Friday, February 3, 2012

Giveaway - Maybelline New York

In keeping with this season’s international trend to ‘GO NUDE’ with make- up, Maybelline New York introduces India's 1st revolutionary product, the BB Cream.
The new BB cream works pretty much like a tinted moisturizer and provides just the right amount of coverage like a foundation thus resulting in a very natural, no make-up look. With all the benefits of a sun block and a moisturizer giving you a sublimely fresh, softer & richer look.
It contains 8 healthy minerals which work to give 8 healthy skin results. It instantly transforms your skin by giving it a healthy glow and works on imperfections to result in an even toned, natural look and all this while taking care of your skin. It keeps skin hydrated all day long and protects with its SPF 21/PA+++ enriched formula. Perfect for daily use.It also comes in a compact, travel-friendly squeeze tube and is available in 3 unique shades – Nude, radiant and natural, which matches most Indian skin tones. This has instantly found it's place in my makeup kit.

Now on to the Contest

To win it, simply comment below and  tell me which of the following 8 benefits will be most helpful for your skin and why?

- Smoothes
- Instantly brightens
- Evens tones
- Freshens- Mattifies
- Protects with SPF 21/ PA+++
- Conceals
- Hydrates

If your answer's convincing, I will send across this revolutionary cream to you! :) 10 winners will be chosen! Enter now and get one step up closer to lovely skin. I will announce the winner on my Facebook Page. Also, please vote for me for's 'The Next Big Style Blogger'.

To enter this contest you must be a resident of India and be over 18 years of age. Contest ends on 9th February 2012.

(P.S. - To know more about this product click here.)

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  1. I would say for my skin (As i m gifted with very oily and sensitive skin :D) Freshens is the best benefit among all 8 benefits mentioned above.
    Because freshness will automatically bring glow and brightness to my skin...And as I always wanted fresh,glowing and beautiful skin this benefit will solve my purpose :))

    1. As u mentioned on ur facebook page...
      my email id is:

  2. Protects with SPF 21/ PA+++ - My skin is very sensitive and gets sun burnt very easily. That's the reason why without fail I have to use a moisturizer with a high value of SPF along with other benefits.


  3. The most important from the list above is

    Protects with SPF 21/ PA+++

    Since the sunlight is harmful and not only causes tanning but also causes pigmentation.. Hence one should protect their skin by using creams or concealers having SPF. It is one of the most important thing to protect your skin.

  4. I am not a fan of layering it up to make my skin look even, I prefer keeping it natural as much as possible. But there are days when the dark circles are a bit too dark or the zit discoloration stays longer than wanted, is when I succumb to fishing out the concealer.

    Maybelline BB Cream on the other hand, is a tinted mosturizer which fits in perfectly with my down-to-earth skin needs. And it promises to do more than that, I certainly am looking forward to sun protection, hydration and concealing all with the same product! :)

    Lincy John

  5. Ah..just wat i need..!!
    I need dis to mattify my skin as it's quite oily,
    I need it to even out my skin n conceal my old acne scars.. :(
    bright n fresh skin is wat we all definitely want..My skin screams MAYBELLINE BB..!!

  6. Instantly brightens! Because I'd want my face to look to look as happy as I feel inside.

  7. Hey,
    having a really oily skin and super oily and shiny T- zone the mattfying property of the cream would greatly pacify the skin and reduce the shine.. and the concealing would also help reduce appearance of my blemishes and dark circle..

  8. The benefits which would be most helpful for my skin would be the Instant brightening because my skin tends to always be on the duller side despite everything and patchy and pigmented so here comes in the benefit of even tone and the SPF to control further pigmentation!
    The matt effect would with a great boon since my fave always tends to shine more than Rudolf's nose itself despite not being red!
    Reasons enough for me to want to try BB Skin!

  9. Evens tones: I had lovely skin before my pregnancy but now i have small brown spots under my eyes and i have to use a foundation & blush to hide everytime i step out but with maybelline BB I can just apply it a regular moisturizer and get an even tone skin :-)

  10. all 8 are equally imp but the 3 most imp things i look for in any cream is hydrates, freshens , and instant brightens. the reason being i live in Ahm (gujarat) where summers are super duper hot n can go upto 47degrees!! and being a dry summer here, skin feels like it may crack away anytime and the shade feels like i have been sunbathing all day long.. so these are the most imp things i look into while buying a new cream.. BB sounds just perfect for the summer abt to start :)
    KP from

  11. I feel these features of the cream will help me the most(Instantly brightens,Evens tones,Conceals).

    Instantly brightens because I am out almost all day for college and I feel by the end of the day I look all haggered . Evens tones cause I feel my forehead is slightly darker compared to the rest of my face and conceals cause I have dark circles.

    Thanks for the contest :)

  12. My skin is dry so out of the eight benefits the most beneficial for me is if it smoothes the skin and also the other benefit that would really help me is if it conceals because the dark circles for me is a big problem

  13. the benefit thats most helpful is that it instantly brightens the skin and makes the skn feel hydrated effortlessly and the 'no foundation yet brightened face' look!!!

  14. I would say all of those benefits are essential for my skin as i travel alot and since my job consist of meeting people i need to look presentable at all times.Its something i would love to use if its going to give me the perfect look with no make up :)

  15. Freshens is the suitable benefit for my skin among all the others...because I have an oily skin which requires something that resist sebum at least for 2 to 3 I will go for freshness..

  16. I love the fact that the new Maybelline cream freshens up your skin, giving you a healthy glow.Most of the souffles and BB creams i have tried smoothe, mattify and even tone the skin but do not freshen up the skin.Since I work for long hours and hardly get time for touch ups, at the end of the day the skin looks very tired. No amount of cosmetics look good or can brighten a tired skin so I would like to take a dig at the Maybelline Cream since it freshens up the skin with a healthy glow.

  17. the even tone .... because of my dry skin, i have white patches & anything which evens my skin tone is the best product in the whole world for me

  18. The 2nd benefit 'Instantly Brightens' will be the most helpful for me as my skin is very dull because of my hectic travel schedule.

    1. Name: Rachana Vaidya

  19. 12th grade has made my skin considerably dull and lifeless due to sleep deprivation and excess caffeine. The 'Instantly brightens' benefit is what I'd love to achieve :)

  20. -Conceals
    Jane Austen once said," A woman, especially if she has the misfortune of knowing anything should conceal it as well as she can."
    I know the spots on my face. And they need to be concealed. Coz they reveal my frustrations big time!

  21. the most impressive thng is no1 will ever come to know tht u hav applied anything,gives u d natural glow all time and doesn't mekes u look dull at the end of d day...simply love it...

  22. "8-in 1 cream" Dat sounds totally Awesome :D
    All 8 benefits wud certainly do wonders 2 my skin...smoothes,hydrates,Evens tone,Freshens,SPF 21/ PA+++,conceals,Mattifies plus Instant brightness.Whoa!;D
    I want it :P
    "conceal" wud b most beneficial 2 my skin...I've fair but oily I frequently get breakouts dat leave marks behind...Dat really luks bad :(

  23. The most beneficial to my skin would be the 'evens tone' quality.

    I would always get appreciated for my clear skin tone 2 years ago.
    But,after i started my tedious Architecture course, i have been stressing alot and the effect is- my skin is having breakouts and blemishes causing me to stress more.

    I really wish to revive my skin back to the old days.Would appreciate if i was picked as a winner :)

    thank u,
    Aishwarya (

  24. Firstly February is the month where weddings, parties and the lingering feeling of a new year almost ends. Everything looks dreary and dull. I think looking and feeling good is the best way to keep going. Besides, valentines day is approaching and I want to look my best and most importantly look fresh when husband and I go out on a date. We are newlyweds;) I need all the features the product has to offer, I have a pretty dull face at the moment. Also, I'm kinda broke after the wedding bill turned up! So this should do me good right?!

    Love, Love.

  25. The most beneficial for my skin would be the 'evens tone' quality.

    Two years ago i would get compliments for my clear skin. But, ever since i took up this tedious Architecture course i have been stressing alot over work.
    The effect- blemishes and spots on my face. Its frustrating.

    I wish i could revive my skin back to the old days.
    Would appreciate if i was picked as one of the winners :)

    Thank you,
    Aishwarya Yog

  26. Maybelline BB cream would be beneficial for me because I have a normal skin and I dont like to apply many products on my face. So it would prove to be an all in one cream which would help brighten and freshen up my skin and also protect it from the sunlight with its SPF 21 and PA+++ benefits.

  27. As a student, shuffling between Mumbai and Bangalore takes a toll on my skin. 1. Bangalore weather tans my skin, making it uneven; hence "Evens tones"
    2. Mumbai's humid weather makes my skin oily; hence "Mattifies"
    3. I have a chickenpox scar; hence "Concealing"

    With the help of these 3 benefits, I will be Blemish Balmified!

  28. Protects with SPF 21/ PA+++benefits will be most helpful forme.i have a really lovely skin so i want to protect it from the dangerous sun's ray..

    name:sanghamitra nandi(sona)
    email id:

  29. Conceals:
    All 8 Benefits are equally important for skin these days.This cream is a total beneficial package for skin..
    But out 8 benefits concealing is most important 4 my skin..since i m persuing my dream to became a doctor..i hv to study a lot i hv no time to take care of my skin n due to hactic schedule,my skin became dull n gt so many spots..they look really i prefer hide them..
    N this cream conceals them..thats why i <3 it..


  31. Anything that gives a natural look is always welcomed!
    As for me choosing one of the 8 benefits, i would choose- evens tones. I am not lying when i say that i have uneven skin tone and i make a mess out of my face when trying to, of course, even it! i simply cant find a product which does everything.

    Hopefully this product would save me from my dilemma and replace the hoard of other unhelpful products that i use just to even my skin and give my skin a glow of one tone!

  32. Evens tones:
    I chose evens tones because I am now 32 years old, and the appearance of scars & dark sun spots are now showing on my face. I am interested to see how the product will work to help resolve that issue without it looking like packed too much make up on!
    Thank you,

  33. Hydrates:
    Skin should be well hydrated first of all because dry skin causes dullness which leads to lifeless skin appearance. Thus, only hydrated skin can be even toned, bright and instantly glowing! Our skin need to be well hydrated and moisturized in all the seasons, especially in dry winters, to prevent dryness and tightness. Our skin craves for nourishment and hydration provides nourishment to the skin. Thus your skin becomes smoother, bright and fresh all time :) Without hydration, nothing can bring glow to our skin naturally. A moisturizer with Good SPF which hydrates skin and provides moisture would be my first and best choice :)
    Hydrated skin looks healthy, soft, glowing and beautiful!! Hence, Hydrates is most helpful in my point of view.

    Thank you!

    My Email Id:

  34. Maybelline BB Cream is the perfect girly skin solution as it is 8in1 multi-tasker so I like its all features but the most important among them are SPF-21 which act as sunscreen,as it tones,conceal,mattifies and smoothens, so there is no need to use concealer and foundation separately. A true one pack wonder cream for me.
    My Email id-

  35. I don't like caking up on makeup, so a tinted moisturizer is just what I'm looking for :)

    I would definitely benefit from instant brightness and freshening properties as the heavy college work load and late nights leave me looking and feeling like a zombie.

    The late nights have left me with dark undereye circles, so the evening of skin tone and concealing, too, are features I find necessary.

    The SPF and hydration? Well, duh. That's a given!

    yvettezuppiger (at) gmail (dot) com

  36. This combination cream is what i have been looking for, foe quite a long time now..n have wasted a lot of money on other creams..i feel BB cream is what i want the most..all its 8 effects are wonderful..but for me the best is freshness combined with concealing effect..Thumbs up for the BB cream..

    Parul Randhawa

  37. I am really looking forward to win and try Maybelline BB cream because I have big pimples on my face which really looks bad and I have a sensitive skin. This cream can conceal my pimples, Make it smooth and it also has SPF in it which would protect my skin from the harsh sun rays and will give an instant brightness on my skin which i need the most because of the huge pimples on my face I have some scars which are real dark and thus, will even my skin tone

  38. wowww! Every working woman is surely feel it as a blessed gift! Thanx Malini fr introducing me to this product and Thanx maybelline!
    Being a Teacher by profession, the most benefical factors for me would be-
    1) Instant Brightens
    2) Freshens
    As I dont get much time, I have to get my kids also ready for school and do the needful at home before leaving so this product will surely do wonders.
    Voted for u.. all the best:)

  39. Now this is a something which I call it as a Boon which I wish to get very soon!!!!
    I am an computer engg student so for me the most beneficial of all its benefits is "Freshens" and "Conceals" as working with computers whole day makes my skin go dull sumtimes also I need to keep up with my beauty along with Computer's programs!! Its totally efficient product just like the CPU!! :P

  40. Instantly brightens, Protects with SPF 21/ PA+++, Conceals & Hydrates…difficult to choose what i like best…the best part is it has it all...the raam-baan of a working women’s makeup...sirf ek hi kaafi hai….(don’t know why but reminded me of Shahrukh in DDLJ...kisi ladki ki aankhein sundar hain, kisi ke hoth…etc etc. until he meets Kajol where he finds all) LOL

  41. Sounds like a good product.

    Heel in Mint

  42. U shdn’t be giving such tough questions. It was a “next to impos” task for me to figure out which I should choose. So, finally it was a “chit picking thing” with 4 factors and eventually, “Evenly Tones” won.. I have light shades of skin color differentiation and beauty moles sprawled all over and the even toning will only solve this amazingly.. The other factors are just a huge icing on the cake !!

  43. I guess this beauty product is going to be a boon for men as well coz we really get tired waiting for dear wifey to get ready for any function.
    this cream is an all-in-one product and the most appealing feature is it “CONCEALS”, now i can tell my wife that plz apply this cream and save half time!!!!:D


  44. this product seems like every girl's dream come true! smooth and evenly toned skin gives that 'oh! so lovely' touch to dry/oily, patchy skin.!! :D hence..

  45. Hey I have not used the cream yet but i surely would love for the reason that it hydrates the skin.My intake of water is not satisfactory for the amount that is required which shows on my face. Thus I would love to use the product for the same.
    My facebook page :
    My Blog :
    Thank You for the chance :)
    And yes, already voted for you coz u deserve it :)

  46. I have used this cream..
    And I think it hydrates and evenly tones my skin. It's hassle free and quick. There is no need to use a moisturizer and a foundation after that. Just use the Maybelline BB cream and my skin is toned and refreshed. :D :D

    Malvika Dhume

  47. I would love to use this product because it hydrates the skin as I don't drink much water( will start soon) and also I want to try a new product other than Elizabeth Arden cream which I am currently using:)

    I have already voted for you:)
    Thanks a lot.
    email id-

    Btw, I am having a giveaway on my blog. Do have a look.

  48. Protects with SPF 21/ PA+++ because it will protect me from hot scorching sun. I badly need this.

  49. I'm all of 19 years, and for me, the fact that this cream conceals blemishes has to be it's best quality, since I really don't like applying make-up. This cream will probably be my pre-college quick fix for dull, blemished skin. Also, the fact that it freshens skin and brightens it is definitely an add on, for what else does a college girl need, apart from fresh and flawless skin? :)

  50. Hey Aayushi
    Great work.
    Your makeup and style tips are of great help.
    I would like to own one of these creams because I hate I mean absolutely hate caking my face with make up.
    I believe the above mentioned cream is hydrating for the skin and also provides a much deserved glow.
    I am also a huge sucker for the NATURAL form of make up so this cream would be ideal for me.
    Hoping to be one of the lucky ten winners.
    Thank you.


  51. Hi Aayushi
    So nice of u for dis giveaway thingy.. Pretty much all the essential requirements for my skin are contained in this little magic tube but still i would like to line up a few

    1. So i m a 19 year old nd I have dis major OPEN PORE problem since 7th grade wen i used to scratch my pimples , wenevr i buy smthng for my skin i look upto its smoothening properties so dats one way dis wud be helpful

    2. Everyone wants a bright sunshine face coz it immediately gives a positive impression .

    3. I dont have oily skin so no worries if it mattifies or not , both suit me..

    4. We are all very well equipped wid the fact dat how imprtant it is to protect our skin from the sun so SPF 21/ PA+++ is definately a win-win situation
    5.Concealing properties in a cream which we can use daily are like the CHERRY ON THE CAKE coz who does'nt want to conceal a bit here nd dere

    6. Hydration needs no explanation coz hydrating urself from inside is very imprtant which can be achieved by regular intake of water but hydrating from outside ? Umm dis cream will solve all my problems !

    Coz m a wee bit lazy nd if i can find a product which does all my work in just one time , it wud be a boon to me nd my skin

    P.S My birthday is on the 8th of february so.... ;)

    Babina Saini

    Mail me -

  52. I'm not entering the contest because I live in the US, but this product sounds great! I usually never wear makeup and this sounds like everything I need in a skincare product. Great post!

  53. such a great giveaway! lovely blog :)

  54. Hey
    All tyhe above mentioned 'wonders' this product does are simply amazing but if I had to choose one I would go with-evens tone
    I have been facing pimples and acne problem since I was in the 8th grade,have consulted 6 dermatologists till now which hasn't helped completely.
    The major side effect i have noticed in all these years is an uneven skin tone.
    So would love to have one of these if it really helps.
    Thank You :)

  55. -> CONCEAL!!
    Coz there are days wen i must be looking like a vampire probably, coz of my dark circles.. :( nothng seems to work on them, bleh! :/
    It wud be a great help if it works wonders on my under-eye dark circles! :P
    So, it'l land up, instantly 'smoothening', 'concealing' as well as 'brightening' my skin tone! ;):)

    -tons of love,
    Madhumita Chakravarty

  56. i would say spf 21 and even toning are the best features since sun damage is the most common cause of premature ageing and pigmentation..also, more than a lightened skin or temporary concealing, even toned skin is more appealing and looks healthier and hence my choice;)

    by the way, i just saw ur blog and i must say that you and your style are both breath taking;)

    faheema hasan

  57. Hi...

    I've been following your blog since months but this is the first time I'm commenting!

    There are a ton of stuff that I purchased just cause you inspired me to :)!

    Ok so the reason why I'd love to get this product is to brighten and even out my skin tone...
    There is nothing more I'd want than have even and radiant skin!!!

    Also, the SPF helps majorly cause that is like something I'm superlazy about!

    I think you and I would've gotten along quite well...

    Keep inspiring...x

  58. aishwarya kalgutkarFebruary 9, 2012 at 8:41 PM

    Now that's what I am exactly looking for!!!
    i avoid make up because I have an oily skin.the maybelline bb cream matifies providing coverage as well as evens out the skin tone giving a natural and a radiant look.eight benefits in one single tube!nothing more I would ask for to take care of my skin care routine..A magic tube, indeed :)
    -Aishwarya Kalgutkar

  59. I'd love the fact that it hydrates and evens out skin tone. I m actually in love with the idea of a face cream that heals skin while it conceals and brightens all together!!
    Kejal Shah

  60. MY biggest problem is that my skin tone is not even plus my skin is dryy!
    and hence my skin looks unhealthy and doesnt glow and i do not look fresh at all! and the worst thing is that i hate applying makeup especially foundation! because unless u have an expensive foundation i feel it looks cackey..oh i hate the cakeyness!!
    this product seems to be a blessing to me!!! because it evens tone, hydrates and freshens up!! all these things will make me look beautiful and also it has SPF 21 PA++++ which is like a cherry on the cake!!
    Shahina Maredia
    what more does one need???

  61. Aint all the 8 benefits MUCH needed for the skin?? ;)
    i think my skin can benefit to the most by this day cream!
    So for me all 8 are equally important,from smoothening the skin to hydrating it! :D

  62. i believe every woman want to look perfect and to have a perfect look it needs everything in right proportion . not just the one important feature .
    And if am not wrong you have said its 8 feature but only seven were there.

    I hope its confidence the eighth one . which is the last but not the least and it speaks silently yet strong enough.

    i hope this product will lead to perfection

  63. am sorry freshness and matt finisish are in same line

  64. the maybelline bb cream is a great cream , it can even be used as a foundation but for medium gives your skin a radiant glow and lets it breath , the best thing is that it provides a sun protection...spf 21+ , i have a combination-skin and it works g8 for me...