Saturday, October 20, 2012

Red Lips x StyleDrive For Spring Break(F/W '12)

Shirts- StyleDrive for Spring Break(F/W '12)Coming soon, Lipsticks- MAC's Lady Danger, Russian Red, Media

A scarlet pout is so dependable. Be it the classic pin-up red, the bright orange red or this season's favourite, burgundy. See how me and my friends are wearing three completely different shades of red in the video?! Rely on it to brighten any dull day or add that extra spark to your outfit. I love wearing a red lip at any given time of the year! But for those of you who are still shying away, now is the perfect time to start. 

You can choose from a variety of red hues depending on your skin tone and outfit. Who doesn't love the classic red pout? But if you're already comfortable with that, step out and try a few other hues. A bright orange red is what I rely on for all those grey days. It's the perfect day time, bright lip. As for the nights, I've been enjoying the deeper berry shades. Red is such a classic color, not experimenting with it would be unfair. So this season go out and rock that perfect pout!

Also, if you're wondering where our shirts are from then let me tell you that you can buy them very soon as they are a part of the StyleDrive for Spring Break (F/W '12) collection! I am super excited as this one is going to be even grander. You beautiful women supported us so wonderfully last time and we hope that the new collection will blow your mind just as much. From sequins to red hues to fall florals, we have everything covered. Follow me on Facebook to be the first one to know all about the collection and for more updates!

A tip :- If you want your red lips to last longer, apply the lipstick and blot it a few times before you apply it for the final time. This will stain your lips and help the colour to stay right there for hours!

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  1. the video has been shot so beautifully! and all u ladies are equally beautiful :) <3 cant wait for your collection :D all the best


  2. wow!!
    i guess if i had to make a choice- i would choose the mac media for me. this post makes my shopping so easy aayushi. xox

  3. beautiful!! lovely lips and gorgeous shirts! :)

  4. The post is really good! Did you guys used lip liner?

  5. Hi, we have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award; please visit our blog for more details.

  6. Hey i loved your nail paint. can you please tell me which shade is this?