Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How to : Studded Shoes

Shoes- Colaba(Rs.150), Studs- Something Special, Glue gun- Any stationery shop

I have been seeing studded shoes, clothes and bags in almost every store and on every website since over a month now. And though I like the trend, I wasn't sold out by any particular piece. So I decided to try my hands on making something similar which  would be easy on my pocket and would satiate my need of having something studded! I studded a pair of black shoes, you could use the same technique and stud an old bag or even the pocket or collar of an old t-shirt or blouse. 

What you need :-
- Flat studs
- Glue gun/ Adhesive
- A pen
- A pair of old or new shoes

1) Take a pen and mark the places on the shoes where you would like to place your studs. This will make it easier when you start placing the studs.

2) Now take your glue gun and apply some of that glue to the marked spots and simultaneously place the studs before the glue dries.

3) Check if you want to add some more studs here and there to make it look better.

4)Let the glue dry for an hour or so before you flaunt them. And there, you have your own pair of studded shoes.

A tip- Don't worry about the studs being symmetrical unless you have a particular pattern in mind. 

Hope this gave you some fun ideas! Also, don't forget to enter the Styledrive for Spring Break Giveaway which ends tomorrow! 

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  1. so nice shoes ; ))



  2. That is soo cool!! The studs make the shoes look very glam!!!

  3. I love the idea..I tried them too on my black shoes and havent stopped getting compliments after that
    thank aayushi

  4. Aayushi, I am quite older than you...and I am amazed with your talent, and a few other young girls. You kids are so overwhelmingly talented and I am so proud to say you kids inpsire us. Bless you!
    It is way too good.

  5. This is oh-so-cute!! I will definitely try this soon. I have too many ballet flats lying about. Recycle time!
    I studded a pair of cork wedges sometime back and I adore them to say the least!

  6. I Loveddddddd this post!!!

    So simple and yet so creative :)

    Please do more DIY stuff like this!! :D

  7. That's really cool...can you tell me where can I get these studs from? (I am little backwards when it comes to things like this :)) Also, which adhesive did you use?
    I have a similar pair of black ballerinas lying in my house and would love do something like this.

  8. hi AAyushi
    lovely, an very creative, i have seen similar kind of shoes in store for almost 1500 rs this idea can surely save lot of money
    ..............but tell me one thing is it necessary to use glue gun?? n from wer did u buy these studs ??

    1. No, you could even use fabric glue. I got these from Something Special at Bandra,hill road.