Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How To : Dainty Nails

Shirt- Topshop, Necklace- Colaba, Polishes used- Orange Mimosa by Colorbar, Opi's Extra-va-vaganza, Incolor Chrome nail makeup 04(random), Revlon's nail enamel in Natural

Hey everyone! S & I have just been so caught up with work for the past couple of weeks so we have had no time to go shoot an outfit post! So I thought meanwhile I'd share a few how to's with you! I hope you guys enjoyed the previous one. Anyway, this has been my favourite way of wearing my nails since December. I love the two-toned, shimmery & dainty effect that it gives.

What you need :-
Your favourite nail varnish shade
A glitter polish
A polish with chunkier glitter
Top coat

1) Apply two coats of your favourite nail varnish. I am obsessed with tangerine(which our dearest Pantone says is the colour of the year). You could switch it up with a pastel colour or a darker shade.

2) Carefully apply a coat of the glitter polish but make sure to apply it only up to the middle of your nails.

3) Apply a coat of the chunkier glitter polish on the top half of each nail where you applied the smaller glitter polish.

4) Lastly, just apply a top coat to make sure the glitter stays in place and to give your nails a smooth finish.

And voilà. Hope you guys liked it! Do post pictures on my Facebook Page if you happen to try it.

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  1. :O I'm gonna try that with black; should look awesome.

    Castle Fashion

  2. Love all your posts! I'm going to buy some colorbar polishes now, have been eying them for long. Also, I've been searching for a good base coat without having to break open my piggy bank. My nails are quite thin and show wear fast, and nailpolishes really don't help with their health. Do you have any suggestions?

  3. Would look great with a sheer polish as base and glitter. Love the necklace! XD

    I haven't used Colorbar before. For a colour like Mimosa is it creamy or sheer?

  4. Je suis de ton avis, le orange mandarine est tres a la mode! tout comme le vert menthe
    merci pour l idée des paillettes
    bonne journée

  5. Love this color. It's so vibrant!

    Minted Magazine


  6. Extremely cute (:
    Perfect for spring with bright colors!
    If you don't mind me asking, who is S? I'm new to this blog so don't know much about it (:

  7. gorgeous nails! such a pretty colour for spring

  8. so cute! I must try this!