Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The art of accessorizing

Accessories can make any piece of clothing so versatile. And unlike clothes you can use the same accessories multiple times to create so many different looks. Always invest in good accessories. I'd rather spend less on clothes and more on accessories. An outfit for me can never be complete without the right accessories. While some find it easy to coordinate, others tend to overload. The right kind and amount of accessories could change the look of an outfit whereas over accessorizing can even make an Alexander McQueen look stale. So if you're someone with an unstable hand and are not very good at coordination then I suggest you stick to the any two rule. What the rule says is that you can choose any 2 types of accessories for an outfit. Say either a necklace and bracelets or earrings and a belt or statement shoes and a statement necklace, so on and so forth. Let me give you a low down on how you could layer your accessories or make sure you're not over doing it. 

1) Bracelets
Bracelets be it in the form of cuffs or delicate dainty ones, look stunning when layered. While layering make sure to layer about 3-6 pieces. You could layer bracelets of the same colour palette or go for contrasting colours. You could even mix metals to create a fun effect. For a modern look layer bracelets along with your watch.  Make sure that the bracelets are different in style and texture for a more refined look.

2) Necklaces
Collar necklaces are a rage right now. Statement necklaces can add to an outfit like no other. You could either wear one necklace or layer several to create a greater impact. However make sure that you're wearing a simple top or dress if you're layering a bunch of necklaces. You don't want a printed top to clash with all the necklaces. No-no.

Belts are a great way of adding something more to an outfit. Like any other accessory it can help you dress up or dress down an outfit. Add a belt to a printed dress to break the look where as add a belt to a casual top and skirt ensemble to add some dimension to it. Belts with huge buckles are really in right now. But if you're someone who loves thin belts try layering 2 belts for a different attire.

Sunglasses are probably the easiest way to glam up a day outfit. Put together your outfit and add a pair of sunglasses to instantly go from causal to chic. They can totally set the mood of an outfit whether it's your retro sunglasses, the trendy cat eyes sunglasses or even the classic aviators or wayfarers. Just make sure that your sunglasses compliment the structure of your face. And voila!

Bags add a finishing touch to an outfit. So make sure to pick one that compliments your look. A fringe bag with a lady-like dress is a complete no-no. To make sure that your bag fits the bill match the colour either to your shoes or to a hue from the outfit. If your outfit is simple add an embellished or bright coloured bag to balance it out. Also keep the event you're going to in mind. A satchel is perfect for the day whereas a clutch or a sling bag is just about right for brunches and night outs. 

Crappy shoes can make the most perfect and well accessorized outfit look preposterous. Make sure to either wear a pair which blends well into your ensemble or if you're wearing a simple monochrome outfit then go for printed statement shoes. A bright pair of shoes can dress up even a pair of casual tee and jeans. A pair of good shoes can not only make you feel phenomenal but it will also work wonders for your confidence. 

Keep these tips in mind when you're dressing up next to create a perfect outfit. Good Luck ladies!

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  4. Very nicely written. I love the way you explain things. I am commenting for the first time but reading your blog since long. You have commendable sense of style and I really love your outfit posts.. keep em coming !

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  6. I agree with spending more on accessories than clothing, they can make or break an outfit. Also, those collar necklaces are gorgeous!!

  7. The post was amazing! The right accessories could transform any outfit from day to night. :)

  8. I love your Steve Madden shoes! Such a classic pair.

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  14. I'm not too good with accessories & have recently picked up a few good pieces! Thanks to this post Aayushi, I know how to put it all together :)

  15. Goodness I can relate to you so much on this post. Accessories are such an integral part of any outfit. An Arty ring with layered friendship bracelets and a rose gold watch can do WONDERS for an outfit. I just picked up a SICK metal collar from H&M very similar to the Louis Vuitton ones and I cannot wait to wear it! Keep it up. You know your stuff and are desi as well! Love


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  19. WOW.. awesome stuff. I love your jewellery. Where can i buy those collar necklaces from? I came across this site http://www.pipabella.com/. Their collection of statement jewelry is pretty great but i couldn't find anything that resembles your collar necklace. Maybe you could help :)

  20. Wow.. I love your jewelry. I want those collar necklaces. They are so pretty. I found something similar on http://www.pipabella.com/ but they wern't really that pretty. Your posts are a great read :)