Monday, July 30, 2012

Giveaway with Zovi

And I'm back with another giveaway! This one is pretty exciting. I have so many things on my wish list from Zovi and if you do too, this is the perfect opportunity for you to grab something you've been wanting as a gift from us. All you have to do is:-

- Log on to  and Login via Facebook.

- Once you're logged in, browse through their products and link back one item in the comment box below that you would like to win.

- Don't forget to mention why you'd like to own that particular item.

And that's all. The contest will run for 2 weeks i.e. from 31st July to 14th August. I will pick 3 winners at the end and will announce them on Zovi's Facebook Page! Goodluck!

**Participants must be residents of India. This contest is open to both Women & Men of or above the age of 18.

                   -----------------------Contest Closed-------------------------

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    i mean who wouldn't want to win this tote bag ,
    it has all the beautiful colors on it and can go with almost every casual yet chic attire .
    this is something you got to have :D

    just love this animal print clutch alottt..


    i have been coveting for this belt for a long time!
    We need something to hold out pants now, dont we? And this is one of the classiest belts around. I wonder who wouldnt want it :P


    I love this clutch because it's perfect as an everyday clutch. Best part : It's water-proof!

    I would love to win this animal print clutch , its sleek sexy and i am a big fan of animal prints as they look good with any outfit for all occassions!

    priyanka dhir

    i'd love own that summer dress :) love the floral print and its so summery
    i really heart it :) <3

    I fell in love with this clutch as soon as i saw it! why? simply because of the combination of white and beige,so subtle yet so chic! it could go with any look and can neutralize the bright clothes coming up this monsoons.Another plus point of this clutch is the size,that is 15cm*32cm,which is perfectly spacious for someone like me who dumps everything in the clutch. White for me is the ultimate color and with beige,it gets even better! I have seen so many white dresses with beige/nude belts and to find that combi in a clutch makes me want it bad! I really hope to see this stunner in my closet. *crosses fingers*

    I am in love with this laptop bag!its just so perfect. I am bored with my same old laptop bag.this is so refreshing and colourful.I can also use this as a handbag. one bag, 2!

    I love the pattern and i think its perfect for summer and its a decent length <3

    BTW i love your style! <3


    I would like to win this gorgeous handbag from Zovi.
    I want to give this beautiful printed hand bag to my mother as a present for whatever she does for me.
    I feel we don't need special occasions to gift or thanks to our loved one's :)
    My mom loves leather bags;but she doesn't owe any and this piece is quite useful for her as she can fit almost everything inside it. :)
    It will serve as a travelling amigo for her.
    I just hope that she gets the best from ZOVI and STYLEDRIVE :)

  11. I would like to win
    I m crazy about this particular messenger bag ever since I saw the vintage bag in your posts "Being Me" and "With love". Have ran helter skelter to get a similar one but with no luck. I hope to get dis one as mustard/brown/earthy colours suits my taste and go with every outfit! Hope I be lucky dis time! Love and cheers!

    i would love to have this colorful pair of flats. they are so stylish and comfortable, would look great with any casual attire. esp for ppl like me, who are not comfortable with heels.


    i've been searching for the perfect envelope clutch that looks good & is reasonably priced since FOREVER.
    i've finally found it. :)
    this clutch is so chic, i'm in <3 with it..


    hey Aayushi..
    the black off-shoulder top with sequins on the shoulder makes me want to have it even has a good fitting and can be worn as a dress too...or can be tucked in with shorts, pants, skirts...etc....i'd love to have this one !!
    thnx !! :)

    I'd love to win this cute envelop shaped clutch.
    I've been going around places with my sister looking for this kinda clutch. I would love to surprise her with this one as a gift right before her birthday! :)


    I loved this bag as it can compliment both a formal as well as casual attire.
    I have just joined a new work place and I would love to be able to flaunt this beautiful bag!
    Finally knowing how one always ends up going out post work I want something that can easily carry my make up but not be too big. On all these aspects this bag reigns supreme! can I please please get this bag! :D


    Alright this may sound weird, even crazy! But yes these pair of moccassins I wih to win; to gift as a very 21st B'day present to my man.
    Now I do not mean to come out as tacky, partcipating in Giveaways to gift away freebies even to the most important person in my life, but I pick the above as I've searched high-and-lo_ from online shopping temples, to exclusive showrooms, to every fashionista's fashion dome of Lifestyle to Shopper's Stop, to even the older cobblers to know if they could provide an insight into the classical version of the same but to face Disappointment. Until I checked in to zovi's.

    These are neatly paired down to the basics and quite a classique, which would go down too very well with my man as FLASHY, loud colors, way too much detailing is a huge no-no with him. he's like one of those "Raymond-type-o'-men" out there.
    Nothing would suit finer! Also, the first time I'll be selflessly participating in any Giveaway. And about time(30th to countdown!). Also, the transition to manhood_21 could never be any more better: from converse-to-classic casuals. Grandeur! :p

    * fingers crossed * Hoping to make it! Great Giveaway(hassle-free!) :))


    these ballerinas are so damn cute and they will go with all the dresses in my wardrobe

    be it casual or formal


    These blue ballerinas are just the right bright for my taste and it's tough to find shoes in that color!

    I like to mix different textures with distinct patterns of a particular shades, like dusky pink Chiffon blouse paired with beige & white polka dot ballerina shoes.This Floral shoes look so actually brings life to any outfit and can be teamed up with any plain shirt/Tee during those oh-so boring days. Am not that Experimenter but i think such dressy shoes are a must in any one's wardrobe plus they look so comfy. I don't have floral shoes i would like to owe them through this giveaway.. P.s- I got to attend spinster party Next month! Such a better chance! :D

    this is the classiest print i've ever seen !! its a style statement even of wor with a simple dress or a blue denim-white shirt pairing...gimme gimme gimme


    I would like to win this gorgeous handbag from Zovi.
    I want to give this beautiful printed hand bag to my mother as a present for whatever she does for me.
    I feel we don't need special occasions to gift or thanks to our loved one's :)
    My mom loves leather bags;but she doesn't owe any and this piece is quite useful for her as she can fit almost everything inside it. :)
    It will serve as a travelling amigo for her.
    I just hope that she gets the best from ZOVI and STYLEDRIVE :)


    Love suede, but don't own a single thing in them. Would love to win them :)


    I loved the bag and its colour. I think it looks very chic and this bag would look great on all the outfits! :)



    Hey !!! Thanks for such great opportunity.
    I love this bright envelope clutch because it is trendy and also, ia beautiful shade of hot pink. would love to add it to my collection.
    Following Zovi through Eleganza (


    This is what I want... Shirt dress I've wanted to have from a long long time... Maybe I was destined to win it instead of buying... ;)

  27. I think this a fabulous giveaway.
    I browsed through the site and well what really caught my eye was this metallic necklace-

    The reason I chose this particular product is because of its simplicity.
    You know how the statement goes- Less Is More! :D
    Well this is a perfect accessory for almost every outfit and is well within the budget of everyone.
    I'm someone who doesn't like bling or donning chunky jewellery, so this I feel would be a perfect statement necklace. It is elegant, delicate and beautiful and the beads just enhance its beauty. Definitely an eye-catcher. :)

    All the best to everyone! And Aayushi thanks for a fair opportunity :)

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  29. Umesh Sharma ( 1, 2012 at 2:07 PM

    These classic brown shoes are to die for. They will go perfectly with crisp trousers as well as denims. It would be really great to have them in my collection.

  30. I'd like to own - Black faux leather quilted bag(Just Black!) :)
    It immediately caught my eyes as I was browsing through the page...I've penchant of collecting hand bags so it can add up easily in my wardrobe and it will go with every dress...Oh! Now toh I want to win it. :P
    But it seems that every one wants to win something for their dear ones. In that case, I change my mind...(How did I forget)This cud b a perfect gift for my father on his B'day :):D...I want to win this pair of shoes for my PAPA (puppy face):)

  31. i would love to have this black trouser in my wardrobe
    as i saw this trouser i fell in love with this and so desperately want to have it now. :D

    i've been looking for a well fitted ankle length pant for quit some time now
    and i think this piece from zoni will fit me perfectly

    I love sling clutch bags and this one is elegant classy and will look beautiful with so many outfits for day wear and night outs. I would love to win this beautiful bag from zovi :D



    i would love to win this clutch because of its unique pattern and funky style..which is totally ME!!


  35. Orange Pu Strap Flats

    i want these becuase i love the colour and iv always wanted thong sandals..

  36. Hi. Thank you for the lovely giveaway Aayushi :)
    Orange Suede Flap Wallet

    I have chosen this item in particular cause I have been on a wallet hunt forever and somehow have not been able to find a nice one which has a zip on top. Plus I love the colour of this though it was difficult to choose between purple and orange!
    I really want to win this one.
    P.S. My facebook is from my yahoo id and here I am using my google one

    Surabhi Agarwal


    So I can feel like Little Miss Sunshine, everyday! :)


    hi:)thanx fr d lovely giveaway:)i want dese cute ballerinas as deir colour is my fav colour n it vl almost go with almost everything:)


    Nothing spells classy and chic like the fab combination of gold and black. And add to it the surprise element of brown. These three colours have it in them to rock any outfit. I'm already thinking of how I can wear this belt to make my formals even more classy. ;)


    Because, a pop of sunshine can light up the world.

  41. I loved the ballerinas on zovi.But they do not have my size!:( Damn you big feet.Then I came across this messenger bag and fell in love <3!

  42. Hi Aayushi,
    Right off the bat, it would be the Mustard Faux Leather Quilted Messenger Bag ( Its such a versatile wardrobe staple!
    Its great for a lunch date, its good for window shopping and general loitering about in malls and really handy for travelling (where you don't want your hands to be occupied between carrying a camera and a bag. Those moments are a real hassle!). The color appeals to me a lot. It can be worn with a summer dress or jeans and a tan boots in the winter, shorts during the monsoons; its a bag for every season! I have a feeling that it would work really well with a pair of tan loafers and khaki trousers. Honestly, the options are infinitesimal and I really can't stop thinking of different ways of carrying this. So, i'll just stop while i'm ahead of myself (if you know what I mean) =D

    Thanks a ton!

    need this! because im going crazy with stacking bangles & bracelets!

  44. You are right Aayushi. This one is indeed very exciting.
    This is my pick
    Why? Because I love ballerinas. But this one's diff. It have intricate weaving and it has a really classy finish. Ballerinas are mostly worn in India with casual wear. But this ONE is a class apart. I can wear it one piece dresses,denim skirts,pastel jeans etcetra etcetra. They are so versatile yet so classy.Plus I love this pink.

    Thnx for dis amazing giveaway!


    Well, Aren't they just amazing! They are a perfect match for a pair of shorts and all kind of skirts. Who wouldn't give it a second look?

    i would like to own these gorgeous flats ballerinas from zovi, they are sooo damn gorgeous. Can't believe something so stylish for the great price. Can't wait to wear them to work, and have people ask them where I got them from. can channel their inner fashionista by wearing these pretty babies
    Thanks for the giveaway

  47. Hi Aayushi...thanks for the nice giveaway...frankly it made me go through all the items on Zovi in great detail which otherwise I wouldn't have had the time to go through given so many online shopping sites emerging these days. But on going through each and every item I did realize that Zovi has definitely managed to differentiate itself by Bringing latest trends and yet keeping them unique and by making the prices so affordable.

    Though there are quite a few items I loved being a shoe shopaholic I pick this one:

    It combines 2 of my favorite colors this season- Orang and Purple. Its perfect for the color blocking trend this season which I am loving and incorporating in my look. And Zovi also has quite a few handbags and clutches and other accessories like belts etc. to complete the look. Even if one isn't sporting color blocking, just adding these flats to a pastel/ dull outfit would instantly add a spark to the entire outfit.

  48. Product link:
    Why I want to own it: Because it will look so cool on my beautiful wife. That's what an apparel is meant to be... enhance the beauty of the wearer and add charm to the look!

  49. I loveee this animal print clutch. Would love to wear it with my new red dress!

  50. Went through the website and it was so hard to pick one! but i chose these pink shoes. i love the colour and the style. hoping to win.thanx

  51. When will you declare the winners for this contest? Been checking Zovi FB page for it regularly now.