Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How To : Blue Smokey Eyes

Products Used  : -
Bobbi Brown's Creamy Concealer in the shade Natural
L'oreal's True Match Mineral's Powder
Urban Decay's Eyeshadow primer potion
L'oreal's Infalliable Eyeshadow in All Night Blue from the new L'or collection!
Dior's eyeshadow in Argentic
L'oreal's Super liner eyeliner
Maybelline's The Falsies Mascara
Mac's Fix Plus

Tools Used : -
The Body shop's Eyeshadow Blender brush
Sponge tip eyeshadow brush (Beauty Center)
Eyelash curler from Faces

Steps : -
1) Apply some concealer around your eyes to create an even base and cover up any darkness. Set it with any setting powder or foundation.

2) Use a eye shadow primer to make sure that your eye shadow lasts longer and to make the colours look vibrant.

3) Using a eye shadow blending brush start blending the dark blue colour into your crease. Slowly increase the amount to darken the shadow. Gradually building the colour up will help you to achieve the look better than going super dark all at once.

4) Spray some fix plus on to your sponge tip brush and dip it into any silver shadow. Now apply this eye shadow on to the middle and inner corner's of your eyes.

5) Next, apply a thin eye liner using either an eyeliner brush or in my case L'oreal's Super Liner.

6) Curl your eyelashes and coat them with your favourite Mascara preferably waterproof.

And voila. Go ahead and rock this Monsoon friendly night time look! 

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  1. pretty pretty pretty ayushi!! :)
    great tut!


  2. Love it!

  3. Love the closeup photos and such a beautiful hue

  4. Beautiful eyes...awesome makeup!

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  7. I must say, I have been following your blog since a year and i love it:)

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  8. Whoa, this is gorgeous! You had such beautiful eyes. I don't think I could ever pull this off as well, haha.

    Your blog is so well-done! I would love it if you had the time to check out mine too :)