Thursday, August 16, 2012

How To : Embellished Shoulders

I was strolling at Zara the other day when I came across this embellished t-shirt. Now I've been seeing a lot of these embellished clothes at almost every store with stones either on the shoulder or the collar or the sleeves or the neckline or even all over. Though they are wonderful to look at, I can't imagine wearing most of them for too long. But with the Zara t-shirt, I almost bought it, but then I realized that I could actually just make this myself, if not the exact same thing, something similar which would have the same effect. So here I am, sharing this idea with you! I hope you try this and save yourself some precious bucks. Let's get started.

What you need :-
- An old or new t-shirt/jumper (mine is old)
- Some stones to embellish
- A chalk
- Fabric glue or Glue gun

1) Wear the old t-shirt and mark the center of your shoulder with a chalk. This will help you in deciding where you would want to ideally place the stones.

2) Keeping the center in mind, use the chalk to mark the rest of the spots for the jewels.

3) Use your glue gun or fabric glue to securely place those stones on to the spots marked.

4) Repeat the steps on the other side. Leave it to dry over night and voila!

You will wake up with a trendy piece lying in your wardrobe and what's even better? You actually made it!

PS :- For those of you who are wondering about how to wash this? Just dry clean it my friend. 

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  1. I am so waiting for the picture :)

  2. thats so cool!
    but these stones look expensive and so pretty!

    1. The stones cost me Rs.350 as opposed to the Rs.2000 price tag of the Zara shirt! And you could go for smaller stones or use an old necklace if you want to cut down the cost! :)

  3. Hey gr8 diy!!
    Gr8 pics..The dress is cool :)
    The Sweet Life

  4. I really admire your resourcefulness Aayushi - It's so great to see a blogger who likes to stay trendy and a reasonable rate :)

  5. Hi could you tell me the shop you picked the stones from? Cheap jack?