..super easy,,hassle-free..and actually convenient for someone like me always in a rush and just enough time to breeze through and not fill widgets!!!

    there were actually two posts I loved that are super essentials to know and easy, yet can look tacky if not done well. One was the Dainty Nails post(the right amount of glitter..base color etcetra etcetra!) and the other but somehow very very important(as I feel every woman/girl/teen) is the

    And why a fav?? 'cuz everyone seems to have their own version of 'smokiness' and if done a tad bit wrong(overdone or under-done or be it the blending, even!) can look disastrous and racoon-eyed. No goth-banshee fan here. And a more new-age and bright take to the classic black/brown/grey smokey eye. Blue smokey eyes are very chic for the day hours..the blue looks bright, yet somehow muted and has that depth to it. I akways got my smokey wrong. This simplified and made it more easier! Its like, just two minutes and I'm done!! nO excessive blending or multiple shadow palettes..just basics and va-va-voom! Couldn't thank enough, could I? And the best part? Thank God. there's a photo tutorial. They're always far easier than vids and just explanatories..

    Great giveaway, again. :))

  60. Wow it's been 2 years already?
    time does fly.
    Selecting just one favourite blog from a myriad of your awesome blog posts is such a huge task.I love absolutely everything you post be it your clothing posts or your DIYs. I love the idea that you have started a vlog as well! It is such a pleasure watching your awesomely crafted videos.
    Your blog and dressing style both ooze with oomph!
    And it's amazing how you carry off every single look of your's with elan!
    Your fashion sense is so unique and all your fashion outlook is super inspiring.
    Well coming to the GIVEAWAY part of it
    my FAVOURITE post would be "The key to your heart" :

    I am avid believer in romance and I love how hearts look on clothes.In this post Im amazed at how there is perfect balance of the clothing as well as the accessories. The pop of hot pink in the ring is so delightful! I absolutely adore that top!
    The ZARA shoes are to die for! The chain that "features" the KEY completes the look.The entire look makes me want to try it. I for one know that if I'm ever asked out on a date the look I would be choosing to flaunt would be the one from this post.

    Thank you for being so awesome.You are simply the best.
    You are my age and I don't have as much fashion sense as you.
    Thanks once again for being a a "fashion guiding light" =D
    Everything you post on this blog is of a huge help and will always be!

    This Giveaway is toooooo good to be true!
    Like every other girl who has commented here I hope to win this Hamper too =D

    All the best with the 3rd year of StyleDrive!

    Lots of Love

  61. hello aayushi


    I am super excited for the third year... I absolutely love your blog...I have been following it since the beginning..... its my favourite....there has been no post tht i haven't liked (no exaggerations!)....

    I love everything thing about your blog... from the style to the photography ..... everything is just amazing ... *drool*..... you're like my total style icon ....*so elegant*
    hmmm i really love all the posts ... but if i had to pick one it would be 'A Stylish Rendezvous'....
    I love the baby pink blazer and the stockings... n just everything thing !
    the way you've played with colours using thr blue the fushia pink lips <3

    I have to say even the 'Burnt Tangerine' is my favourite....
    i just love everything about the outfit and the bag n the shoes <3 <3 <3 n the way your hair falls *i love your hair ..they're awesome*
    I love your tips and tutorials too ... they really help :)

    please never stop blogging ... you make my day :) :) :) Thank you !

    lots of love

  62. This very old but yet very inspiring post is my favorite! There are some bloggers who begin at a very modest and and then out to be extremely fashionable if you compare their older posts but this post is an evidence that you were a stunner since the beginning. The florals, nude pumps, accessories still seem so fresh. Absolutely love this post :)

    1. *at a very modest note and then turn out to be

  63. Commenting second Time..:)
    Because i cant stop myself from commenting because of this great giveaway and Tempting Giveaway.. ;)
    I also want to say that why only 1 post i have to choose. I have mentioned my favorite 1 above only. here i want to specify more post which i love.
    and many more....
    I forgot to mention in my earlier post Happy Birthday Style Drive. Now you are two years only...:)

  64. Everyone can do wonder when provided with branded new clothes for every photoshoot that they do but you girl you can rock the easily available clothes present in everyone's wardrobe in a different manner !!
    I loved this post only because the way you have used the casual items in such a way that you look perfect chic and sexy.
    Pop of lipstick, heels and polka dot jacket has done wonders. I love the way you made a normal look outfit such a sexy one !!
    p.s. : I looovee all your posts and also and the photography. Just perfect !!
    Tweeting about your giveaway too !!
    Thanks for such a lovely oppurtunity.

  65. Hey Ayushi!
    Let me begin by congratulating on completing 2 years of this amazing blog. I have got some great outfit ideas off your blog over the years. So naturally my favorite posts are ones that I've successfully been able to carry off.

    I hope you keep doing such great outfit posts I can draw inspiration from.

    Awesome giveaway! Hoping I win :)

  66. Like hell it has to be this post for me. :D I want all of those goodies.
    Each brand in there from Inglot to Lasenza to Bebe, defines who i am and i guess that's exactly what your blog and Springbreak does to you, defines YOU and your Personality. And i think that's what matters, acknowledging your own self and representing the same.

    P.S You are doing great work, keep inspiring. And congratulations for completing two successful years. There couldn't have been a better giveaway. :P :D

    I have tweeted the same.

  67. ur blog is super awesome :) all ur posts r really really good :)
    my favourite is this one here -
    becoz i feel this outfit is so simple n basic and yet you have made it look so elegant and pretty :) u look so gorgeous in this post :) ur hair <3<3

  68. StyleDrive is one of my very favourite fashion blogs! You have a unique style you stay true to, and don't get swayed by the many, changing trends.

    That being said, it was very Very difficult to pick a single favourite blog post! I finally decided on this one: (A date with the hairstylist), because I like how it shows you when you are off-camera. What really got me was your reaction and smile at the end of the hair cut.

    Congratulations on completing 2 years! And I hope you'll keep on doing the same for a long time!

  69. You're heartbreakingly beautiful, Aayushi. I absolutely love your blog & you!
    Choosing just one post was ineffably difficult, but I think one of my favourite posts has got to be Summer Cocktail ( It's bright, colorful & simply gorgeous. I admire the way you accessorize your outfits. It's never too much, never too little.
    I love your effortlessly chic style. Your confidence & your blog posts give me the courage to express my own style rather than try to wear the trends. Thank you!
    Congratulations on 2 years of Styledrive! <3

  70. Though its soo difficult to choose one as my favorite post I am going to go with floral power (
    It was the first post I read when I stumbled upon your blog and have been ooked on it ever since.
    The post is my favorite because of the sheer simplicity of the outfit. The shirt and the skirt are two simple elements but you have styled both of them in a way that has turned it into a chic outfit.

    Congratulation on completing 2 years of blogging
    you are doing an amazing job :)


  71. hey Aayushi!
    My FAV outfit post of yours has got to be the Vintage one! (
    its glamourous effortlessly. love all the elements in the look: the skirt, the clutch, those oh-so-yummy shoes and the glares.
    plus ive also loved how you've posed and how the photography has been done! ive always been a HUGE fan of vintage anyway!
    i love how its not over the top and how it is an easily doable look. it looks chic without being out of place. Also you look gorgeous in it! :D

    Ive always loved your concept of posting simple DIYs often on the blog and among those the emblished shoulders has taken the cake away. its chap, its pretty, its non-messy and super trendy!
    love it!
    congratulations on completing 2 years on the blog! ive been following it since almost 1 and a half years now.. and have loved how uve grown in your style sense and made us grow with you.
    here's to many many many more years of awesomeness! CHEERS

  72. Hi Aayushi!!! Congratulations on the completion of two lovely years of your brainchild! I am really new to your blog; I discovered this about 5 days ago, and I have already read all the posts here. And may I say, they all are A-MAY-ZING! Although choosing a favourite amongst such wonderful outfit ideas, make-up tips and awesome suggestions is very difficult, my all-time favourite, after loads of pondering, has to be this-
    The trousers that you wear here- I HEART! And the purple-bright pink combination has always been one of my favourites!!! There were many other posts like Tangerine orange, wind in my hair (the first image being oh-so-dreamy), the skirt-twirly thing, the green skirt- white top combo, etc. that totally captured my heart, but the aforementioned one remains my favourite because it's SO striking because it is unlike anything I have ever seen before. If I had a twitter account, I would use it, but sadly I don't. So this reply it is. I am not even expecting to win, but let this be an opportunity to express my appreciation towards the works of art you present before us in your inimitable way. Your sharpness also shines through in your writing. Also, the photography on this blog is top-notch- rarely any blog has the quality that you guys deliver together. And although unrelated, your boy was awesome in his TV show on Channel [V] :D Your hair is beautiful (again, what's new? ;))and your make-up- playful yet sophisticated. And your collection of lip-colours and nail-paints is enviable! Although, I do wish you would diversify into something that people on shoestring budgets can afford... I know there are some posts here and there, and a few things that you say are thrifted, but you know, some outfit ideas that can be bought without shelling out a bomb? If you're not comfortable wearing such stuff, can you, like, say give ideas in the form of pictures of clothes instead of you wearing them? But then again, it's your blog and what you're doing is a feast for the eyes as it is, so congratulations again to you and those who help you out in ways big or small, for creating something that makes me smile everytime I type in the blog URL and press enter... knowing fully well that a treasure trove awaits on the other side... Stay happy!

  73. AYUSHI!
    You Goddess of beauty! Many many congratulation to you! Time does fly. It was just sometime back when i was checking the older posts and it was impossible for me to believe that they were 365 + 365 days old! Dayum, your gorgeous as ever. And choosing one post out of all the other best ones? Gil, youve put me in a BIG dilemma!
    Anyhoo, this one is my absolute favourite!

    Your outfit, so simple and subtle looks hyped with the amazing accessories that you add in so intelligently. The background, the photography. Ahh <3
    And borrow me your pout pretty please :$
    Please tutor me ^___^

    Your forever fan,

  74. Hello, pretty girl :) stays my favourite post as forever!

    How can you be that gorgeous? You manage to look beautiful in all posts, and im so so jealous! You inspire me!
    Hoping to win tis giveaway.
    And, Congratulations to you!

  75. Style Drive, i swear my fashion by you. You're the only blog i religiously follow! TRUST ME, i never lie.
    Haha you're the epitome of prettiness! i adore you and your style and fashion sense and i could goooo onnnnn.... is my favourite!
    I so wish to win this giveaway. This hamper from you would mean the world to me!
    After all, you form an integral part of my closet!
    Love you!

  76. I love this post so much. The reasons being, you are wearing your own creation + a mix of expensive and affordable pieces and yet too damn appealing. That is just so real. Believe it or not, I made my daughter copy the entire outfit. So yes, for me this post stands out for its sheer gorgeousnes :)

  77. this has been my fav post of all times !!:) the reason being it never goes out of style , looks chic yet classy and is way too comfortable !!
    following your blog has made me much more confident to try on different outfits thanku so much :)
    happy 2 years :) congratulations
    one suggestion : u should put up styles which plus size girls can try
    -tanika Gandhi (

  78. Hi Aayushi,
    First of all, congrats on completing two years of your innovative and trailblazing blog. Here’s wishing you many more years of blogging with panache. While I love reading all your posts, the one I think really stands out is ‘Vintage Love’ (, and that’s because the outfit you’re wearing in this one is so close to my own personal style. It is simple yet elegant, sophisticated, classy and chic, all at the same time. The cropped top teamed with a high-waist floral pattern skirt, combined with golden belt and stilettoes, and the studded chic clutch, work very well together, and are just the ideal look for me.
    ~Srishti Bajaj (

  79. This is one of my favorite posts by you. The outfit is so understated with neutral pieces paired together, but the addition of the accessories - watch, the pearls, the belt and the feather detail, just elevate the outfit into something else. The strong reason for me being so in LOVE with this post is the location and the lighting that gives your skin an amazing sun kissed look. It almost looks like the shoot was in some place that is definitely not Mumbai.
    Congratulations on completion of two years. Your posts are truly ones that I, living in mumbai can relate to - being oh-so stylish without going over the top. One of your last posts where you have teamed up a dress with a denim jacket really got me to get out my denim jacket (which had not been touched for almost a decade now) and pair it with a dress which i wouldnt have normally thought of. and thank god for your DIYs without which i did not know the existence of Something Special ( which is literally 5 minutes from my house ). Very very few people who make videos do them well. your videos are all so well shot and edited and the background music and all the details are always so spot on. Love your work. Congratulations :)

  80. My favourite post from your blog would be -->
    I could sooo relate to that look .. well , if the skirt was shorter and i really won't wear those bangles . You see , i'm the LESS IS MORE kinda person . Yeah , minimalistic . I totally love neons and the steve maddens in that post are to die for !!!

    lOVE YOUR BLOG . <3

    Oh ...and congratulations on completing two years . =)

  81. Well this is the third time I'm typin cause of google login!
    My favourite post has to be mademoiselle.It shows fashion can be cute,cozy and comfortable and ofcourse chic,thanks to the lv;)
    Love your blog and your hairr;)

  82. Hey Aayushi! :D
    First of all, many congratulations. Also, Happy Diwali & a Prosperous New Year! May you keep rocking like this always :D
    80+ comments already? :O dude, you’re gonna have a tough time choosing a winner. Good luck with that now! :P
    So, talking about a post I like the most on Style Drive, well there are definitely MANY, like its really difficult to choose which ones the best, but there’s obviously a favorite!
    Okay, first let me tell you, I am a huge fan of your ‘How To’ section! Its more than awesome. SO simple, yet so classy. I too have tried doing the studded shoe, it turned out well, although my shoe dint quiet last :P
    No no, this isn’t my favorite. If there’s any post that amazes me, it’ll always be something related to hair care! I am a freak when it comes to my hair. I try almost everything available on the internet to take care of it and to style it. The summer braid ( has definitely been my favorite style in a long time. I know, summer is over, but this style just doesn’t bore me at all! In fact, honestly, I’ve received SO many compliments over it. I usually am not a fan of haircuts, I get horribly scared thinking maybe they’ll just CHOP it all! So another post that actually sort of inspired me would be the ‘A date with the hairstylist’ ( ).
    Last but not the least, I LOVE THIS THE MOST -
    I began using X-tenso after this post and it has done wonders to my hair, all thanks to you!
    Yes, I get influenced a LOT! :| but that's good, right?

    Yeah, that’s about it. I wanted to keep the post as short as possible but looks like that dint happen :$ sorry! :D

    P.S – love how the videos are shot and edited and same goes with the photographs. Also, you’re just too good with fashion – clothes <3 shoes <3 accessories <3 YOU GO GIRL!

    Good luck.


    This is my most fav post. I love it because you've made used of colors of the same family and make it look so GORG plus the look is so wearable even for people who have diff body types. Gold jewels, bright lips, kickass heels and that cute bag do so much justice to the entire look. In short, this post is a winner in itself!

  84. First up, congratulations on completing two years!
    Reading your blog has always been a wonderful experience therefore picking just one post is too difficult a task. But if I had to, it would be this one Not only do I love the outfit, but also the look as a whole.Especially the teal ring and the vintage bag.
    - Manavika Phukan(

  85. Allow me to quote the great Leonardo Da Vinci " Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication "

    And this blog of yours defines it - htpp:/

    Subtle colors which are soothing to our eyes. you have balanced the look really wearing everything in a high key and keeping aside ur shoes in low key ( dominates the look amagingly well )

    Peach platted skirt with a grey tone shirt and a tinch of turquoise blue in the form of ur neck peice, using studed colorful bangles !!!

    This look works for me have tried this as well !!!

    " style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn and u my lady , u are making the world express their feelings thru fashion and styling "

    Also congratulations on a successful completion of two years !!! a long way ahead and i am sure u r going to nail every step :)

    - fashion fades, style is eternal.

  86. Hi Aayushi,

    Congrats on completing your second year, I love your blog and I hope you continue posting more awesomeness(is that a word?!) for a long, long time. Also, can i just say, this is an amazing giveaway.
    It sounds very clichéd when I say that I love all your posts and its very difficult to pick one, but hey, its true! Okay, now that sounds clichéd as well =/
    I adore all your diy's. I clearly have way too much time on my hands and one of my favorite posts from StyleDrv ( inspired me to try my hands at studded shoes ( This one is somewhat different to the one you made, but the idea came from your blog. The annual pre-Diwali cleanup turned up these pair of pale pink wedges that I bought in an emergency and only wore it once. So I used black spray paint (thank you for the idea with the gold ones), stuck some thumb tacks into the cork and added some ankle straps. I'm now really looking forward to winter and wearing these with cropped skinnies and loose jumpers =D. So, Thank You for that!
    What I like about you is that you can mix classy, soft, edgy and feminine all so well together. You pull off skirts and dresses with ease, and always keep it interesting with sensational accessories. It was you who really introduced me to blazers and I'm very grateful for that, now I can't seem to leave the house without one and i'm currently eyeing the red blazer from your collection at spring break. No one at my house is letting me buy another blazer and that 40% will go a long way in convincing them that I SHOULD have it (what's a girl to do?! =P )

    P.S: Could you please post more video's? Me and my iTunes will appreciate that.
    Incidentally, ( I still remember seeing this on pinterest. It was this post that brought me to your blog and i'm been following ever since.

    Thanks a bunch, Hope you a nice day!

  87. Hi Aayushi, i am a recent follower of yours. Only thanks to Major Brands' tweet about this, I came on board - and, oh boy! am i gleeful for this discovery or what.

    After their tweet, had tweeted them with your mention (from my twitter account @Phantom_Delight) that i will take time to go thru your blog and then enter this.

    Did that - took quite a few days, soaked in and absorbed your blog and here we go ..

    I love apparel & accessories and am an avid jewelry lover & love watching trends & dabbling with them. So, much appreciate your fashion perception, the way nuances are called out here and of course, the styling tips - the "How To" section I think is fashionable social service ;-) A treasure trove for every fashionista.

    Now, time for my favorite post - it has to BE this one: 'Three ways: Pink Denims'
    The link is:

    I am an incurable pinkaholic - so your video of the pink denim & the sheer mint shirt keeps teasing me even in my dreams the last 2 days ;-) But, more specifically, I love this post for the following reasons:

    1. A superbly shot video - its a very aesthetic video with a rather understated background cleverly anchoring the focus on the subject. Video covers each piece of apparel and every accessory with full justice. It oozes the freshness of the post and Spring, of course.

    2. Such "fresh" selection of colors, designs & accessories - well, have seen many spring odysseys, but this one just takes the cake - i just can't get over the pink denim + sheer mint shirt outfit. Each of the 3 looks is peppy, fresh, very wearable and inspiring (one to just go get it without being pushy). I love the rose themed finger rings - i really want the blue and pink roses ;-)

    3. A fantastic video would have gone just 80 percent of the distance - had it not been for your apt & lucidly fluid text. Just right, it nicely chronicles the dos and don'ts. I love the opening line about not ending up the Barbie way - every pinkaholic has to be oh so conscious about ;-)

    Well done, nice, keep up the good work. Hearty congratulations on completing two years and wishing you manifold progress ahead. Glad to have connected. Cheers.


  88. Congratulations for completing 2 years Aayushi!!!
    My favorite post? Well, there are many, however there is this old post that takes me to someplace else every time I see it. You named it Burgandy Love.

    Love the first line of the post: Life is full of risks. But the line is just the beginning. Look at those pictures. You look beautiful. Love your coloured trousers. Was so inspired that I have been looking for them since a really long time. Finally found it at a Mango store.

    Its a beautiful post. I absolutely love that watch and your bag and the shoes. Well, what is there not to love. You just blew a fashion enthusiast away to be true :)

    You are an inspiration for me, you always will be.

  89. hey aayushi,
    i have to say that is one hell of a goodie bag :O
    my all time favourite post would be the following
    i have gone back to reading this post a million times
    and even though i love almost all your posts, this would have to be my fav
    ok onto why i love this post so much ,
    i've always been unsure on how to pair up flowing skirts .. so this post was a major help .. i absolutely love the floral skirt which is to die for ... but most of all i love hoe you've paired up the skirt with a shirt ,thus making the outfit look so chic .. even though u have done that earlier i thought this was the best example of wearing shirts with skirts :)

    congratulations for all the success ... well deserved :)

    jency francis

  90. Hey,

    First of all, congratulations on your blog's 2nd anniversary!
    Its been a great source of fashion inspiration, especially the DIY's!

    To choose one of the posts would be like trying to choose my favorite childhood memory - There are just too many of them, and its really difficult to do so.

    However, as the contest demands, the top two are --

    1. To the 50's and back.

    This one relates to me as the person I am. A huge lover of classic, vintage stuff, I love how you've glammed up a simple outfit and made it so classy and stylish.

    2. Sunshine Yellow
    So I am a "yellow" fan and this post literally made my week!
    Paired with a navy polka dot dress, its got me wanting some more.

    Just thought I'd use this opportunity to thank you for all the make-up guidance, especially the lip colors!

    All the best for the future!

    Rajni Daswani
    Twitter: @r_diaries

  91. Hi Aayushi

    First of all congrats on completing 2 years of blogging.

    I came across your page on facebook and instantly attracted towards it, your Diy's and outfit posts are incredible, so picking 1 was difficult and also I had read mostly the DIY'S posts and some outfit posts,so I took time to read all of your posts before I could post my answer.

    I liked all your posts but there is this 1 post which I think I will remember forever, something which touched my heart and I loved every word of it :)

    The post is: Inspiration is a Must-have:

    We all need inspiration in our life and honestly everyone gets inspired by someway or other,and it's nothing wrong being inspired by something or someone, but yes unfortunately people dont understand the difference between getting inspired and copying.

    In fact inspiration make us more creative and as you said push us to do better, it opens a new world to us.

    I loved the way, you have created this post, honestly talking about what Inspires you.

    surely -Inspiration is a Must -have

    I would also love to tell you that your DIY inspires me alot and I have tried a few and loved doing them,Hope you will post more and more in coming days as I love them,

    Thank you for this beautiful Giveaway, It made me fall in love with this post too :)

    Btw just wanted to share that It is going to be my Blog's 1st anniversary on 18th November, so I can also relate to the time flies feeling :)
    My Blog:

    Hope you having a great time enjoying diwali with your family,wish you a bit belated happy diwali :)

    LOt of LOve


  92. To the lovely Aayushi,

    My all-time favorite would be the "Vertical Explosion" post,, simply by the fact that you combined exquisitely three trends that I am absolutely in love with: the tribal-styled bag, the navy-styled striped shirt, and the bold pop of colour in the skirt. I have always been pretty obsessed with striped shirts. They look so elegant and classy. This post enabled me to open up my range of possibilities as to how to pair it up with other clothes. To be honest, every time I contemplate about using popping colours in my outfits, I get a little jumpy because one might end up looking jocular if there is no perfect balance between neutral and bold colors. The outfit you ended up with is absolutely beautiful and the skirt gave that feminine and colourful accent to the look. The final touch was the bag: it brought everything together and added more glee to the overall look.

    I can not believe two years have passed so far! Thank you for keeping us enlightened with your breathtaking fashion ideas.

    Indumathi Krishnan

  93. Hi miss style guru
    happy 2 years congratulations
    i am in love with your blog
    so my favourite post is THE SCARLET LIPS

    shower your style on us :D

  94. my favorite would be this --->


    1. u're so practical in what u wear.
    2. its easy to follow you and ur style!
    3. (most important) i always got compliments wheneva i wore ur OOTDs :P
    4. my dressing style and makeup techniques have improved 12 folds since StylDrv is on my bookmark bar.
    5. Basically, u'r the most sensible chic on blogging world today! U ROCK!

    P.S. never stop blogging pls!


  95. Hey Aayushi,

    Congratulations on the completion of two years...n wish u many more!

    Now my favorite post so far would be
    I believe that white is one difficult colour that not everyone can carry can result in a plain disastor for too many people.
    But u've played around so well with the simple whites n greys n made subtle look so effortlessly stunning.. n with that little splash of pink. A splendid job!
    i hope i won :P

  96. Awesome nailposhes! I love the colors:)

  97. hey...i visit your fb page everyday...i find your blog amazing because whatever you wear looks great on you...and i love your dressing you never dress 'weird' in the name of fashion(wearing funny things and calling yourself experimental :p)...your fashion sense is classy, subtle and something that never you're loyal to ZARA just like that obviously gives you extra points from my side ;-)....and i love your DIY posts as they don't make you feel like you've wasted something and added stuff to your junkyard :)...PS: i'm still waiting for your next DIY post coz i really liked the little things that you bought from SOMETHING SPECIAL recently...i check your page 3-4 times everyday to see if you've posted that new DIY
    although i like all your favourite is this one
    reason: i bought the same pants from ZARA a month before you bought them...and seeing you wear them made me like them even more :)and yes i have the same t-shirt from forever21 also :D so YAY!!
    i hope i win coz i love gifts...but then who doesn't right?! :p :)
    anyway good luck to you...keep looking pretty !! :)
    Anji Sinha

  98. Aayushi !!
    Such a massive giveaway this is! *so excited*

    My favourite post has got to be:

    Its one of the very first videos I saw since I started following you on your blog and I loved it cause was so 'Real'
    'Fashion' your love and 'Food' his! The post was perfectly named as well, 'F-Squared' <3
    There are so many outfit posts and its hard to choose from them as honestly they are all impeccable and yes, stylish so I decided to go with this video-post as, your blog is a team work, his photography and your style! This post defines a little part of you both, as a team! Its great! On the two-year anniversary of 'Styldrv', lets celebrate you both as a team!
    Looking forward to much more from you, in front of the camera, and him, behind! <3
    ps: I tweeted as well! :D
    -Much Love,

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