Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Three ways : Pink Denims

Denims- Zara(new collection), Black&white tank- Colaba, Mint sheer shirt- Styledrive collection, Floral jacket- Styledrive collection, Cream asymmetrical top- Mesh, All shoes- Steve Madden, Black bag- Steve Madden, Nude clutch- Thrifted, Yellow clutch- Zara

Coloured denims are here to stay and you guys know my obsession with them. However going ahead and adding these bubblegum pink pants to my wardrobe was a huge step. There is a very thin line between looking chic in pink and resembling barbie. Here are a few things that you might want to keep in mind :-

1) Black & White
 Adding a black or white or a black and white printed top is the easiest way to style these pants. You could go with a sheer black shirt, a classic white one or even pair it with a black and white polka dots or floral top. This will ease you in with the idea of wearing super bright pants and balance the look. Add a big black bag and some jewellery to add a modern touch.

2) Pastels
 Paring pastels together is such a huge trend right now. And no, no one is complaining. The colour palletes are so flattering and look so fresh when paired together. I love how the mint shirt complements the pink colour. So if you're someone who likes turning heads, this is the way to go. Try using silver tone jewellery with these colours. It will enhance the colours.

3) Florals
 Floral has always been a spring/summer trend but this year it's blooming like never before. Going from bright bold prints to subtle pastel one's they are all over the place. So this is an outfit for those of you who love being on trend. Balance out the floral and the pink with a neutral piece like this cream asymmetrical top that I wore. Add some statement gold jewellery to finish the look.

And now the news!!! So I have been working with this wonderful store to come up with a spring/summer line for them. It has been the most amazing and enriching experiences of my life, so far. I have had so much fun putting together the entire collection, it's been stressful but it's such a satisfying place to be in. The collection will be available by the 1st week of April at the store and online. I hope you guys liked the video and I hope there is something for everyone in the collection! Thank you so much for all the support you guys have given me, it means a lot. Will give you details on the store and how you could buy the pieces soon! 

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How To : Dainty Nails

Shirt- Topshop, Necklace- Colaba, Polishes used- Orange Mimosa by Colorbar, Opi's Extra-va-vaganza, Incolor Chrome nail makeup 04(random), Revlon's nail enamel in Natural

Hey everyone! S & I have just been so caught up with work for the past couple of weeks so we have had no time to go shoot an outfit post! So I thought meanwhile I'd share a few how to's with you! I hope you guys enjoyed the previous one. Anyway, this has been my favourite way of wearing my nails since December. I love the two-toned, shimmery & dainty effect that it gives.

What you need :-
Your favourite nail varnish shade
A glitter polish
A polish with chunkier glitter
Top coat

1) Apply two coats of your favourite nail varnish. I am obsessed with tangerine(which our dearest Pantone says is the colour of the year). You could switch it up with a pastel colour or a darker shade.

2) Carefully apply a coat of the glitter polish but make sure to apply it only up to the middle of your nails.

3) Apply a coat of the chunkier glitter polish on the top half of each nail where you applied the smaller glitter polish.

4) Lastly, just apply a top coat to make sure the glitter stays in place and to give your nails a smooth finish.

And voilĂ . Hope you guys liked it! Do post pictures on my Facebook Page if you happen to try it.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How To : Summer Braid

Shirt- H&M, Red Ring- Styldrv, Spiral Ring- Aldo, On my nails- Orange Mimosa by Colorbar

Having your hair in a braid is perfect for spring/summer. So why not add a little twist to the old, conventional braid? It's easy and you'll have people pondering over it. Here's how you get it :-

Step 1- Comb your hair out with a brush or a wide tooth comb to make sure that your hair is free of knots and tangles. You could try this hairstyle with freshly washed & dried hair or even with second day hair.

Step 2-  Divide your hair into three sections like you would for a normal braid. However, for this one make sure that the middle section is thicker than the other 2 sections, which should be sectioned approximately equally.

Step 3- Now leave the side sections and braid the middle section like you would in a normal braid.

Step 4- Secure this braid with a hair elastic similar to your hair colour so that it merges into you hair.

Step 5- Now braid your hair with all the three sections like you would while making a normal braid.

Step 6- Secure this with a hair elastic too.

Step 7- Now just to add some more fun, I used a spiral ring to cover up the hair elastic. This will make sure your braid grabs all the eyeballs it possibly could. This step is obviously optional but I suggest you try it. You could use any fancy ring you already own.

So here we are with a messy, old yet new summer braid. It'll look a bit more textured than a normal braid and people will assume that you have actually put in some time in doing you hair! You can loosen it a bit if you want to make it look even more messy. You could even go one step further and tie your braid up in a side bun. Hope you guys will try this out.

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