Thursday, May 3, 2012

Styledrive for Spring Break - Giveaway!

And it's time for another giveaway! It's been a while since I did one and I am actually pretty excited for this! So here's how you can win a shopping spree worth Rs.2500 to buy some of the pieces that you were probably eyeing from the Styledrive for Spring Break collection :-
  1. Link back your favourite item from the Styledrive collection.
  2. Leave the link below in the comments and tell me why you love that particular piece.
  3. You can comment just once in the comment box below but you can increase your chances of winning by sharing the link of your favourite item on Facebook and Twitter. Don't forget to tag me when you share! 
I will announce the winner on my Facebook Page on 10th May. Goodluck ladies, may the best girl win!

*All participants should be above the age of 18. This giveaway is only open to people residing in India.

                -----------------------Contest Closed-------------------------

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  1. Yay! I love giveaways!

    I'd say that my favourite piece from the Styledrive for Springbreak collection is

    The skater skirt with the lilac floral print is nothing short of perfect for the upcoming summer months.

    I'd say you've done a commendable job with this collection!

    Cheers. <3

    i absolutely love this floral jumpsuit.the florals are perfect for the trendy,so chic.the plus point is that its upper is white and who would not love a jumpsuit!!
    wats there not to love in this piece.its a win win!!
    fb link-
    twitter link-!/sindhugupta/status/197764822589374464


    I think sheer shirts are a must for the spring transition. I love this shit because its design has combined two trends of this season;firstly the sheer,secondly the asymmetric look. Asymmetry has gained a lot of popularity this season. Plus,the color is the best for one's summer wardrobe. One can throw this shirt over a tank top and will be good to go. Hoping to win giveaway. Love!


    This certainly is my favorite piece from the collection as it effectively combines two of the hottest current trends of neon and lace and that too, in an extremely elegant, classy, and wearable way! Any girl wearing this dress would be pure envy to the others! Dying to own it!


    love the plum n the cut!

    i love and absolutely adore this dress because its extremely beautiful and does not try too hard!extremly easy to dress up too!and kate middelton wore something similar too!and it makes me feel absolutely stunning too :)

  7. My favourite item from your collection would be the "StyleDrive Orange Jacket"( I love this piece for various reasons:

    a)Right off the bat,the color is what strikes you the most. It is perfect to spice up any outfit and works really well with all basic shades such as black & white, but can be expanded into color blocking as well. Also to be noted, Tangerine is the color of the season and this makes the jacket very "right now"
    b)The fact that its a Jacket (:D). I love,love layering! Any season,any time of the year, I love to layer my clothes. The cut of this jacket is so well done that it would make for a perfect accompaniment to any outfit.
    c)The cut of the jacket and its length. I like that its neither too long nor too short, so it makes it pretty universal. It can be paired with a pair of skinny jeans, a pair of dark trousers, a skirt or even a dress. The length of the jacket definitely gives it a versatility factor.
    d)The new from old factor: Another reason why I love jackets is that it can make an outfit you've worn thousands of time look new! You can repeat your tried and tested outfit and don the jacket with a reasonably suited outfit, and voila - a whole new look! Plus,they can make an outfit look dressed up or more dressed down depending on the styling adopted. I can see this jacket adding a very "trending" look to an outfit this season, plus I see it working amazing well with florals!

    That being said,it was very difficult to narrow it down to one choice because the collection is pretty striking! Keep up the great job and thanks for this great giveaway.

    Am totally gonna share this!

    It was really hard for me to choose just one item from this fabulous collection! But if i really had to, it would definitely be the Neon Lace dress! Lace has always been an obsession of mine when it comes to clothes, shoes, bags, you name it! I had my doubts about neon first, because it has the potential to look way too bright. But this dress changed my mind :) I think it's an amazing combination! I love how the neon is subtle and the lace adds a very feminine and dainty touch to it! Pairing it with casual jewelry makes it so day time appropriate :) I also really love the yellow jacket, but this is one piece i absolutely adore! Fabulously designed and a lovely combination :)

    The lace jumpsuit is my absolute favourite because well, it's lace. Every girl LOVES lace! And it's perfect for summers! It can be dressed down for the day and made glamourous for the night with the right accessories. It is versatile!

  10. My favourite piece from your collection has to be because not only is it really unique due to its print and cut but also a statement piece!

  11. i love the polka dot jacket! :)
    polka dots are timeless and classic, i would wear them anytime, any day of the year :)
    wonderful collection!

  12. I thought enough. I love this printed jacket
    as much as I love this shirt Between the two, I ll choose the sheer shirt as my favorite because this is the color I have been hunting since months. Love the soft and feminine buttons on it.

  13. Also.. I am tagging you on my face book page (My sugarless style) and twitter (shruti carol):-D

    i absolutely adore this dress coz its one of a kind.. d neon colour juz makes d dress look more fresh n exciting and totally take-my-pic has its own taste of class n elegance and you definitely cant go wrong wid this 1..<3 :)


    This shirt is everything a summer collection would be. Its like wearing spring.

    I absolutely adore this floral jacket from the styldrv/springbreak collection.It continues the season's hottest trend with a high-octane dose of flower power.Florals maybe a perennial spring/summer trend but springbreak/styldrv breathed life into this jacket with a flowery organza.By far it is the most feminine incarnation from the collection.This jacket can be completely simple,romantic,subtile,feminine or sexy and striking at the same time depending on how you wear it.Completely goes with the saying"APRIL SHOWERS BRING MAY FLOWERS".


    We don't know what we need,untill we loose it and this is the lust and love worthy apparel for which this life expression fits so aptly. (I got to see it when all the pieces were sold :-( )
    Black - the color of power seduction and class.
    Lace - A material so feminine and as you look through its sheerness and notice the carved mesh,it almost feels like its perfectly crafted just for you.
    The night time, company of just this jumpsuit which you can't resist enough to keep away from your skin, surroundings lit with candles and eyes of the mirrror all on "You".
    The piece - Start from the neck, how well it hides the feminine curves, don't try to peep through and shift your sight to the sides and notice how it flaunts slightly those toned arms. Which man wouldn't want to hold them? Aha... but wait there's more to it. Get down, notice how it just flows with the body, possesses your love handles. Then slightly plants a kiss on the thigh and whispers "Am i not more desirable than you are?"
    The twinkle in the eye would answer it all.
    ~The admirer

  18. I love this printed jacket

    I love this sheer blouse. The colour is perfect <3

  20. Ahhh!!!Giveaway :D

    My favorite piece from the collection will definitely be this :

    I have been in love with this floral jacket since I saw it in your video Pink Denim.Absolutely love the way it compliments your pair of denim.Now my love factor for this piece increases because I also own a pink denim bought from Spring Break.I will like to team it up with my denim because it adds a semi formal look to the outfit despite being so chic,classy and such a Summer print.


    I love love love the orange jacket. It's smart and sassy without being too bright or eye numbing. It can be the perfect solution with a pair of jeans and ganji, shorts, skirts or party wear. Bingo, the multipurpose jacket. And the cut is just the right style, not too formal and yet not too casual.

    P.S - Keep it up :)

  22. I love these products from styldrve collection: the nude floral pants and this white sheer sleeve shirt. this would be a perfect combo for the summer days:) I also love this printed jacket and the way you have styled it in your spring break video.

    P.s the video is amazing, love the way you have styled and presented all your clothes:)


    OH THIS JACKET (MY LATEST LOVE) I NOT ONLY LOVED ITZ CUT BUT THE COLOUR "Tangerine Tango" is the color of 2012...warm, uplifting, and energizing, and it happens to look great with my skin tone & the cut is perfect for my body type... this particular orange im carving from long’s hopeful and optimistic and also has sophistication...hope to flaunt it soon..fingers croxx!!!!!

    Simply because i'm in love with the colour orange :)

  25. My favourite :)

    I am in love with this peach pink colour!I think sheer blouses are the ultimate layering piece for spring and summer weather. You can sport them under a cute boyfriend blazer and you’ve got just enough coverage for cold mornings that you can quickly remove once the sun comes out. The best part is that you can do a ton of things with a sheer shirt like
    ->Sheer shirts and high-waisted bottoms
    ->Chic and sheer, underneath
    ->Color blocking
    ->Layer upon layer

    Love the collection!Awesome stuff :)


  26. Yayyy Giveaway!
    I love your giveaways, Aayushi!
    I had won ur maybelline bb cream giveaway a while back (my first giveaway win), along wid 9 other girls and totally fell in love with it until it got taken away at the security check for the IPL match, urgh!
    Anyway,hoping to win this time too! :D

    My FAVOURITE piece has got to be the Neon Lace Dress!

    Im into lace and bright shades off late and this dress is just perfect to satiate both my desires! Would love to experiment and pair it up with a skinny hot pink belt and chic accessories! Its totally gorgeous for any occassion, night or day! :) Specially now that the summers are here, its a great blend of a fun, bright neon shade and the-ever-so-chic-lace! ;)
    Great job with your new venture! :)
    Hoping to win! :)


  27. Hii Aayushi..

    What a fab giveaway, hope thsi amkes me go to the store soon.
    I like the floral jacket.

    It is summery as well as can be worn throughout by pairing it with dark/light tops. Since I am a working professional i can wear it as a semiformal one too or make it look casual for my weekends. Thanks


  28. Lovely giveaway....!

    I love the Floral jacket

    Its so pretty. I like to wear a lot of sleeveless and off-shoulder dresser in summer and this is perfect to pair with them specially if while commuting. Floral print adds to the summary feel and can add color to any pastel dress. Just add some neon bright nailpaint, foot wear and accessories and one is dressed to kill.

    Reason: We LOVE YOU and YOUR WORK aayushi !, Needless to say WE LOVE all your designs too! You designed every apparels keeping the current trend in mind so there's nothing to say more! Its so hard to choose and Praise "THE ONE" ,about the jacket i have never seen before anywhere i love it for it uniqueness!

  30. hello
    I absolutely love this grey high waist pant. I really really want it.
    All the fashion sense i have comes from you. am not even kidding. Trust me i was never a fashion freak.
    Thankyou so much.

  31. Perfect summer evening cocktail dress. The airy cotton fabric, the cut and the subtle demureness get the thought just right.
    I wouldn't want to invest in a piece that will take refuge in the back of my closet gathering dust. I want a piece that will be known as a part of my signature style.
    Thanks for that, Aayushi. I'd buy it even if I didn't win it. :)


    Vera (Being Vera Blog.)

  32. I think dresses are more than a single season expense. They need to make a transition into many seasons ahead. I see myself in this timeless piece over and over again in a long span of time, at the choicest of occasions. That's how I look at dresses. This fits the bill.

    Also tweeting, my handle is Anujakarve


    The lace jumpsuit. Need I say more?

    I guess I will have to, it is the perfect mixture of elegant lace with the casual look of a jumpsuit. What Casual Chic is.

    i absolutely adore black lace, the very pretty slightly puffed shoulder and the perfect length not to mention the way it is shaped around the waist.
    would love to win it. thanks
    my email id is


    Because in yellow, I find sunshine and happiness. (And the confidence to feel beautiful and free).

    Breezy yellow pants make my day <3

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  36. Oops, I gave my yellow pants comment as anonymous. Sorry. :$

  37. I love the mint green high waist pants. Because, it's Mint! In this scorching heat the colour itself is like a cool breeze. And, the structure. It'll suit anyone, be it tall or short. If you're tall it'll accentuate your height, and if you're on the shorter side, it adds those precious inches to your personality. In all, it'll definitely be a great investment for everyone. Love and keep posting! Madhura. :)

    im in love with this shirt coz it seems soo perfect for the summers.. its sheer and MINT :P (THE colour of the season!)
    also the one think i love the most about the shirt are the cuffs.. solid and tapered! *perfect*
    actually if you go to see.. i'd like to link 90% of your collection back to you as it seems veryy wearable and chic!
    thanks for the giveawayy! awaiting the results ! :D

  39. Hey,
    This is my favourite dress after I bought the red dress from the styldrv for springbreak collection! :)

  40. Whoa! "Giveaway"...came online after so many days n I read "Giveaway"...gr8...this is definitely for me :P Haha...*sorry for being crazy* :D

    Many pieces are my favourite but the most favourite one from the collection is : <3
    It's very summery and floral prints are really 'in' this season...I already had my eyes on this floral jacket when saw you wearing it in your videos "Three ways: Pink Denims" & "Styldrv for Spring Break"...It could be teamed up with anything say a long tee, a cotton shirt, a plain kurti or even with a summer dress. It can be formal yet it can be chic. :)

  41. I like the 'Printed jacket', too bad it's sold out in my size.


    The neon dress speaks volumes of Spring. I love the contrast moreover the fit of the dress compliments all body types.
    So have this dress in your closet is a WIN WIN!

  43. Hiii! I love your giveaways! :D

    So here is my top choice from the Styledrive for Spring break collection.

    Honestly, if I could, I would buy the whole collection. But this one stands out for me! The bright red colour, the hint of crochet makes it unbelievably gorgeous! Plus, it is perfect for a nice summer day : Not to jazzy and blingy, not absolutely plain! What I also like is the sleeves. Very few dresses can pull off such sleeves, but this one does it right on spot! The length looks comfortable! Can't wait to get my hands on this one! :)

    Lovee the collection, and I would like to see you wear the Neon lace dress. :)
    Thaaank you! :)

    PS : I shared it on twitter ;)

  44. Hi! My favorite piece from the StylDrv collection is the Mint Sheer Shirt.

    When I saw this at the store it was if I may say "Instant Attraction". The color - the style- the fit- the fabric and last but not the least- the comfort ,it's got everything going for it. I love that I can team it up with pants-jeans and leggings! I love that it simple but yet so chic! One of those pieces of clothing where you don't have to think twice before buying and ponder if its worth it or not, you pick it up and save it (just like I am) so that I can wear it somewhere I can show it off! THE MINT SHEER SHIRT'S GOT EVERYTHING GOING FOR IT!

  45. Hey, Aayushi!

    As I've already managed to get my hands on the gorgeous white sheer shirt and the printed short jacket, the next thing that I have been eying since the past week is the Styledrive Printed Dress and how could I not? It's refreshing! I have close to no purple items in my closet and the bursts of lilac in this dress would make for the perfect addition. =)

    Here's the link:

    Finally, I'd like to add that this whole collection is very, very impressive. As a 20-something who can't always afford to shop high street brands all the time, I love how Styledrive and Spring Break brought all these amazing clothes to life at pretty much half the price! What's better is that I can shop online for my friends and cousins in other cities and never have to worry about what to gift them for their birthdays any more.

    Not to sound silly, but I am quite excited by what you guys will have to offer in the coming months. =)

    P.S. I don't have a Facebook page, but I will be tweeting and instagramming from @perniciously.

    -Esha Rihal


    The neon dress. The wild color, the feminine cut, what's not to love, really?

  47. Roshni SrivastavaMay 4, 2012 at 7:36 PM

    A Giveawayy!!! This is soo excitingggg!! and sooo hard to chose one particular item..i loveeee soo manyy!!
    well i would go with this floral printed jacket can be worn with anything and it will just complete any look!!! I can team it up with so many things!! so many options and it won't go wrong! the print is so perfect for summer!

    Love it all aayushi! :)

  48. my fav item from the style drive collection is
    I love it because
    1. I love the sheer shirt trend its soo cool specially in delhi summers.. very apt for layering purposes too..
    2. I adoooooreeee the color PEACH.. I hoard everything peach from lipsticks to hairbands to shorts to blushes..
    I just love Peach and this shirt IS PEACH

  49. HI! My favorite piece of clothing from the StylDrv collection is the Mint Sheer Shirt:

    When I went to the store and saw this piece it was if I may say 'Instant Attraction'. The color (love it)- the fit- the fabric- the style and last but definitely not the least the comfort the shirt provides is great! What I love most about it is that I can pair it with jeans-shorts and leggings! The shirt is simple yet so chic! It's one of those pieces that is worth it and you don't really think twice before buying it! Its got everything going for it so I had to have it and I'm saving it for an occasion I can show it off at!

  50. Hey.
    My fav--
    Because i love the cobalt blue color, very chic. And im pretty much a tomboy, this jumpsuit makes me maintain that, ie it doesnt make me look very girly, i like that about this outfit.

  51. I absolutely love all of the items in that collection!! but my favorite would have to be the Styledrive Lace Jumpsuit -

    I think it is so cute and would look great on me. I am also really big into lace this season so it is perfect!

    also following on twitter - @steffers516
    and tweeted -!/steffers516/status/198467640308666368

    2. Beige goes with a lot of my favourite hues
    3. Summer time best combo- cotton & shorts!!

    hey since i be looking to your profiles and blogs fall in love with your collection and new techniques of styles ...really great work..:D


    This is the coolest jacket which looks nice in my mother and my mother favourate color in blue

  55. My favourite piece from the Spring Break collection would be the 'Style Drive Floral Jacket' :)

    One look at this piece and you know it speaks Spring! Also floral prints are big this season. And also i think it would go really well with my new pair of pastel mint green jeans!

    I absolutely adore this dress with cream lace and neon green lining. This spring/summer you just can't go wrong with lace and neon. And the a-line cut is flattering for most figures. You can have a lot of fun accessorizing this dress. You could wear it with pops of neon pink to contrast the neon green, or if you want something more edge, add something studded. For those who like being on the safer side, it cant be teamed with safe black or nude accessories. I would wear it with bright pink lips, studded colorful friendship bands, neon shoes (i think yello, pink or turquoise should work), cat eyes sunglasses, neon pink bag, winged eyeliner, my hair in a bun on top of mu head on a braid to one side and a huuuge smile!

  57. Okay so what I'd pick from the drool worthy collection:

    I hoard sheer everything mostly because it gets sweltering HOT in Delhi during the summers but I have this compulsive need to layer to keep things interesting. And I absolutely LOVE sheer shirts with an asymmetrical hems. I like how the little details add up to the big picture and a dipped hem ups the interest factor so easily.

    And, of course;- it's Mint. Need I say more?


  58. hey Aayushi.
    i absolutely love your collection introduced by spring break.
    i am looking forward to buy a few pieces soon.
    i love everything but what i really would like to have the soonest would be this-

    Plum Red Crochet Dress

    i absolutely love the colour and how it would fit me so perfect if i own it..

    following you on twitter @deekshashekawat

    following you on Facebook Deeksha Kanwar

    because i have the mint sheer shirt from ur collection and i loveeeeeeedd it..nd so i want this colour as well..:D

  60. My favourite piece from the impeccable collection would be

    I've been getting dreams of wearing this jacket ever since I saw it online and if not for your giveaway, would be in my closet definitely by next week.I would love to pair it with my new mint denims and a black v neck tshirt!! perfect outfit for a date <3

  61. Hi!
    I love this color block top,
    because these colors are just perfect, accessory or no accessory, I feel if teamed with just nudes, these speak volumes of oomph! And the best thing is if I see something like this in the mall I can always chuck that cz your prices are affordable, and the collection super sexy!


  62. Hey Aayushi!
    This looks like an awesome giveaway. :)
    From Stylepile to Facebook to your blog, I literally feel guilty of stalking you. B)
    Firstly your collection is amazing and tempting! As a matter of fact, I have hearted some of your pieces on Fashiolista as well. You never know if that fetches you more fans and buyers. :)
    My favorite from your collection is this polka dot jumpsuit. If you remember I even inquired about it on Facebook. :D

    It's absolutely adorable! The color, the sleeves, the fit, the solid combination with polka is nothing less than perfect and has me drooling ever since i first laid my eyes on it!
    Also i would like to compliment you on your fabulous collection of pants. I totally love them, the eccentric ones the most! :)
    Following is the link i shared on facebook.


  63. And here are the links of few of your items I shared on Fashiolista.


    the black lace jumpsuit is my favorite from your fabulous collection. The reason being its BLACK, its sensuous...its sexy and classy and the lace acts like the cherry on the cake. I have been looking for nice jumpsuit since soo many days and these seems just perfect to me can wear it for movie or team it up with amazing accessories (which I learned well from your posts) and wear it for a night out ...PERFECT is just the word.

    following you on twitter: @naitryshah!/naitryshah
    and facebook to as naitry shah

  65. i adore ur collection so much! it reflects ur personality..everything!
    1. i love everything floral.. i have lots of skirts, but i NEED this to complete my fetish! the blazer! its very pretty and would turn and boring outfit into "dreamy" one :))

    following you on fb and twitter since long :))!/sneha_zing/status/198860447942840320
    and i tweeted @sneha_zing

    sneha shankar - sneha010(at)

  66. This is such a lovely giveaway,Aayushi. All the pieces in the collection are so beautiful,I had a hard time in choosing my favourite. I couldn't help but choose two,can't decide which is better.
    1) - The neon lace dress
    For the amazing lace detailing(who can resistlace?), the neon burst which gives the otherwise simple dress a pop. The simple cut of the dress which makes it a staple as it can be styled in many ways,be it day or night.
    2) - the black lace jumpsuit
    For lace again!Its black,covers up the problem areas. It can also be turned into a gorgeous top paired with a skirt or a cute pair of shorts with a tee on it,both ways,it would look good.

    i bought this dress because its cute in the front and theres a sexy surprise at the back i.e. deep the way it fits pear shaped women. =)

  68. although i had real difficulty choosing between>> and but i think since you have asked to link the favorite one i would go for the sheer shirt ..i love this shirt really very much
    1. I chose it as its summer right now and i can wear it rightaway.
    2. i loved purple and black togeter can be worn with skirt, pants,shorts
    4.I can layer it in many ways
    5.add a statement necklace to it and i'm set to go anywhere
    I have tagged you on twitter and facebook as well:)
    make me win aayushi:*

    Elegance Stylized Blog❤

  69. Hey,

    My chosen piece of clothing would be

    The StyleDrive Pink sheer shirt !! :D

    Reasons for choosing it--
    1. It is PINK!! :D
    2.Have been wanting to buy coloured sheer shirt for long now.
    3. Have a pear shaped body so this hemline would cover my rear ;)
    4.Asymmetrical hemlines are 'in'

    Thank you for having this giveaway! Have started reading your blog recently and its WOW! Keep up the good work!

  70. Love soo much stuff! lovely collection!
    It was hard to pick, but my favourites are:
    stunning colour!
    love the details!


  71. I'm not into giveaways but this is such a splendid one i just knew i had to participate! :D

    My favorite piece would be:-
    The Styledrive Floral Jumpsuit
    Reasons being:-

    -- Massively wearable.
    Although it looks like an innocent little jumpsuit, it secretly is a weapon loaded with chic. I cannot come to think of a single colour of a bag /a pair of shoes that this outfit won't blend with. Tangy corals, bright greens, yellow, mint, cobalt, mustard, sky blue, pink, red. I love outfits that love my accessories.

    -- Secretly versatile.
    Here's why.
    1) When you're not feeling very floral, pull a pleated skirt / maxi skirt / pleated trousers over the bottom.
    2) When you're feeling the opposite, throw on a happy, oversized turquoise sweater (with gold buttons?).
    3) Is it too warm for a sweater? Throw on a delicate pastel lace shrug.
    (like this one--> OR
    4) Love print on print? Time for the Styledrive polka dot blazer! Or the plain old plaid boyfriend shirt. Or just your paisley print over-sized shirt worn unbuttoned.
    5) Party animal? Pair with a sequined blazer and sequin pumps.
    6) None of the above? Just take your plain old tan/mustard bag and pumps and you're good to go.
    Okay i'll stop! :P

    -- Summer.
    Is all about florals and bright colors. And an outfit with an incredibly perfect floral print and colour just perks up summers. And this being a jumpsuit, extra points for comfort.

    -- I couldn't need more reasons to love an outfit that i'd like to reach out for, all the time :D

    Sharing on my Facebook pages (Style Spectrum and All That Glam) and tweeting (p_stylespectrum).

    Thanks for hosting such a lovely giveaway! :D

  72. i am a bigggg fan of spring break :)
    so happy to see a giveaway by spring break :):)
    i love this a lodd... CODE: 11015
    StyleDrive Printed Dress
    coz this just perfectly fit my taste nd preference ..... its perfect for summer too light colourd flower prints ... wow just love themm.... :):)
    shared in fb as well as twitter


    Simply love this hooootttt jumpsuit. The white and floral print make it a super chic choice for summer. Plus with colours like those you barely need to accessorise! O did I mention that I love the keyhole and sleeve detailing too? What's more, I could dress it up or down depending on my mood and the occasion. Throw on a jacket/ shrug, wear stylish pumps or ballet flats, go for a neon clutch or a leather satchel... the options are endless!



    The Hottest color this season! Perfect for a summer night-out with black heels. Can't wait to get into one of these. Will pair them with Stydrv Floral jacket that I own for a Boho chic appeal.

  76. hi,
    thanks for the giveaway .
    My favourite from your collection will definitely be this 1:
    The floral jacket is subtle yet classy and can add oodles of freshness and
    feminity to any dress)) A wonderful complement to any dress, any style , any mood :_)
    Goodluck for your further collections:)
    email id:

  77. I love this Pink Skinny Jeans.. It just so HOT! If you are wearing this, you wouldn't need to worry about accessories and styling much. Because with its bright pink color and oh so amazing fit, this pair of jeans is going to draw all eyes to you for sure. Definite show stopper.. Again tooo HOT!!

  78. I absolutely love this Neon dress :

    The Reasons I love this dress
    1) Neon is really in right now.
    2) I can wear it for brunch or dinner if accessorized in the right way :D
    3) Its lace and Neon!!

    I love the Spring Break colelction and this giveaway :D

    Email :


    Hi Aayushi !

    I'm absolutely in love with the aqua palazzo pants ! I don't really follow trends as such and this is one piece that totally defines me! I love bright colors and this piece is great for summers! I can think of several ways to dress it up and dress it down and I've been eyeing it for a while now :) Its sooo pretty!

    Keep up the great work with your blog :) !

    Keep up the great work :)!

  80. I love the StyleDrive purple dress because i think it is simple, light, chic and absolutely perfect for the summer.

    Here's to an exciting giveaway and a gorgeous purple dress!
    (a girl can never have too many of those :D)

    I loved this white ruffle shirt. its amazing.... I have similar shirt but in different colour. I have been searching for similar shirt but in white. its so damn nice... loved it.. :)

  82. is my fav piece from the collection! i was torn between it and the printed jacket!
    the colour and the 'peek a boo' is just doing it for me! The best part of the dress is probably how balanced it is! its a short dress but totally balanced with the sleeves and the conservative neckline!

  83. This comment has been removed by the author.

  84. Hi StyleDrive team :)...First of all thanks a lot for giving the opportunity to be part of your fantastic and mouth watering :P giveaway...:)

    I searched the entire site of "Spring Break"..liked your entire collection but my personal favorite is -'(CODE: 11020 )StyleDrive Purple Dress "


    Why ? because i find it really cute,classy and adorable,its so beautifully designed and crafted...loved the little detailing of frills on the shoulders which is enhancing this dress's it a princess touch..more over...The Lace work is amazingly designed,and embedded..its elaborating neck area so beautifully and elegantly...bottom frock shape is like icing on the cake...this piece is simple yet fashionable,and can be carried away by any type of physic either by slim scale type person or by apple shaped person etc...this dress has the uniqueness of design and universal suitability..which attracted me the most.. loved this piece of art,as for me true fashion lies in simplicity and Uniqueness of design .....:)

    already following "Spring Break"on facebook,my facebook name- Rajvinder Kaur (@mailtorajvinder)

    Following "AayushiBangur " on twitter,My twitter name--Rajvinder Kaur(@mailtorajvinder)

    Twitter link of my favorite dress--!/mailtorajvinder/status/199782179050504192

    My Email

    Thanks once again... :)

  85. Hi Ayushi,
    This contest looks like an exciting chance to get lucky and win some stylish clothes from Spring Break.
    The entire style drive for spring break range looks chic! but if i had to pick one if would be the purple pallazo pants. I love pallazo pants because they are comfortable and stylish at the same time.

  86. Thanks to you for the fact that I have finally found something really chic & awesome which I can dare to wear to work from Monday to Friday, & moreover, it's perfectly summerish. Although it was a little hard to decide upon ONE, but this one makes the cut to be a part of my wardrobe undoubtedly -

  87. Thanks to you for the fact that I have finally found something really chic & awesome which I can dare to wear to work from Monday to Friday, & moreover, it's perfectly summerish. Although it was a little hard to decide upon ONE, but this one makes the cut to be a part of my wardrobe undoubtedly -

  88. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


    this has to be my absolutely favorite!!! nothing screams spring more perfectly than this dress, the pop of neon adds oodles of style, making it fun, flirty and perfect for this bombay weather!

  90. first of all.... i just love ur website... i'm addicted to it :)
    Love ur style so much <3 i totally love dis jumpsuit... adore d wrap dress :) it cn make anyone tall n slim... which is great.. n da color is one of my fav :D

    Love the royal blue color and who doesnt love jumpsuits?!

    firstlyy i totly luvvvvv ur site...i m so addictd 2 it...cnt go a day widout checkn 4 new updates frm u..i luvd ur style drive collection i hav visitd ur store n actually own a few pieces frm ur collectn..i adore dis tangerine blazerr its absolutly gorgeous..rite on trnd n d colour will instantly lift ne outfitt..dyin 2 ownn it.."fingers crossd"..luv u n d wrk u do keep up d gud wrk..

  93. this dress is a grt day wear n could be a good casual dinner wear too . It perfectly fits for the ocassion and would look great with neon pumps


    A little in the game, but not too late I hope! The neon lace dress is my pick from the spring collection. Simply because neon and lace score big on fashion scale. and the two TOGETHER?? that's overshooting the scale tremendously and has me weak in the knees!!

    my email id is and i'm following you on FB as kirthana muthyala =)

  95. My fav piece from style drive collection is:

    LOve it coz its a summer blazer and that too in floral. Florals are so inn this season and can be dressed in multiple ways with pants, shorts, skirts and so many other ways and the color is perfect for the summers.

    Fingers crossed.. hope to win..:)

    The Tangerine jacket is an essential wardrobe item. It'll be just that one thing which can transform any outfit from blah to tada!!! Plus I can dress it up by wearing it over a dress with some stilettos or wear it to a shopping day out with friends by wearing it with a plain T shirt and jeans with ballet flats.

    I love this blue jump suit. This would complete my beachy wardrobe.


    and /or

    lovely things. so diff to choose. a lovely blue summery jacket is all i need for a lovely lazy summer brunch by the beach.

    so chic and smart. how do i wax eloquent more.
    the red dress is super hot. dazzling. fire. lovely night wear. dinner stuff. with a sangria. aaaaaaaii/ i am going mad....

  99. My favourite has to be

    Fun, feminine, romantic & perfect for the summer. The lace and the colour together make it a perfect choice :D

  100. My favourite has to be

    Fun, feminine & elegant, perfect for the summer. Lace and the colour red together make it a perfect choice!

  101. This is what i'd love :

    Have been eyeing jackets in general..
    do not one one yet, and absolutely love these colours
    plus the cut of the jackets amazing..

    it would realy be awesome to win..
    *fingers crossed*

  102. First of all, glad to enter this wonderful giveaway!
    Though every piece of your collection is lovely, The Yellow Blazer does the magic for me!!
    It would be like bringing in Sunshine to my Wadrobe :D
    I can already think of so many different ways to wear it! Polkas or Florals, Shorts or Shifts, Day or Night, Spring or Fall it is just perfect!!
    And something i really follow..."When Low wear Yellow!"