Friday, October 12, 2012

How To : Shoe Makeover

Loafers-Wanted shoes, Spray paint, glue gun and half pearls - Stationary store

Embellished shoes were all over the fall runaways. Be it the metallic heels or studded loafers, they were all seen in plenty. I don't wear loafers that often, I'm more of a sandals/ballet flats person. But embellished anything is always tempting and hence the thought of turning my loafers into something pretty so that I could at least wear them. So here's how you can upgrade your shoes from boring to 'where'd you get them?!' shoes. 

What you need :- 

- Shoes/ Loafers
- Gold spray paint
- Half pearls
- Scotch tape
- Glue gun / Glue
- Newspaper


1) Start of with taping off the sections of your shoes which you don't want the spray paint to ruin. I wanted to spray paint the heel and bottom seem of my shoes so I taped the shoe accordingly.

2) Hold the spray paint can a few inches away from your shoe and start to evenly spray the paint. Go slow to achieve that even, smooth look. Don't forget to lay some newspaper where you're doing this as you don't want to ruin your flooring now, do you?

3) Let the paint dry for about an hour. My loafers had tassels in the front, so I decided to take them out and spray paint them separately.

4) Once the paint is dry, take your glue gun and start placing the pearls where you'd like to. I decided to place two stripes around the heel.

5) Let that dry for about 15 minutes. And voila.

Your perfect pair of fall loafers are right in front of you. Time to go flaunt them!

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  1. Cute!


  2. o wow! wht a grt idea.. i so much wanted to change a boring pair for red shoes. will do some magic this weekend itself!

  3. Such a neat & cute are highly creative Aayushi :)

  4. This DIY is so wonderful! The finished shoes look amazing. What a lovely post!

    xoxo, Meera
    twitter: @meeranavlakha

  5. Tres gorgeous. Cannot wait to try this. :D